Hot or Not: Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipsticks

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick review and swatches

One of the most hyped lipstick launches of the season is Maybelline Sensational Inti-Matte Nude Lipsticks. I received samples of all 10 shades from the brand and decided to test how well these nudes perform and whether they actually enrich natural lip color.


“Maybelline’s creamiest mattes. Warmer, more sensational nudes for every skin tone. Pucker up to radiant, confident color that highlights one’s natural beauty.”


It’s a standard Maybelline package with the only difference that the tube comes in a translucent neutral brown shade.


Very creamy and pleasant to wear. Inti-Matte lipsticks do not feel dry while wearing. In fact, Maybelline lipsticks are some of my most favorite drugstore options.

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipsticks - Swatches of All Colors

Color Range

Maybelline website features 10 shades in this collection:

  • 530 – Hot Sand
  • 535 – Purely Nude
  • 540 – Peach Buff
  • 545 – Beige Babe
  • 550 – Honey Pink
  • 555 – Naked Coral
  • 560 – Raw Chocolate
  • 565 – Almond Rose
  • 570 – Toasted Truffle
  • 575 – Brown Blush


Since it’s a moisturizing lipstick formula, don’t expect it to last all day long. It requires re-application after every meal and throughout the day. The formula makes it very easy to add each layer though so your lip makeup looks neat.


Very mild, not irritating scent similar to other Maybelline lipsticks.


It transfers (and it’s okay as this product doesn’t claim to be transfer-proof).


Easy to remove with micellar water; doesn’t stain the lips.

Price Point

$8.49 at Ulta

Maybelline Sensational Inti-Matte Nude Lipsticks - Review

The Best Part

The formula and a color range is amazing! I think it’s really great lipstick, especially considering the price.

The Worst Part

The product is not cruelty-free and not vegan.


Overall, it’s a great product to have in your collection. The lipsticks are easy to apply and comfortable to wear. These do not make your lips dry that makes them suitable for everyday wear. Even though the line comes in just 10 shades, there are plenty options to play with—especially considering the affordable price of the product.

530 – Hot Sand

(this shade is way too pale for my skin tone and makes me look washed out)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 530 - Hot Sand

535 – Purely Nude

(has a bit more color in it, but still too light for pale skin girls)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 535 - Purely Nude

540 – Peach Buff  

(beautiful nude with pink undertone)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 540 - Peach Buff

550 – Honey Pink

(one of my most favorite shades from the collection with a bit of coral and pink undertone to it)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 550 - Honey Pink

555 – Naked Coral

(I believe it’s my perfect nude lipstick shade!)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 555 - Naked Coral

560 – Raw Chocolate

(a bit more brown than I usually prefer, but still a very good one!)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 560 - Raw Chocolate

565 – Almond Rose

(this shade looks like a slightly darker shade of #555 and I adore it!)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 565 - Almond Rose

570 – Toasted Truffle

(I would not call it “nude” because it looks dark on my pale lips, but it’s a gorgeous shade that I often reach out to)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 570 - Toasted Truffle

575 – Brown Blush

(love the plum undertone of this shade; again, it doesn’t look “nude” on me, but I love the shade anyways)

Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick 575 - Brown Blush

Have you tried Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipsticks yet? How do you like them?

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  1. Sydney Sewell wrote:

    honey pink and brown blush are best on you

    Posted 10.30.17
  2. Joanne wrote:

    Toasted truffle & brown blush are beautiful & I’m looking forward to trying them

    Posted 4.5.17
  3. I own two shades from this collection and I love them. They all look amazing on you!

    Posted 2.28.17
  4. Oh I do love these shades of lipsticks. I’d like to try 565 – Almond Rose first, it looks like a shade I’d love.

    Posted 2.24.17
  5. Wow very pretty lip color. i really loves this one. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    Posted 2.23.17
  6. Very lovely lip color selections! Toasted Truffle and Raw Chocolate looks so pretty on you. I might’ve to try some of these shades. I love matte lipsticks.

    Posted 2.22.17
  7. Lisa Rios wrote:

    Lovely lipsticks. When it comes to choosing lipstick, I always prefer nude, since it brings color to my lips without being too exaggerated. The best one for me up there would be the Almond Rose. So pretty!

    Posted 2.22.17
  8. Wren LaPorte wrote:

    WOW so many great shades that work with paler skin! I love it. I think I see two colors I would love to try on myself. I have been looking for a matte lipstick to try. :)

    Posted 2.22.17
  9. Hannah Marie wrote:

    I haven’t tried any of those but I am thinking to get one. I like the honey pink even before I saw your pictures.

    Posted 2.22.17
  10. Eileen Mendoza Loya wrote:

    I prefer the Naked Coral and Raw Chocolate. Just right up my alley. I love natural looking or the “no make up” make up look. Maybelline always has nice colors however, it makes me sad that it is not cruelty free.

    Posted 2.22.17
  11. All these shades look amazing on you. The most interesting color is the Honey Pink for me. Maybe this matte formula could be finally something what I would like.

    Michelle Morchella

    Posted 2.22.17
  12. Nikki wrote:

    you’re so pretty! any kind of shade looks perfect on you ! i like it !

    Posted 2.22.17
  13. Anosa wrote:

    I love all the shades! I’ll try first the Brown blush, peach puff and raw chocolate. It’s nice to know too that there are current promotions. Yey!

    Posted 2.22.17
  14. Beth Shankle Anderson wrote:

    I love Maybelline products! I think that the Almond Rose would be my color although it’s tough to pick because they all look great!

    Beth ||

    Posted 2.21.17
  15. Faith Elijahleen Stephenson wrote:

    i have Maybeline almond rose shade, why is it look better in you? lol im a fan of Maybeline !

    Posted 2.21.17
  16. Travel Blogger wrote:

    Wow! I really like these especially the brown blush. I like to wear lipstick but nothing too intense. This looks so soft and feminine but still noticeable.

    Posted 2.21.17
  17. Mai C. wrote:

    I used to love nude colors before I got into dark matte shades. I think these are great! I love the brown blush the most.

    Posted 2.21.17
  18. shelly wrote:

    I love all of these shades! They go with nearly any outfit.

    Posted 2.21.17
  19. As someone on the paler side, I also prefer nudes with some color to them. I love how all the darker or more pink shades look on you.

    Posted 2.21.17
  20. Love maybelline lipsticks! honey pink, naked coral and almond rose are my favorites on you and now i need to go check them out myself :)

    Posted 2.21.17
  21. I love Maybelline lipsticks! I’ll definitely have to try this range out as I am all about nude lips at the moment :)

    xo, Liz

    Posted 2.21.17
  22. Lotte Kerr wrote:

    Those are some gorgeous everyday shades, I will defintely have to try them out :)

    Lotte |

    Posted 2.21.17


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