Holiday Table Decor Tips – Festive DIY Decor

Holiday Table Decor Tips

This holiday season my boyfriend and I decided to throw a little house party for the holidays. Here are some of my table decor recommendations – in case you are planning an at-home party too.

table centerpiece with candles

Pick the Focal Point

First and foremost, the rule for setting a table is to decide what would be your centerpiece. Since I just received a box of beautiful candles by Chesapeake Bay Candle, I decided that mine would be all about them. To add a little extra sparkle, I placed a few Chesapeake Bay Candle candles on a marble tray decorated with gold-dipped pine cones.

Usually, people pick food as their main focal point on the table, but in my holiday decoration case, all the attention was on the candles. And it was such a cozy decision to make.

It starts getting dark early so by the time sunset came to New York, we enjoyed our feast in relaxing candlelight. Needless to say, such a setting felt super cozy and relaxing.

diy holiday tablecloth

DIY Your Tablecloth

To be honest, this part of a holiday table decor didn’t start as a DIY project… I picked a new tablecloth that for some reason was too short for my dinner table. So, the morning before our holiday brunch I had to sew together two pieces of burlap fabric that I had for my video backgrounds.

I sew together two pieces of burlap by hand and it didn’t take too much time. The idea was to iron the burlap pieces first, quickly stitch them together, and camouflage the edges with the gold ribbon. I shared the entire experience on Instagram Stories and everyone seemed to love this last-minute tablecloth idea.

holiday napkins

Upgrade Your Napkins Game

Inspired by my tablecloth experiment, I decided to give some love to the napkins too. Since I had a few gold-covered pine cones left, I attached them to each napkin using a thick thread from my holiday tags.

The whole thing took a few minutes but the table looked so much more festive with this little DIY upgrade.

gold table decor

Serve on Gold

Going further with the idea of the gold accent, I quickly run to the nearby department store and picked super affordable changing plates. The store runs a promotion so I picked an entire set of 6 for under $10. This little investment made such a big difference though to how the entire room felt and looked after this upgrade.

I used our regular plates to put on top of the serving plates and these looked so much more festive just because of a touch of gold.

holiday table decor - appetizers

Say It with Appetizers

Finally, the last focal point on the table was our appetizers. I happened to have a gold-decorated glass that I decided to use as a holder for breadsticks. Our regular cutting board happened to match the gold and burlap theme so I just styled it with cheeses.

One of the things that I learned from Pinterest is that fresh fruit always looks very stylish when used as a part of table decor. Even though I had an entire plate of tangerines ready to go with the desserts, I added a few to bring some color to the table. I think this trick really worked!

holiday decor for table

* * * * *

As you see in my experience, decorating a holiday table is not something that should take too much time. In fact, if you turn the entire process from a chore to a creative process, it feels like no effort at all.

I hope you enjoyed my roundup on all the holiday table décor tips. I can’t wait to hear your ideas on how to make a home gathering more memorable with the help of decorating. Please share your ideas in the comments.

holiday table decor

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