Christine Bibbo Herr, Stylist and Spokesperson

Throughout my blogging career, I had the opportunity to meet many inspiring women that create, push forward, and persist in their careers and lives. Some of these women are managers at the biggest corporations, some of them are self-made entrepreneurs, some of them are mothers who manage to have a creative career… the list goes on.

While I always as interested in their careers what made me curious even more as a beauty blogger is what type of skin care and makeup products these women use (or don’t use) in their daily lives. Saying so, I’m excited to introduce a brand-new series on the blog, #BeautyCloset where we will be getting into makeup bags and skincare shelfies of all the inspiring women in my life. Read up, get to know these girls better, and ask questions about their lives and beauty rituals!

I’m excited to kick off the series with a beauty profile of my friend Christine Bibbo Herr, whom we share with the same colorful taste in clothing. Christine is a real fitness junkie as I constantly see her running in Central Park, surfing, practicing yoga, biking, skiing… Honestly, I can’t name a sport I didn’t see Christine doing on her colorful and fun blog and Instagram @NYCpretty.

In addition to being a real-life Sporty Spice, Christine has an impressive career on TV and in the media industry. She is a former Editor / Director for many national glossy magazines, including Health, Real Simple, Family Circle, The Knot. Not to mention that she had a position as Fashion Director for the (OMG!!!) Good Housekeeping. Literally, Christine has a to-die-for resume! Check out her reel and you’ll be like, oh I know that celebrity she worked with, aww I love that designer she interviewed.

In addition to her fashion and fitness advice, Christine has the most beautiful skin ever. She is the biggest proponent of the clean beauty trend so if you are planning on switching your beauty stash to all-natural products, read up Christine’s beauty recommendations.

Christine Bibbo Herr’s Skincare Favorites

Lately, I’ve been trying to clean out my beauty closet and restock it with more natural brands that make the cut! It’s super hard to find natural products that work, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few favs! Here’s my latest beauty “it-list” – some natural brands and some that are just amaze! It’s an ever-changing group, but these guys are tried and true and have been in my regime for quite a while.


Beauty RX Triple Vitamin C Serum is great for a gradual lightening and brightening effect over time after using the serum daily. I love that extra healthy glow it gives my skin and it absorbs fast without a sticky feeling. My skin feels super soft and smooth after applying it. Plus, the fresh citrusy smell is amazing!


Beauty RX The Progressive Peel helps to brighten skin and get a more even-tone. I love that I can get a deeper clean with the simple swipe of these little pads. They are just what I need to keep up with my active, outdoorsy lifestyle and on-camera shoots. I’m always applying SPF and extra sweaty during workouts, and TV makeup can really clog my pores. So deep exfoliant like this is key for me to help with cleansing and anti-aging. It’s a little tingly at first, but after I feel fresh and clean!


Farmacy Beauty Honey Savior All-In-One Skin Repair Salve – I’m obsessed with this major multitasker. I can literally use it all over my body for so many purposes! My favs ways to use it is for softening my cuticles. For extra protection and hydration around my cheeks, lips, and eyes. Especially when I go for a run on windy days. And it can even help heal scrapes and burns naturally!


I am also obsessed with their Farmacy Beauty Green Clean Cleansing Balm to remove dirt and makeup. It takes off all my makeup including stubborn waterproof mascara and It doesn’t burn my eyes! My skin always feels super soft after washing.


Conscious Coconut Oil is one of my fav ways to hydrate my skin. And now they have travel size packets too! It smells amaze and is a safe way to moisturize since it’s all organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free! They use fair trade, USDA organic coconut oil certified through Fair Trade USA. And for EVERY tube sold they give a child a meal through Feeding America!

Bare Minerals is one of my go-to brands for natural makeup. It keeps my skin blemish free with makeup that stays put! Some of my fav products are the Gen Nude Lip Lacquers, the Floral Utopia Powder Blushes to give me a flushed rosy glow. They also have great finishing powders with SPF! Perf for summer!

* * * * *

There you have it, the first episode of Women Crush Wednesdays! I hope you enjoyed meeting Christine and learning about her favorite beauty products. If you have any questions for Christine please leave them in the comment area below. And don’t forget to follow her on and @NYCpretty.

Photography by John Michael Herr (@johnherr on Instagram)


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