Pixi MultiBalm – Review & Swatches

In honor of National Lipstick Day (it’s today!), I decided to share my review on a new product: Pixi MultiBalm. It’s a collection of multi-purpose lip and cheek balms that feature a unique crème-powder formula. I tested all five colors in this line, created by the renowned London-based brand and its creator, pro makeup artist Petra Strand.

The Package

Minimalistic, cute, and convenient. Even though I just started using this product, I feel that it will last me forever.

The Formula

It’s a non-sticky product that offers crème-powder finish, meaning that it looks matte on your cheeks and adds just a bit of shimmer to your lips. Since it’s a matte product, it should be great for oily or combo skin.

However, it worked perfectly well for my dry skin too. Since I’m so dry on my cheek area, usually I prefer using a liquid or a stick blush.

In my experience, such products are often sticky and end up catching my hair. Such faux pas didn’t happen to Pixi Multi-Balm products, though! Those added just the right amount of hydration to my lips while keeping my cheeks non-sticky.

The Coverage

A bit sheer, but buildable. I applied just a few dabs onto my cheeks for a natural-looking blush and it was enough. For lips, I recommend applying one layer for the everyday look and build up to three layers for a deep, dramatic nighttime coverage.

The Vegan Factor

While the brand doesn’t claim to be vegan, I checked each ingredient in this product through PETA’s Animal Ingredient Checker, and all of them are vegan-friendly. Yay! The product is also paraben-free and has not been tested on animals. Triple thumbs up for that!

Pixi by Petra Multibalm Line Review

The Convenience

Multi-balms are very convenient to use. You don’t even need a brush to evenly blend this product onto your cheeks. Simply dab this stick onto cheeks and blend it with your fingertips. When you are using it on your lips, apply the product as a regular lipstick — with or without a lip liner.

The Price Point

Each multi-balm costs $6 at Pixi Beauty’s website, which places this product into a drugstore makeup category. Considering that it’s all-natural, a vegan-friendly product that provides great coverage and could be used on both cheeks and lips, it’s a total steal that every girl needs to have in her collection!

Okay, now when we know that I’m pleased with Pixi MultiBalm on so many levels, let’s see which colors from the collection worked the best for me and which we not my kind of thing.

Pixi MultiBalm Swatches

Pixi by Petra Multibalm Soft Strawberry (Red Berry) #0060

Soft Strawberry (Red Berry) in #0060

It’s my absolute favorite shade from the collection. It’s bright, juicy, looks great as a blush and a lipstick, and constitutes one of the best examples of a perfect red lipstick. I’m in love!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Pixi by Petra Multibalm Watermelon Veil (Pink) #0061

Watermelon Veil (Pink) in #0061

It’s another favorite. It looks so girly and refreshing at the same time! Here is a little confession for you guys: even though I’m all about red lipstick, every once in a while I love spicing things up with a cute shade of pink.

This lip and cheek product is one of my favorites to wearing during the day on my pink lips days.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Pixi by Petra Multibalm Wild Rose (Mauve Rose) in #0100

Wild Rose (Mauve Rose) in #0100

It’s a great nude lipstick color for those who might not be too much into nudes.

It provides a tiny hint of purple, which makes this shade look more interesting than a typical nude, especially for those with green eyes.

I feel that this shade really works for my complexion. Do you agree, guys?

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Pixi by Petra Multibalm Baby Petal (Petal) #0058

Baby Petal (Petal) in #0058

Not my favorite shade as I feel like it makes me look washed out. I bet it will work better for those with sun-kissed skin.

It was also not a perfect shade for me to use on my cheeks.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Pixi by Petra Multibalm Sheer Sculpt (Cocoa) #0059

Sheer Sculpt (Cocoa) in #0059

It was a ‘no’ as it made me look…unhealthy. I tried using this product as a contouring tool though and it was a total ‘yes’!

In fact, it’s one of those rare matte shades that are perfect for contouring my cheekbones.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

* * * * *

Considering that Pixi MultiBalm is all-natural, a vegan-friendly product that provides great coverage and could be used on both cheeks and lips, it’s a total steal that every girl needs to have in her collection. Have you tried it yet?

pixi multibalm review swatches