5 Myths About Keratin Treatment Debunked

StyleSprinter - Keratin Treatment at FourteenJay Salon NYC

If you remember from my Instagram stories, I recently went through a Keratin treatment at my favorite FourteenJay salon in Tribeca. While sharing my experience of this luxurious hair treatment (in case you wonder, my hair stylist is Taylor Lambert and I’m going to Michelle Combs for my color), I received a lot of questions about why I’m actually doing keratin. People were concerned that I have straight color-treated hair which is presumably not ideal if you want to use keratin. Prior to my consultation at the FourteenJay, I had the exact same questions! As it turned out though there are so many stereotypes about keratin that probably scares you to try this treatment and my goal for today’s post is to debunk them.

Myth #1: Keratin is Only For Curly Hair

That’s exactly what I was thinking before consulting with my hair stylist! I remember talking to my friends who swore by keratin, especially for summertime, but there were never straight hair girls who ever tried that treatment. Even though I consider myself a beauty investigator, it was not until recently that I learned that there are different types of keratin suitable for different hair structures and concerns.

For instance, FourteenJay salon where I had my keratin done, offers three different types of keratin, from a super gentle one (for girls with straight hair) to medium one (suitable for wavy hair) and a strong one (for all the curly girls out there). In other words, you don’t need to have curly or wavy hair to experience all the benefits of the keratin treatment. And, in case you wonder, there are lots of benefits of getting a keratin treatment. Not only it helps to get rid of annoying frizzy hair, but it also cuts your hair styling time in half. Personally, these two factors were already enough for me to consider having the keratin treatment on a regular basis.

Keratin Treatment for Straight Hair at FourteenJay Saloon New York

Myth #2: You Can’t Wash Hair for 5 Days After Keratin

I was super strategic with scheduling my keratin treatment as I remembered how my friends were coming to the office with super oily looking hair for a week after doing keratin. In order to avoid so, I made sure to have my hair appointment scheduled for Thursday so I could hide in the Hamptons with my greasy after keratin hair. Imagine how surprised I was when my hair stylist Taylor washed my hair immediately after applying keratin and blow-drying my hair!

As it turned out, the rule of not washing your hair after keratin treatment only applies to medium and strong strength keratin. When it comes to a light version, suitable for straight hair, the processing time is the exact time you need to dry and straighten your hair. So after all the work of applying the keratin (in case you wonder, it looks like a heat protectant that the hair stylist sprays on hair and then distributes it with a hairbrush), I almost felt bad that all that beautiful job of making my hair super straight was gone. But after removing the keratin from my hair Taylor styled my hair again so it was all worth it!

FourteenJay Salon NYC - Keratin Treatment

Myth #3: You Don’t Have to Style Your Hair After Keratin

I was thinking that all you need is to have a keratin treatment and completely forget about styling my hair for a few months. I wish it was true! In my experience, while keratin makes hair super straight, frizz-less, and shiny, you still need to curl the ends if you want to have a perfect hairstyle. Maybe it’s just because I have short hair, but straight hair without the ends facing towards my face does not look pretty to me. So even after the keratin treatment, I spend about 5 minutes blow-drying my hair and then 3-5 minutes curling the ends.

To be fair, before keratin it took me about 15 minutes to just blow-dry my hair as I have lots of fine, straight, tangle-prone hairs that drives me crazy to brush through. Brushing my hair became much easier ever since I cut my hair short (I also did it at the Fourteen Jay salon! Check out this blog post for more details!), but it was keratin that completely eliminated the stress associated with daily brushing my hair. Ever since the treatment, I forgot what it is to literally cry while brushing your hair or a necessity to brush it wet with tons of conditioner. With keratin, brushing my hair is painless and just this one argument is already enough for me to consider regular keratin treatments.

Coffee at FourteenJay Salon NYC

Myth #4: Keratin Contains Formaldehyde Which is Dangerous

This myth is actually partially true, depending on where you are doing your treatment and which products your hair stylist uses. As I mentioned before, I did my keratin treatment at the Fourteen Jay salon and my stylist Taylor used Lasio Keratin Tropic Keratin Treatment. It’s a gentle, non-toxic product that you don’t need to use a face mask to apply. It looks and smells like your typical hair serum or a heat protectant, with the only difference that the hair stylist applies it to each piece of hair individually and then blow-dries and straightens your hair.

From what I understood after researching other types of keratin treatments, some salons still practice using formaldehyde-based keratins and if I was you I would try avoiding them. Please do your best researching the salon you are heading to for a keratin treatment and only try the products that are not dangerous for your health, i.e. formaldehyde-free!

Myth #5: Keratin Only Lasts a Few Weeks

This is actually a half-myth because, in reality, it all depends on how often you wash your hair and how you take care of it. As I mentioned before, I have short oil-prone hair. While I live off dry shampoo, I still need to wash my hair every other day or it does not look presentable at all. Saying so, it’s been more than three weeks after my keratin treatment and it’s still going strong. Perhaps it has also something to do with the fact that I’m using a special gentle shampoo and conditioner by Lasio which helps me to take care of my color treated hair and also preserve my super straight and frizz-less keratin treated hair. 

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That was it for my keratin debunking post. In case you were looking to having a keratin treatment yourself, I hope you found some new and helpful information. Please let me know in the comments area below if you have any additional questions or concerns. Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on the keratin treatment!

5 Myths About Keratin Debunked