Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Review

At the end of 2017, Perricone MD announced the launch of their new and updated Cold Plasma Plus formula for the best-selling face and eye formulas. Being a major “perriconista” (brand’s Cocoa Mask is in my top 10 favorite masks of all time list!), I was excited to test and write a review on these new luxury skincare releases. While I didn’t have a chance to exclusively use these products for a long period of time, I kept coming back to them. I also sent a set of Cold Plasma Plus Face and Cold Plasma Plus Eye products to my mom (who lives in Belarus). She is a major skincare lover too who just turned 55—so you have opinions from people of different generations.

For a limited time only, the brand also offers 20% your order for Style Sprinter readers. So, your set will cost just $68 with a free shipping and 3 free product samples. To claim this offer, use the code PMDGIFT at checkout. This limited time offer ends on June 7, 2018. Happy shopping!

Daughter’s Take (hey, that’s me!)

As I mentioned before, I didn’t use the face serum exclusively as I’m all about an eclectic approach toward skincare and I love switching products all the time. I reached to Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Face on the days when I felt that my skin can use some Vitamin C for brightening and improving my skin radiance. While antioxidant serums are perfectly fine for using both during the day and at night, I personally enjoyed the most applying this product at night. I felt that this way I have more time to absorb all the high-quality ingredients into my skin. I also loved combining this serum with an overnight mask (on such nights I skipped on a night cream)—to wake up with most hydrated and radiant skin.

One of the biggest concerns I have about my skin in my 30s is the beginning of intense crow’s feet wrinkles. My dermatologist once mentioned that I have strong facial muscles that’s why my expression lines development is premature. For that reason, I regularly do preventative Botox injections—so we can “freeze” around eye muscles before they cause the development of deep wrinkles. While Botox is great for treating the problem from the inside out, a great eye cream is crucial for keeping this area hydrated and evened out. I don’t have too many favorite eye creams as I’m very picky, but Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Eye is one of my favorites. In fact, I based on how often I use it lately, expect to see it in the next episode of Beauty Empties!

Mother’s Take

My mom does not live in the U.S., but she’s been on top of the game when it comes to skincare. In fact, I have to thank her for hooking me up on skin care when I was… just 12 years old! She is a strong believer that the younger you start cleaning and hydrating your skin, the better it will look after all. So, I guess she was a major inspiration for me while choosing my career—if there is such thing as skincare lover genes.

For this post, I interviewed mom via phone and translated her feedback into English. As I mentioned before, she still lives in my hometown in Belarus and doesn’t speak English, but since she is regularly receiving beauty mail from me, she totally knows what’s good and bad when it comes to skincare.

Okay, here’s what my mom thinks of Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus products for face and eyes:

“I just turned 55 and I already had deep lines when I started using these products. For me, it was more about finding products that help me to even out the skin tone and calm down the redress in between regular facials, face massage appointments, and Botox appointments.

The face serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly. It left my skin hydrated but not sticky which is crucial as I don’t wear foundation and need products that don’t make my T-zone look too oily. The product has a scent to it, but I don’t mind it as I love using it in a combination with already fragranced La Mer Crème De La Mer. When it comes to the results, I was impressed what the serum did to my freckles and dry patches – not overnight, of course, but I noticed a slight change in how much more hydrated my skin became. I think I need to continue using the product to, hopefully, see even more results.

As for the eye cream, I enjoyed that it’s not too thick which made it perfect to wear during the day. I felt the need to pair it with a heavier eye cream at night, so for my p.m. routine Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye Plus acted like an eye serum – which is handy to have in your beauty collection if you are over 50 years old.

Overall, my impression from the Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Line is highly positive. Both products are expensive (especially for Russian salaries), but if I have a chance to use these products all the time, I would totally do it as I really see the results.”

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Line: Where to Find

While Perricone MD products are available at Sephora, Ulta, and DermStore, I recommend shopping at the brand’s website. That way, you will save money on shipping and receive free samples. Also, you can shop an exclusive Cold Plasma Plus Power Duo set that includes both products mentioned in this post for a discounted price of $85.

For a limited time only, the brand also offers 20% your order for Style Sprinter readers. So, your set will cost just $68 with a free shipping and 3 free product samples. To claim this offer, use the code PMDGIFT at checkout. This limited time offer ends on June 7, 2018. Happy shopping!

* * * * *

There you have it: my first multi-generational review of the same skincare line. I wonder if such format was helpful for you? I realize that my blog is a platform for men and women of different ages, so I want to serve you to my best abilities. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this new format and I’ll make sure to create more posts that feature different people’s opinions on the same products.


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