5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

mothers day gift ideas

Now, when Mother’s Day is literally around the corner, it seems like every single person in this country is trying to figure out what to gift. We want our Mother’s Day gift to be practical and sweet at the same time – which is not an easy thing to find. While trying to figure out what to gift my mother, I came out with these non-trivial Mother’s Day gift ideas that I think you’d appreciate too.

mothers day gifts - Botox

Botox Treatment

A woman of any age wants to look beautiful and wrinkle-free so why not gifting your mom a voucher to a Botox treatment?

If you followed my Stories lately, I took one of my dearest friends, Lora, to a Botox treatment at the Dr. Melissa Levin’s office and she was so happy about this summer-ready touch-up. Lora has amazing skin so all she needed is just a little lift around the eye and frown line areas.

While we are still looking for Botox results to fully develop (it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 days), Lora is already excited about that post-vacation refreshed look that only Botox treatment could give.

My mom, who is in her mid-50s and lives in Belarus, does Botox treatments all the time. So I will be sending her an online voucher to visit her favorite dermatologist in Minsk. So every time she looks in a mirror she is thinking of me (and power of Botox, LOL).

mothers day gifts VENUS ET FLEUR

Venus Et Fleur Roses in a Box

I don’t know a woman whose heart is not melting from seeing Insta-famous Eternity Roses by Venus et Fleur. These beautiful roses in a box smell so delicious and last up to one year.

In other words, it’s like gifting your mom flowers that will continue making her happy at least until next Mother’s Day. Isn’t it the best kind of gift?

If you are in New York, I highly recommend stopping by The Oculus where Venus Et Fleur just opened their retail location. There, you can not only pick a beautiful arrangement of your choice but also take incredible photos for your Insta.

Think about it: a whole wall made out of roses in boxes – it’s so adorable! And if you live outside of New York, no worries at all. The company is offering international shipping on all orders. And if you are Los Angeles or New York-based, you can pick a same-day delivery option.

That’s actually a great solution for Mother’s Day procrastinators. You can literally order your Eternity Roses now to be delivered on Sunday.

mothers day gifts LAGOS Jewelry

Caviar Jewelry by LAGOS

If your mom wears jewelry, look no more than LAGOS. You probably already saw those beautiful caviar-beading fine jewelry all over the Internet. As a person who had an opportunity to personally try and wear LAGOS pieces, I’m totally addicted.

Perhaps, the easiest Mother’s Day gift would be one of their caviar bracelets. Your mom can layer these adorable bracelets with other jewelry in her wardrobe. Or start building up her entire LAGOS collection. So you will not have to think about any additional Mother’s Day gift ideas for at least a few years. It’s very efficient, right?

Another line of products I recommend paying attention to is their Smart Caviar collection. If your mom is into counting her steps on her Apple Watch, consider upgrading it with a stylish caviar beading bracelet. It turns a bulky piece of technology in a stylish, timeless accessory.

mothers day gifts-fresh-beauty

Anything by Fresh Beauty

I send my mom cosmetics all the time and as per her feedback, Fresh Beauty is her absolute favorite brand. Not only all the products are made out of natural ingredients. But these are also always efficient and smell so good.

These are some Mother’s Day gift ideas from Fresh Beauty:

What to gift your mom on Mother’s Day is never an easy decision. But I hope that my roundup was helpful for making up your mind. I haven’t visited my mom in a while and I miss her so much. So I’ll be certainly over-gifting her this holiday. I wonder what gift are you planning on giving your mom this Mother’s Day?

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