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Karl Lagerfeld Makeup

When Karl Lagerfeld launched his name brand, I had no doubts that his creative vision will be a major success. The line of accessories playfully alluding to the designer’s beloved cat Choupette gained the attention of fashionistas across the globe. What I didn’t see coming though was a line of Karl Lagerfeld makeup. Yep, you’ve heard me right: this week, Karl Lagerfeld and Model Co announced the launch of the “Kiss Me Karl” collection available at Nordstrom, Karl.com, and ModelCo.com that includes 50 products for face, eyes, and lips, plus accessories.

Kiss Me Karl Collection

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Kiss Me Karl limited-edition makeup collection is a first take by the designer on beauty products design and the designer was able to offer very uniquely, cutting-edge ideas when it comes to packaging ideas. The entire collection is extremely Instagram-worthy and also real-life-appropriate. Personally, I was fascinated by the liquid lipstick and lip gloss packaging that literally lights up while applying the product.

We had the opportunity to take a first look at selected items from the Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co and here comes our review and swatches on these photogenic makeup goodies.

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Lip Products

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Lip Products

These Karl-head lippies are featuring edgy and fun designs that I already started displaying in my beauty room. I love the unique design idea of adding LED lights to the applicator – that way, you can be more precise while touching-up your lips at night – and also a tiny side mirror so you don’t need to carry an extra mirror while on the go.


When you open the product, it feels like you are digging into Karl’s brain to get this yummy scented lip balm. This little creepy sensation is totally worth it though as the product is super nourishing and yummy.


From all the lip product options this one is my favorite – hey, how can I possibly say ‘no’ to glitter? This silver pigment lip topper looks great both in a combo with lipstick and on bare lips so if you are dying to try anything let it be it.


Nude lips are not my favorite look, but for all the natural makeup lovers this formula is pretty impressive. It dries very fast though and works better if you apply a lip liner first.


Glossy lips are the hottest makeup trend for Spring-Summer and attention-worthy packaging is so fun to play with. The product is not highly pigmented, so I would recommend wearing it as a lipstick topper.

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Eye Products

Cat stamps might be my new favorite thing ever – but don’t tell my dog so she doesn’t get jealous. While I was not thrilled with the mascara, liquid liners did not disappoint: since geometrical vibes are hot for summer makeup, consider picking those for your collection – and save fancy side for your next costume party.


You must be a real animal lover if you allow your cat to get his own eyeliner stamp! I can’t think of a situation when I can actually use that side of this duo side product, but kudos for the cutest idea! There is another version of this product available – Karl stamp – but I love the cat more!


The product features a huge, convenient to use a wand, but the formula was not my cup of tea as I prefer a more dramatic lash finish.

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Face Products

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Face Products

I never saw Karl Lagerfeld wearing a highlighter, but I love the idea of including in the collection a few products for glow-getters. Whether you love classic powder highlighters or liquid immunizers, the collection has it all.


I tested two shades, Opal and Bronze, and the latest was too dark for my skin tone. The Opal shade offers a lovely golden shimmery color feedback and applies effortlessly. But compared to the rest of the adorably packaged products in the line, this one seems a bit boring. Granted, a mirror and chic casting are great, but for $49 I would love to see a bit more standout packaging design.


Usually not a fan of liquid products, I actually loved this one. It provides a very subtle coverage and comes with a brush packaging (that I usually try avoiding), but I loved how it looked on my pale skin. Glowy and not too pigmented.

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Brushes

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Brushes

As expected, makeup brushes by Karl Lagerfeld look super cute and recognizable and I was the most excited about testing them. You might experience the issue though with displaying them. They take too much space if displayed bristles up (which also hides Karl’s character) so consider picking a cute tray so you can lay your brushes down.


No wonder this brush set was the first product to get out of stock. The design is super cute and totally worth the attention of makeup collectors. The bristles are synthetic, and the handle is plastic, but these brushes don’t feel or look cheap. Totally recommend signing up for notifications on when these go back in stock.


Personally, I would not pay $28 for just one brush, but if you are a major Karl Lagerfeld fan, it might be an expense you could justify. The brush features the same type of synthetic bristles and is handy to operate with.

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Collection: Is It Worth It?

Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co Collection: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to celebrity collaborations, you oftentimes pay for the name, and this collection is one such example. We are talking about $28 mascaras and $49 highlighters that are definitely luxury beauty prices.

However, considering the design thought that comes into creating the Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co makeup collection, some of these products are totally worth the price tag. Yes, $35 for a lip product is not cheap, but where else you can find a product that features the lights and comes with custom packaging?

Personally, I think that the price point for such a cool concept is actually pretty low. The same goes for accessories. Granted, you can buy a full brush set for $10, but if you are a true fan of Karl and have an appreciation for beautifully designed products, a $54 collectible brush kit is totally worth it.

In other words, Karl Lagerfeld collection for Model Co might not be the most affordable, but I personally would treat myself with a few products as they are truly unique and fun to have on display in your beauty room.

I wonder what you think about the Karl Lagerfeld x Model Co makeup collection? Are you planning on picking up any items from this line? Please let me know in the comments what are products you are most excited to test!

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