Soft Glam Eye Shadow Tutorial

Soft Glam Eye Shadow Tutorial

This easy to recreate soft glam eye shadow tutorial is beginner-friendly. You can wear it for a special occasion or every day. It requires some winged eyeliner skills. But no worries, I explain in detail every step on how to recreate this makeup look.

To recreate this soft glam makeup look, you’ll need

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Now, when we have all of the products lined up, let’s start our tutorial!

  1. Primer

    Start with applying a primer that serves the needs of your skin: go either for pore filling, hydrating or oil-control one.

  2. Foundation

    In my experience, a good foundation is the most important part of a good makeup look. The foundation I’m currently using it’s the best for when you are taking photos or videos. It makes your skin look so smooth, it almost looks unreal!

    Make Up For Ever HD Foundation review

  3. Brows

    Fill in the brows using a brow powder and a flat angled brush. Start by brushing your brows. Then, fill them in on the bottom. With upward strikes, move from the inner to the outer corner of your brows.

    PopBeauty Brow Duette in Classy Brunette review

  4. Eyeshadow Printer

    Before starting your eyeshadow application, make sure to apply a primer designed to prolong the life of your eye makeup. My current favorite is Kryolan Eyeshadow Primer which is less condensed than Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

    Kryolan Eyeshadow Primer review

  5. Light Eye Shadow + Crease

    Start the eye makeup look with applying a light vanilla shade all over your lid, underneath the eyebrow, and in the corners of the eye. When you are done blending the vanilla shade, apply a light brown shade onto the crease, and blend until it’s almost translucent.

    Nikkie Tutorials The Power of Makeup Palette review

  6. Metallic Eye Shadow

    When we are done with our eyeshadow base, it’s time to switch for metallic shades. Using a small flat concealer brush spritzed with a setting spray, apply a burgundy shade all over the lid. Then, put brown metallic shade on top of it.

    Please keep in mind that I didn’t start blending the shades together until both eye shadows were applied all over the lid. That way, we ensure that the metallic pigmentation is safe, while the crease area still looks blended and smooth.

    BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette - metallic eyeshadow review
    Left: both shades applied. Right: only burgundy shade is applied.

  7. Concealer

    Apply concealer under the eyes and under the brow and blend them with a beauty sponge (under the eyes) and a flat concealer brush (under the brow).

    Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge review

  8. Winged Eyeliner

    It’s time for a dramatic winged eyeliner and falsies! I usually apply eyeliner with a flat angled brush. Put on falsies and then go over lashes with a bit more eyeliner to make sure that the line is very sharp and straight.

    Inglot Cosmetics Eyeliner Gel 77 review

  9. Contouring

    Bronzer and blush – apply strategically and blend thoroughly.

    Pixi by Petra Palette Rosette review

  10. Highlighter

    To make this metallic look even more festive and fun, I decided to apply even more glitter onto my eyes and cheeks. I used Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow in #1 Silver Moon that works great both as a loose pigment and a highlighter.

    Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow in 1 Silver Moon review

  11. Liquid Lipstick

    The next and most important step of this tutorial is a liquid lipstick. For this look, I used a new Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in #06 Mattely In Love. It’s a beautiful red shade lipstick that has a subtle glow to it.

    Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in 06 Mattely In Love review

  12. Setting Spray

    Finally, spritz your face with a setting spray. That way, you’ll ensure that your makeup will last all night long.

There you have it: easy to repeat soft glam eye shadow look. Please let me know in the comments in you have any additional questions about any makeup techniques used to create this look.

soft glam makeup tutorial


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  1. Hi sweetie,
    Thanks for this fun tutorial, loved the shadow the most ;)
    I will definitely be trying out these products..

    xo Hadasah |

    Posted 1.11.17 Reply
  2. This is such a gorgeous look! I love how detailed in every single step you shared with us and all the pros of why you used each product – that was so helpful! And kudos to you for sharing this amazing and beautiful look with us – all those steps, that’s no east feat! But makeup or not, you are a true beauty :)

    xo Soo |

    Posted 1.6.17 Reply
  3. Lacey Wall wrote:

    Your makeup is always so beautifully done! Completely agree with you on always starting out with a primer. It’s so so essential! I also can’t live without the beauty blender. The best blending tool I’ve ever used! Thank you so so much for this tutorial. So beneficial to get your flawless look!

    Lacey | http://WWW.STATEOFLACE.COM

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  4. Kayla wrote:

    Gorgeous! Your makeup looks amazing as always! Love the pop of red, I definitely will have to get this shade. Love the sparkly Bobbi Brown shadow too!

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  5. thenewgirl wrote:

    you look stunning and your eyes are unbelievable green! I always wanted to have green eyes. and your eyeshadow is must buy!


    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  6. Love your look my dearest!xx, Hadasahwww.styletolove

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  7. Virna Gambini wrote:

    When I saw the first pic of this post I thought —Wow! Killer make-up, simple and great… But then I read all the “ingredients” to make it and OMG there’s nothing simple about it!
    You look flawless!

