Preventative Botox in Your 30s

Preventative Botox - Is it Worth It

On the edge of thirty, I wrote about trying my first preventative Botox experience. This January, I’m turning 32 and I never stopped doing Botox injections ever since that appointment. However, you would never be able to guess by looking at me that I’m a regular client at an aesthetician clinic. My face is still capable of all the natural movements and I am able to raise my brows and smile as wide as I wish.

I feel that I have the worst genetics from all my girlfriends, because I usually inject Botox in all three areas on my face: on the forehead, between brows, and around the eyes. No complaints though as preventative Botox really works for me. I know that even though I’m predisposed to aging faster in certain areas, by doing Botox regularly I could dramatically slow down the process.

But let’s not get distracted and dive into some of the myths that I always hear about Botox. That way, next time I tell someone about how much Botox injections benefit me, I could send them to this post so they have all their questions answered.

#1 Myth: If You Don’t Have Visible Wrinkles, You Don’t Need Botox

That’s the mistake my mom made years ago when her doctor recommended her starting Botox injections. As per her words, she felt that her wrinkles have not developed enough to require injections. As it turned out, it was a big mistake on her part as it’s so much more difficult to smooth the appearance of already deeply set wrinkles.

Ideally, you should start Botox injections when you notice the first appearance of mimic wrinkles, formed by muscle movements like squinting and raising eyebrows. In a way, the best time to start Botox injections is when you want to start preventing wrinkles, not when you already have them. That way, you will “teach” your face to avoid developing wrinkles!

#2 Myth: Botox Will Give Me a Frozen Face

That’s the most common myth that I hear all the time and it’s farthest from reality. At least, if you choose your doctor wisely and don’t try scoring a Botox deal on not trustworthy websites (don’t ever do that and only use the help of certified professionals!). I can only talk about myself here, but I still have all the face movements even after having Botox injections!

#3 Myth: Botox Is Only for Celebrities and TV Professionals

Maybe it was so twenty years ago when Botox was first introduced to the market, but nowadays so many “regular” people are doing regular injections. Not everyone is feeling confident sharing such personal information, but many girls known for their good skin are having such impressive looks partially thanks to Botox.

Look, for instance, at my besties! All you can see in this photo is that they are beautiful, natural-looking girls. Their faces are not “frozen,” but just fresh and beautiful. While all of them are highly successful girls in the industry they work in, they are not affiliated with TV or show business. Real girls do Botox too!

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#4 Myth: Botox Injections Are Painful

That was the only concern that I had two years ago when I just started preventative Botox injections. I’m always freaking out about anything related to blood. But in my opinion Botox injections are less painful than laser hair removal.

Even if your skin starts slightly bleeding, it all disappears in a few minutes. And if you have a concealer on hand, no one will know that you had any work done a half-hour after the procedure.

I know that many people fear needles (me being the first on the list to freak out). But trust me when I say that the pain level is so insignificant that you will not even notice what happened (for your reference, I would rate Botox injections 1 to 2 on the 1-10 scale).

#5 Myth: Preventative Botox Has Immediate Effect

Some people are certain that you will leave the doctor’s office after a Botox appointment looking 10 years younger. Technically, it’s true—but only if we are talking about a follow-up appointment that happens two weeks after the initial procedure. I’m not sure why this stereotype is so prevalent in media, but Botox is not an immediate anti-aging solution.

It will take three to ten days for Botox to “settle” on your face and smooth the treated areas. For me, it takes four to five days to smooth the forehead wrinkles and about a week for crow’s feet.

* * * * *

There you have it: my take on the most asked questions about Botox. I hope you found in this post some of the answers you were looking for. Please let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions. As always, I would be delighted to help as much as I can!