Keratin Treatment: Before and After

Keratin Treatment: Before and After

When I shared the results of my keratin on Instagram, I received a lot of questions about why I’m doing keratin. The concern was: why doing keratin if you have straight hair? But when I shared my keratin treatment before and after, there was a better understanding. In this post, I go even deeper into debunking all the myths about a so-called Brazilian blowout.

In case you wonder what’s a good keratin place in NYC, here’s info on the hair salon where I did it. I did my keratin treatment at my favorite FourteenJay salon in Tribeca. My hairstylist is Taylor Lambert, and I’m going to Michelle Combs for my color.

With that, let’s delve into stereotypes about keratin hair treatment.

Myth 1: Keratin is Only For Curly Hair

That’s what I was thinking before consulting with my hairstylist! Some of my friends swore by keratin, especially for summertime. But there were never straight hair girls who tried that treatment.

As it turned out, there are different types of keratin treatments. Each suitable for specific hair structures and concerns.

For instance, FourteenJay salon offers three different types of keratin:

  • Super gentle one (for girls with straight hair),
  • Medium one (suitable for wavy hair), and
  • Strong one (for all the curly girls out there).

In other words, you don’t need to have curly or wavy hair to experience all the benefits of the keratin treatment.

There are lots of advantages to getting a keratin treatment. Not only it helps to get rid of annoying frizzy hair, but it also cuts your hair styling time in half. The latest factor was already enough for trying keratin treatment.

Myth 2: You Can’t Wash Hair for 5 Days After Keratin

I was strategic with scheduling my keratin treatment. That’s because I remembered how my friends were not able to wash their hair for a week after doing keratin.

To avoid so, I made sure to have my hair appointment scheduled for Thursday, so I can hide home with my greasy after keratin hair. Imagine my surprise when my hairstylist washed my hair immediately after applying keratin! He even blow-dried it!

As it turned out, the rule of not washing your hair after keratin treatment only applies to medium and robust strength keratin. When it comes to the light version, the processing time is the exact time you need to dry and straighten your hair.

In case you wonder, a product used for keratin treatment looks like a heat protectant. A hairstylist sprays it on hair and then distributes it with a hairbrush. Then, he blows dry your hair, straightens it. Then, wash it again — and you are all set!

Myth 3: You Don’t Have to Style Your Hair After Keratin

Before the keratin treatment, I was under impression that it eliminates the need to style your hair. I wish it was true!

In my experience, while keratin makes hair frizz-less, and shiny, you still need to curl the ends. So even after the keratin treatment, I spend about five minutes blow-drying my hair. And another five curling the ends.

To be fair, before keratin, it took me about 15 minutes to blow-dry my hair. And even more to curl it. So there is some time saving there for sure.

Another positive result of the keratin treatment has to do with brushing. As advertised, brushing became much easier! Ever since the treatment, I forgot what it is to cry while brushing your hair (yep, mine gets that tangled). Or a necessity to brush it while wet with tons of a hair mask.

With keratin, brushing my hair is painless. And this one argument is already enough for me to consider regular keratin treatments.

Myth 4: Keratin Contains Formaldehyde Which is Dangerous

This myth is partially true. Depending on where you are doing your keratin treatment and which products your hairstylist uses.

My stylist Taylor used Lasio Keratin Tropic Keratin Treatment. It’s a gentle, non-toxic product that you don’t need to use a face mask to apply. It looks and smells like your typical hair serum or a heat protectant. With the only difference is that the hairstylist applies it to your hair section by section. And then blow-dries and straightens your hair.

Researching keratin treatments, I realized that some salons still use formaldehyde-based keratins. Many companies give different names to such treatments to hide this fact. But please be a smart consumer and know about all the dangers of formaldehyde to your hair and health.

In other words, if you decide to get a keratin treatment, make sure it’s formaldehyde-free!

Myth 5: Keratin Only Lasts a Few Weeks

This is a half-myth because, in reality, it all depends on how often you wash your hair and how you take care of it.

As I mentioned before, I have oily, damaged hair. While I live off the dry shampoo, I still need to wash my hair every other day, or it does not look presentable at all.

