I Found My Favorite Everyday Lipstick Formula

La Bouche Rouge Lipstick review

The beauty industry is all about contradictions. Especially, when it comes to lipsticks. First, everyone was obsessed with liquid lipsticks. You might have dry lips that are almost peeling, but hey, the color stays all day long.

Then, the era of lip glosses arrived. Or, should I say, it never really ended? Truth to be told, the only time I really loved wearing lip glosses what when my hair was longer and I could put it in a braid. Otherwise, my hair sticks to the lip gloss at any given opportunity – and that is not a very classy look.

Lately, I’ve been all about the OG lipstick formulas – aka creamy or satin finish. Yes, these might take quicker to come out, but the cream formula gives me the comfort that none of the liquid lipstick formulas can. And even if a hair gets stick to my lipstick, it’s not as “cemented” in it as with a lip gloss.

In this roundup, I share some of my recent favorite cream lipstick formulas that I can’t stop obsessing about.

La Bouche Rouge Lipstick

I’m trying a lot of luxury beauty products on a regular basis but this lipstick is on a completely new level! This clean beauty gem is formulated without perfumes and allergens which doesn’t disrupt the formula. It’s one of the most pigmented and long-lasting cream lipsticks I tried to the date. And if you love luxury – which I do – you would love the magnetic leather case this elegant lipstick comes with.

Tom Ford Lip Color Rouge A Levres

If you are all about glossy finishes for your creme lipsticks, this one is for you. I can only compare the texture of this glamorous lipstick to melted butter – it’s that soft and smooth. But don’t think that the smoothness is taking away from the pigmentation. Tom Ford lipsticks are easy to apply and super pigmented at the same time.

Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colour Lipstick - review

Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème

This new lipstick launch by the brand is the one that I can’t stop raving about. Not only the lipstick comes in beautiful magnetic packaging that’s just pleasant to keep around, but also the pigmentation of these lippies is insane! I only tested 5 or 6 from a huge range of colors available and I’m truly impressed. So far my favorite shades are Fuchsia Intense, L’Orange, Rouge Electrique, and Rose Ultimate.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

This lipstick is one of the first products I featured on my blog way-back-when I just launched it. Over the last 4 (almost 5!) years, my opinion on this product hasn’t changed. It’s the most comfortable lipstick to wear. Even though it provides pigment, the lipstick feels on your lips like a balm. And did I mention that the packaging is like a piece of art?

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

This creamy lipstick formula is truly iconic. The adjectives people are using to describe this comfortably matter lipstick are always the same – fabulous, fantastic, extraordinary! And I’ll sign up for every single of these statements – that’s how amazing that lipstick is. Oh, and did I mention that it feels like cashmere on your lips?

* * * * *

What are your thoughts on cream lipsticks? Are you wearing those or it’s too old school? What is your favorite cream lipstick formula?