Hot or Not: Aveda Tulasara Line

Aveda Tulasara Concentrates Review

One of the changes that I decided to start the year with was taking yoga classes at least once a week. For starters, practicing asanas helps me to get rid of muscle pain and neck stiffness (that’s been with me ever since I started writing on my laptop 15 years ago). It also helps me to reboot my brain and just relax take a much needed break from all things technology and reading I’m exposed to on a daily basis. Even though I decided to get back to yoga just lately, I’ve been researching auyurveda for many years now. I also wrote on the blog about the benefits of skincare created based on the generations of auyrvedic knowledge. Lately, I’ve been back on my zen skincare track so I decided to review a few new hot products by Aveda so we can decide whether brand’s Tulasara skincare line is hot or not.

Aveda Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual review

Aveda Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual

The Promise: “A daily ritual inspired by Ayurveda: gentle dry brushing exfoliates to help reveal smooth, glowing skin and massage with 100% naturally derived oleation oil awakens microcirculation and nourishes.”

Packaging: The product comes in a cute glass bottle with a pump which makes it travel-friendly. My favorite part about this set design though is a brush which is extremely soft and luxurious. Think about the quality of this brush as of Artis brushes for skincare—it’s divine!

Scent: It’s very soothing and pleasant. I like it!

How To Use: Have you ever heard about dry brushing for your body? Aveda’s Awakening Ritual Kit proposes similar experience, but for your face. Basically, it’s a morning practice of massaging your face with soft brush and oil to promote skin health, exfoliate dull cells, and promote natural cell turnover. While there is a whole technology of auyrvedic facial massage, I didn’t follow there recommendations and simply massaged my face in circular motions before washing my face.

Effectiveness: I would compare it to Clarisonic! With additional bonus: dry brushing your face with oil adds additional nourishment to your skin!

Price Point: $89 (including the brush) at

The Best Part: The oil smells amazing and it helps to prepare skin for the upcoming morning routine. It’s all natural product that helps to relax your mind and properly exfoliate your skin.

The Worst Part: Dry brushing is daily dedication so it’s only great for those who can find time to do so.

The Conclusion: It’s a “hot” for all auyrveda lovers and also a perfect gift!

Aveda Tulasara Concentrates Firm, Calm, and Bright review

Aveda Tulasara Concentrates: Firm, Calm, and Bright

The Promise: “Tulasāra concentrates restore firmer, brighter, calmer looking skin with 97% naturally derived, highly concentrated treatments.”

Packaging: Each serum is individually packaged in dark colored glass jars with dispensers. In my understanding, the package is designed that way to preserve some of the ingredients.

Scent: My favorite product from the line based on scent is Bright Concentrate. All products have a very pleasant scent to them which more on a natural side than fruity or floral.

Effectiveness: I’ve been using each serum for a while and I think that these products are much more effective that many other all natural products I’ve tested. Especially, the Firm Concentrate which starts tightening the skin almost immediately. It took a few days for the Calm Concentrate to kick in but as I mentioned in my October favorites post it really helped to sooth my irritated skin.

Price Point: $59 each at

The Best Part: Highly effective and all natural!

The Worst Part: Didn’t like the scent of the Bright Concentrate.

The Conclusion: These concentrates are totally “hot” and I will continue using them.

Aveda Tulasara Concentrates Review Aveda Tulasara Concentrates Review

Disclosure: I received samples of the products mentioned in this post for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. As mentioned earlier, I’ve been testing these oils and serums for a few months now in order to provide you with an educated review of this skincare line.

  • I love this set! I actually haven’t dry brushed my face since getting the set, but now that I’m reading it I picked up the brush and started up on the circular motions lol. One of my commitments I’m trying to make is taking proper care of my skin. I LOVE the oil and the “Firm” concentrate! I use it nearly every day under a regular moisturizer.

    I think making the commitment to yoga is fantastic- I’m trying to get that as a regular habit too because of lower back pain. My husband keeps saying it’s because I have awful posture when I’m on my laptop, and he’s probably right. 🙁 The few times I’ve done yoga so far (I do short 15-min increments) has been a huge help in stretching my muscles and improving the back pain.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    • I’m so glad that we are on the same page with those amazing products!

      When it comes to yoga and posture, I have the exact same problem! My neck and lower back constantly hurt too as I’m on my laptop all day long! I actually consulted with a trainer and he said that I should stretch my back, neck, and wrists every hour! It literally takes a few moments, but it really helps! Next time we see each other, I’ll show you the exercises if you are interested!

      Yoga is great too, but I personally noticed that it works for me if I do an hour a day. It’s super time consuming so I just decided to commit once a week for one hour.

      If you need a yoga buddy, please let me know! I’m taking this awesome beginner class on E 92nd Street and I have a few guest passes! 😉

  • Beth Shankle Anderson

    Your photography is beautiful! I have always liked Aveda products and these look really great! I definite try for me.

    Beth ||

  • Robin Rue

    I have always loved Aveda products. I have been thinking about trying these, so thanks for all the great info.

  • MinajCruz

    I have been using Bright and it’s incredible how my skin has brightened specially under my eyes. I also got a dry brush facial today and I mus say my skin looks great.

  • Lindsay Davison

    I’m a massive Aveda fan!

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