It’s been more than three weeks since my keratin treatment, and it’s still going strong. Perhaps, it also has something to do with the fact that I’m using a special gentle shampoo and conditioner by Lasio? This helps me to take care of my color-treated hair and also preserve my newly frizz-less post-keratin hair.

* * * * *

I hope this post helped you to find some new and helpful information on keratin hair treatment. Please let me know in the comments if you have any more questions or concerns. Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on the keratin treatment!

keratin hair treatment before & after

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  1. Keratin is such a great hair treatment! So glad you enjoyed it too! ❤️ Thanks for your compliments, love!

    Posted 12.17.17
  2. I haven’t tried a Keratin treatment before however I’ve heard great things! Great tips here and your hair looks lovely. How beautiful are you in ever single one of these photographs :)

    Laura xo

    Posted 12.1.17
  3. Wonder Cottage wrote:

    your hair looks so beautiful
    /Wonder Cottage

    Posted 12.1.17
  4. I’ve gotten keratin a few times and I’ve loved it. It lasts as long as you use the right types of after care products. And it does a great job of reducing frizz. Your hair looks fab babe!!!

    xx Yasmin

    Posted 12.1.17
  5. Kay (shoesandglitter) wrote:

    I’ve never had a keratin treatment before, but I’ve heard mostly good things about it. It definitely sounds very effective, so it was interesting to learn more about it, for sure. :) Thanks for sharing this, lovely! <3 xoxo


    Posted 11.30.17
  6. This is so interesting. I have never heard of this treatment before so it’s interesting to learn about it.

    Posted 11.30.17
  7. Stella wrote:

    P.S.: if you come across my blog: would you please mind telling me which typography do you use for your serf headlines? I’ve seen these so often but don’t know what’s their name!

    Thank you soooo much ♥️

    Posted 11.30.17
  8. Joy wrote:

    such fabulous style you have, this looks amazing

    Posted 11.30.17
  9. I haven’t tried Keratine treatment because i thought it is for curly hairs and i have very straight hairs. Thanks for sharing these facts, i will definitely go for it now.

    Posted 11.30.17
  10. Kathrin wrote:

    I didn’t know much about keratin treatments before I read your post. You provided a lot of information that was very interesting to read! It’s especially useful to know about the possibility of salons using toxic products.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    Posted 11.29.17
  11. Len Dela Peña Parent wrote:

    Looking fabulous, Katya! Gosh, you’re flawless girl! Love your new hairstyle.
    Stay fabulous babe!
    Much love, Len

    Posted 11.29.17
  12. Susan Tran wrote:

    I’ve ALWAYS wondered about keratine treatments! It especially freaked me out when I heard that they contained formaldehyde, so it’s good to know that’s not a universal thing. I think it would definitely be worth it to cut down on the styling time! I love blowing out my hair but hate the time it takes. I might consider getting a treatment done now!

    Susie |

    Posted 11.29.17
  13. Emily wrote:

    Thanks for clearing up all these misconceptions! I’ve never had this done, but I’ve heard loads about it, good and bad, haha.


    Posted 11.29.17
  14. Joling wrote:

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing the info bout Keratin treatment. Your hair looks so amazing!
    xo, Joling

    Posted 11.29.17
  15. Cristina wrote:

    I’ve never had a Keratin treatment because I’ve always wondered if they were worth it. If I ever get it, I’ll keep these things in mind!

    Posted 11.29.17
  16. I haven’t read up much about keratin treatments before so I didn’t know any of this, I am really glad I now know about the myths though! x

    Posted 11.29.17
  17. I had keratin treatment a few years ago on my straight hair to help with frizz and strengthen it. These days I don’t go back because I barely have the time for any appointments.

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca

    Posted 11.29.17
  18. Anika May wrote:

    Wonderful post! I also thought this treatment was only for curly or frizzy hair, but that’s great to know there’s different types of treatment – your hair looks amazing too!

    Anika |

    Posted 11.29.17
  19. Dressed With Soul wrote:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the facts about these myths!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Posted 11.29.17


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