Tender Romance


With the National Breast Cancer Awareness month started a few days ago, I believe it’s time to expand my Charities I Support series and turn it into year-round posts about all the causes that require our attention and support. I believe that together we can help people going through hardships by providing them with much-needed support and motivation. Based on the feedback that I received on the prior posts in the series, I concluded that those articles are also helpful for people looking for good causes to support. Saying so, I’m delighted to introduce the first breast cancer charity in my pink ribbon edition of Charities I Support series. It’s a reputable Pink Pony Fund, a worldwide initiative against cancer founded by Ralph Lauren.

The goal of Pink Pony Fund is to support programs that promote early diagnosis of breast cancer and bring top-notch medical help to medically underserved communities. As you might have heard before, breast cancer is not only about physical pain patients are dealing with. There are also emotional issues, family problems, financial troubles… When something horrible like that happens, everything seems to get out of control…and there seems like no one there to help. This feeling of loneliness and insecurity is especially hard to handle when person’s life is overshadowed with such a dreadful diagnosis.

Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Pink Pony Review

Luckily, there are organizations like the Pink Pony Fund that are helping thousands of women to regain confidence about the outcomes of their cancer treatments, obtain a proper medical care, and get give a hand of support when things are getting too complicated to deal with.

This season, Ralph Lauren announced the launch of the limited edition, best-selling fragrances, Romance and the Tender Romance, that will benefit the Pink Pony Fund. From every bottle perfumes sold, Ralph Lauren Fragrances will donate 100% of profits to the Pink Pony Fund to support all of the breast cancer initiatives I mentioned earlier in this post.

I’m thrilled to present one of the perfumes in the collection, the new Tender Romance fragrance that was inspired by the most wonderful feeling of falling in love for the first time. Combining sensual notes of white cashmere, magnolia, and bergamot, this passion-provoking fragrance will become a beloved scent of women of all ages that appreciate the warmth and luminosity of oriental scents. I fell under the spell of this unforgettable aroma too and couldn’t stop wearing this captivating perfume.

Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Pink Pony Review

I highly encourage each and every of you to support Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony Fund by purchasing one of the pink ribbon marked fragrances at your local store or on the company’s website. You are also welcome to donate to the Pink Pony Fund by following this link. Each person’s help of this cause really counts as Ralph Lauren Corporation announced that it will match customer donations collected from October 1st to October 31st which is an amazing and very generous thing to do. All it takes from your part is to “add to the cart” the amount you’d like to donate while shopping online at RalphLauren.com.

Disclosure: I received RL Tender Romance fragrance complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.