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  8. Anju wrote:

    Stunning make up. Like how you detailed every single step with pictures. Never knew Astrology was big in Russia

    Posted 1.4.17 Reply
  9. Rachel wrote:

    Astronomy isn’t really big here in Australia either, so it’s funny that hear that it dictates what Russian’s wear on New Years Eve! This makeup look is so beautiful- I’ve never tried a red-hued eye makeup look before, but yours is so lovely. Also can I just have your naturally airbrushed skin please?

    Rachel xx

    Posted 1.3.17 Reply
  10. maggie wrote:

    That eye shadow is sooooo pretty! Love how you did them! I love how you were inspired by the year of the rooster too! Btw, your skin is flawless! So jealous!


    Maggie S.


    Posted 1.3.17 Reply
  11. Amanda Smith wrote:

    You look absolutely gorgeous! I love this makeup look and also what is your choker? It’s amazing! I love astrology but I guess I don’t know very much about it because I had NO idea you could plan your makeup and outfits around it! Great post!

    Manda |

    Posted 1.3.17 Reply
  12. EverestSays wrote:

    Love such a detailed tutorial and your eye Colours are really nicely blended!
    Red lips really look amazing on you!

    Much love,

    Posted 1.3.17 Reply
  13. Tandya wrote:

    Thank you for sharing! Your make up looks stunning! That red looks absolutely perfect on you!

    Happy 2017 babe!

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
  14. Natalia Kopocinski wrote:

    Wow that lipstick shade is unreal looks totally gorgeous on you.
    Thankyou for the wonderful makeup tutorial I loved all the pictures.

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
  15. Sooo Beautiful Make Up Tutorial:)
    I wish I could do like you:)
    Amazing Products:)
    You Look so cute:)
    How was your New Years Eve?
    Wish you Happy New Year;)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
  16. jacqueline wrote:

    I love how your shadow came out! Such a great color on you. Especially loving that bold lipstick!

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
  17. Thomas Falkenstedt wrote:

    Not many people in Sweden believe in astrology either, but I happen to be an exception to that :) I love that you’ve put together the red rooster makeup based on what Russian astrologs said would bring luck to the new year :)

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
  18. Lily Rose wrote:

    I celebrate Chinese New Year so this Fire Rooster thing is totally relatable! I love your makeup look, red is generally a great color for Chinese New Year, and for this year it’s even better. LOVE!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
  19. Love your NYE look – this lippie is amazing on you! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect red! You seriously have the most beautiful skin!

    Posted 1.2.17 Reply
  20. Helen Chik wrote:

    Girl your complexion is just flawless and that bold red lip is absolutely fire on you!!!

    Hope you had a fabulous New Years darling!

    Helen xx

    Posted 12.31.16 Reply
  21. I always wondered how your makeup looks so clean (my fave kind of beauty look) and now I can see the steps! Your eye makeup is stunning and flawless and I can’t wait to try these products and tips.

    Love, Liz

    Posted 12.31.16 Reply
  22. Jennifer Quattrucci wrote:

    I love the fact that you decided to create a look inspired by Fire Rooster! So perfect for New Year’s Weekend ! The lipstick is stunning and I am fascinated by the Tarte Energy Noir Palette and also the BH Cosmetic Galaxy set !

    Posted 12.31.16 Reply
  23. LAKO EVA wrote:

    Hello dear!!
    Nice tutorial, love this red lipgloss and your feminine look with the black eyeliner.
    Wish you a happy 2017.
    Eva from italy

    Posted 12.30.16 Reply
  24. Gina Diaz wrote:

    Beautiful make up sweetie! i love always red lips! thanks for an amazing tutorial and post!!

    best wishes to a happy 2017!!!

    love, Gina

    Posted 12.30.16 Reply
  25. You look stunning in that makeup and I adore your red lips here Katya! I don’t wear makeup often but your tutorial is amazing ~ perhaps I might try that out once my face is soothed of breakouts *hehe
    Surprised that you actually know some Chinese astrology here. Happy New Year & year of the rooster btw!

    xx Aldora |

    Posted 12.29.16 Reply
  26. This look is so pretty and that lip colour looks stunning on you!! I might end up trying this out for Chinese New Year haha!

    Posted 12.29.16 Reply
  27. Alya Mooro wrote:

    Gorgeous look! I love a red lip xx

    moorizZLA xx

    Posted 12.29.16 Reply
  28. Absolutley gorgeous!!!! love that red lip color!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  29. Gorgeous look and fantastic tutorial! I’ve been loving the shades in the Pixi palette as well- so pretty!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  30. Alley Girl wrote:

    I love tutorial honey!! But I have other question. Where did you done your nails? and what color? love them. Xo

    check my 2017 resolution post :

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  31. Such beautiful make-up – your eyeshadow looks amazing.

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply