5 of the Best Candles for Holidays

5 of the Best Candles for Holidays

There is nothing that puts me quicker in a festive mood than holiday candles. I feel that home fragrance is such an essential part of the home decor that it should never be neglected. Especially during the holiday season.

I have nothing against classic scents of pine and cinnamon stick. But during the holidays I still prefer options that are all seasons appropriate. That way, you could burn it not only during the cold season but anytime you wish.

In this post, I rounded up five of my favorite holiday candles that will make a memorable hostess gift or a perfect home fragrance.

Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle

Space NK Shimmering Spice

If you are specifically looking for a winter holiday candle, look no more!

It’s elegantly scented with cinnamon and spice, sprinkled with orange, cedar, and sweet vanilla.

Exclusive to Space NK and comes in two sizes: 2.6 oz and 6.1 oz.

Lafco Crimson Berry Candle

Lafco Crimson Berry

If you appreciate berry scents, this colorful soy candle will easily become your all-time favorite!

Spiced up with crisp lemon and orange notes. All-natural and 100% biodegradable.

It comes in two sizes: 6.5 oz and 15.5 oz.

Hope Scented Candle

Hope Scented Candle

If you are a supporter of the concept “gift with purpose,” this glamorous option is your best bet.

It’s a part of the Hope The Uplifting Fragrance initiative that donates 100% of its profits towards depression research.

Michael Aram Candle

Michael Aram Candle

Some candles are so beautiful that you are almost afraid of burning them. And this is one of such candles.

This artisanal candle comes in five organic motifs that made the artist famous.

Michael Aram candle will make a perfect hostess gift and will serve as a perfect accent piece at the holiday table.

Tocca Bora Bora Candle

Tocca Bora Bora

Technically, it’s not a holiday candle. But I decided to mention it anyway as it’s my all-time favorite home fragrance.

I finished an entire jar or same scent hand lotion, and I’ll be repurchasing it over and over again. For me, the Bora Bora scent is the ultimate home scent.

There you have it: my roundup of the best candles to consider this holiday season. I wonder what are some of your favorites? Please share your recommendations in the comments area below.

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