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When it comes to fragrances, I am pretty conservative for a typical beauty junkie. Most perfumes give me a headache or make me feel nauseous so I have to be picky. I do repurchase the same aromas over and over again, but I could never stick to just one bottle of perfume. In my opinion, a fragrance is one of the best tools to express your mood and feel your best. Not to mention that it’s a major seduction weapon that helps to spice things up a little bit.

I still remember my first perfume and the circumstances I started using it. It was my 14th Birthday that I celebrated with my family in Minsk. My auntie Natasha brought me a present and said, “You are a woman now and it’s time to find your own scent.” At this point, I was fighting with my parents to allow me using makeup so having a bottle of fragrance was a teenager’s dream coming true. (FYI, I grew up in a typical Russian family that believes that the younger you start using makeup, the faster your face will lose its natural colors. To be fair, it was probably right if we were talking about horrible makeup products from the Soviet era.)

I carefully opened the package so I can save a shiny silver paper and use it for one of many DIY projects I was working on, and here it was… Iceberg Twice by Iceberg. I inhaled a rich, perhaps too heavy for my age aroma… and I was sold! Ever since that time, I am using perfume almost every day. Of course, my collection is much bigger now, but I still remember all occasions when I found or received as a gift a new addition to my collection. Today, I’d like to share with you five of my most favorite fragrances of all times.

10 best perfumes for women

#1: Ralph by Ralph Lauren is a perfume that I am wearing when I am wearing something preppy. I know, it’s silly to match the scent to your outfit, but I just can’t help myself as I am thinking of RL brand as of stereotypically preppy company.

#2: Nina by Nina Ricci is a sweet and cool scent that I repurchased so many times that I can’t even count. The brand launches a few additions to this classic fragrance, but I am still faithful to my old favorite.

#3: Escada Turquoise Summer is the lightest fragrance from the list, which makes it so perfect for summer. It adds just a few notes of sweetness and thus qualifies as the best aroma to wear in the Hamptons.

#4: Chanel Chance features a gorgeous combination of notes and beats the rest of the list with its long-lasting qualities. I recommend applying just one spritz of this fragrance, as it might be too much aroma for people around you.

#5: Prada Candy is the latest addition to my collection and I can’t get enough of it. Sweet, sexy, unique—these are the terms that come to mind when I am thinking about this fragrance. I am also certain that it’s perfect for any occasion!

#6: Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne is a fragrance that I tried back in my teen ages and couldn’t find ever since. I was glad to find that it was one of the scents that match my personality by ScentBird website. I ordered a travel sized bottle of that fragrance and—oh, boy!—it’s still amazing!

#7: Cool Water Davidoff is a sweet and fresh fragrance that I am usually having as a backup option to my favorite Kenzo fragrance. This perfume is not as strong as the one by Kenzo, but I still love wearing it when I bored with my everyday fragrance.

#8: Gucci II is a limited edition fragrance that is difficult to find and hard to forget. It’s one of these unique aromas that you could never forget. Every time I am going to Europe, I am hunting on this particular perfume, as it seems to be more popular outside of the U.S.

#9: J’Adore Dior is a special occasion option as it provides a rich and long-lasting aroma. It’s one of the most seductive perfumes on the market that feels luxurious to wear.

#10: L’Eau Par Kenzo is a perfect everyday fragrance that is gentle enough to wear to work or any daytime occasion. It’s my number one choice in any situation!

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That was a tour of my fragrance collection. I hope this nostalgic post reminded you of some wonderful perfume-related memories too! Please feel free to share your favorite perfume options with Style Sprinter community.

Top 10 Perfumes of All Times