How to Find the Best Scent for Your Mood

Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance Perfume Review

It’s a common thing to say that you should pick a signature scent based on your personality. For instance, if you are a strong businesswoman, go for deep, musk fragrances. If you are an easygoing, optimistic person, go for floral scented perfumes, etc. Honestly, I believed in such an approach for a long time, until I started analyzing my own fragrance picking habits…

Considering how many different scents I have in my collection, I must have too many personalities to deal with based on this personality theory. No, I was thinking, it couldn’t be right. I think people are selecting fragrances that fit their mood the best. Well, based on this theory, I must be a super moody person too!

Jokes aside, I do feel that I pick different scents based on how I feel on each particular day or the event I’m planning on attending. For instance, if I stay at home for the most part of the day, I’ll put on light perfume water by BeachGal or spray a few drops of Molinard Vanille on my wrists. When I’m going out to a business meeting or event, I’ll stick to L’Eau Par Kenzo. I’ll always spray my body and hair with J’Adore by Dior if Ben and I are going out or have a date planned. In all other situations, the scent of choice varies based on… I don’t know… my mood?

Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Perfume Review

Lately, I noticed that from all of the fragrances in my collection, I’ve been wearing the Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren the most. Probably because my business and college life have been super busy and it’s my favorite “serious” scent. I always wanted to try the rest of the fragrances by Ralph Lauren and I was super excited when the brand sent me this beautiful collection you see on photos as a gift. I immediately fell in love with this gift set as it includes my beloved Tender Romance together with two signature scents (Romance and Midnight Romance) that I didn’t have a chance to try yet.

With the two new scents by Ralph Lauren in my collection, I noticed that I select each of those scents for different occasions.

Ralph Lauren The Romance Collection Gift Set 2016

Romance is a bit refreshing so I put in on in the morning when I am heading to a fun event. In my humble opinion, it’s the scent to wear when you are heading to a house party or, let’s say, plan on going to the movies. It’s fresh, delicious, and so welcoming—I would say it’s the most universal scent from the trio.

Midnight Romance is a deeper, more sensual scent that I love wearing for a night out or for all sorts of formal occasions. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I feel that this fragrance requires an evening gown (or at least a cocktail dress) to accompany this luxurious and elegant scent.

Tender Romance is the most unique scent from the set and it’s the one I’m reaching out to the most. Perhaps, because I feel that the notes of cashmere in this fragrance fit so perfectly with my favorite cashmere sweaters—so I’ve been wearing this scent non-stop this fall and winter season.

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume Review

Looking at the photos that I selected to illustrate this post, I hope you’ve got the gist of what I’ve been feeling of all these perfumes in the set. I wonder if you have similar opinions on the scents I wrote about? Please share your opinions in the comments area below. Also, please let me know what is your favorite fragrance of all times?

How to Find the Best Scent for Your Mood

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  1. Interesting point, dear. I might have different personalities too because my fragances are different from each other. However I noticed I do tend to pick floral ones or hmm like ‘sensual’ ones. What they have in common is that they’re pretty feminine.
    I’d love to add some Ralph Lauren scents to my collection, tho! Midnight Romance sounds exquisite. I love how you styled your looks according to the different ‘moods’ of each scent. You look gorgeous in all these photos!

    Posted 12.16.16
  2. Posted 12.16.16
  3. I love this thought! I really need to start changing my fragrance to match my mood.

    Posted 12.15.16
  4. Andreea Birsan wrote:

    Those are such great fragrances! I like the fresh scents better. Have a lovely week! <3


    Posted 12.14.16
  5. I always choose scent based on mood and time of day. I really like scents that smell grounded and a little more masculine. Tom Ford – Tobacco & Vanille and Jo Malone’s Sage Wood & Sea Salt. The scents you tried here seem really lovely too. I love perfume and think it can really set you up for your day/night!

    Posted 12.13.16
  6. Kelly M wrote:

    Beautiful photos! I always wondered how do I go about choosing a scent for my personality?? What would it be??
    kellmenow |
    Instagram |

    Posted 12.13.16
  7. Trecee Hutchinson wrote:

    I have midnight romance and it is literally the perfect scent for nights out! I also love that this trio gives you different scents for different occasions! Great post!


    Posted 12.13.16


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