The Best View in Paris

The Best View in Paris

Compared to what we did in London, our sightseeing of Paris was mostly about the arts. We opted out of spending a half of the day on getting to the top of the Eiffel Tower and decided to observe the city from the Montparnasse Tower instead. Considered that we only saw a tourist or two while getting on top of the 56 flights high skyscraper, it was one of the most enjoyable touristy locations in Paris.

We also got lucky as the weather was simply perfect. The entire week happened to be gloomy and rainy (we even complained that Paris weather is even worse than London weather!), but the day we scheduled our Montparnasse Tower tour, the skies cleared up and we saw the buildings located a few miles away from our observation point. Compared my impression of this sightseeing tour to the one at the Eiffel Tower my mom told me about, I believe we made a better vacation planning decision. No tourists, no lines, not overselling – and the absolutely fabulous view!

For this adventure, I picked perhaps the most casual look you’ve ever seen me wearing on the blog. I was running out of clean clothes and I didn’t find anything clothes-wise to buy in Paris (except a new pair of Louboutins that I can’t wait to share with you!). Surprisingly, I saw just a few uniquely French stores in Paris – and the rest was all about internationally renowned brands. While it is tempting to pick a few designed items while in Europe (tax return makes such a price difference!) I didn’t find anything that I could wear while in Paris. Hence the jeans (you know that I never-ever wear jeans!) and a striped shirt from Zara.

Talking about Zara, is it just me or you also never heard about Zara Home? I’m stopping by at the NYC store on Fifth Avenue every week but I never knew the brand has a home goods selection. I guess they just didn’t introduce Zara Home to the U.S. market yet because I would be the first one in line to shop there! While in Paris, I never picked up anything for home though as my suitcase was full of French pharmacy beauty products that I hoarded to review on the blog. But I did some damage when it comes to luxury fashion – stay tuned for a roundup on all the goodies I picked while in Paris!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Stripe Shirt // Ripped Jeans // Sonia Rykiel Shoes
Mansur Gavriel Bag // Valley Sunglasses // Escape Watch

The Best View in Paris The Best View in Paris The Best View in Paris The Best View in Paris The Best View in Paris