My Favorite Dry Shampoo Trick

StyleSprinter x Dry Shampoo Hack

I was thinking to share this tip with you a long time ago, life happens and here I am sharing my beauty wisdom almost three months later. The most important thing about this trick is to follow all the steps before you are taking a shower. By doing so, you allow your hair to absorb the product and even save some time on styling.

Step #1: Dry Shampoo

Spritz your favorite dry shampoo all over your hair and massage product into your roots. I usually use a dry shampoo spray, but powder options will also do. If you are blond, you can also apply a baby powder all over your hair—the effect would be the same as with an expensive product.

Step #2: Hair Clip

Secure your hair in a loose bun by using a plastic hair clip. Put on a plastic shower cap. During this step, you will probably see a bit of dry shampoo residue, but don’t pay attention to it as it will disappear on its own.

Step #3: Brush Through

After you took a shower, remove the hair clip and brush your hair through. Spritz your hair with a bit of a hairspray. You will notice that your hair look much more voluminous and healthy looking.

* * * * *

What is your favorite dry shampoo trick? Which dry shampoo brand do you like the most?

My Favorite Dry Shampoo Trick