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Ready. Set. Brow Perfect Brow Groomer reviewThis post is sponsored by European Wax Center®

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but this season everybody seems to be fascinated with bold brows. With “no makeup” makeup looks hitting the runways and streets as a storm, beautifully defined brows are the only area on our faces that requires our attention this season—the rest could stay natural. Let’s play the eyebrow game right and learn how to achieve #browfection with the services and Strut Boldly™ products by European Wax Center® (EWC).

The Strategy

If you have read my blog for a while, you know how picky I am when it comes to beauty services. Since all of us are potentially capable of repeating most of the procedures available at the beauty salons at home (like mani-pedi and single-process hair dyeing), it’s crucial for me to strive to fine the best service ever when I’m seeking for a professional beauty help. Luckily, I recently explored the magic of EWC…and there is no way I’ll be back to at-home brow plucking!

My favorite thing about the EWC experience is that you can book any service online without bothering to call. Just go to, find the closest center near you, and schedule the time that works the best with your schedule. Honestly, I don’t even bother to find my favorite brow specialist: every time I go to EWC, I have a wonderful experience. So, I trust any person working for this reputable company.

That’s exactly what I did last weekend when I scheduled my reservation at EWC’s 1st Avenue location (1577 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10028; phone: 212-288-8088) in preparation for a busy week at college. If you are studying and blogging full-time, things could get very busy and plucking my eyebrows every morning is definitely not something I enjoy spending time on. Instead, I prefer stopping by at the waxing center on the weekend to pamper myself and feel confident about how my brows look for the next few weeks.

European Wax Center 1st Avenue NYC review

The entire process of waxing your brows at EWC takes about 15 minutes. The first step is a consultation, when the EWC waxer who provides you with a mirror and asks you about your brow goals. I worked with a technician who is Russian too–which was so exciting for me. I suggested that we change the shape of my brows a little bit as my right brow seems to grow a bit thicker than the left one. I also mentioned that I have to fix the distance in between my brows, as the inner corners don’t seem to be symmetrical. After the strategy has been confirmed, the waxer started the process that turned out to be a painless, quick, and relaxing experience.

The waxing process starts with cleansing when the waxing technician removes any makeup products you have in your brows, followed by the application of a gentle pre-wax oil (it smells delicious!). Then, the brow expert applies their Comfort Wax™ on the bottom, top, and in between your brows with an individual wood stick and gently removes the wax from your skin. I have a very sensitive skin, but I didn’t have any irritation at all thanks to Renew Me™ Restoring Serum that she applied on the area around my brows.

After the procedure, my waxer asked if I’d like to have my brows filled in and after receiving my positive response masterly applied my brow makeup. She did such a wonderful job with it that and it made me feel even more confident in my looks. During the brow makeup application process, the waxer and I shared our love for the Oh My Brow™ Highlighter from the Strut Boldly™ Collection, a versatile product that I use not only under my brows but also on the Cupid’s bow—so my lips visually appear fuller.

The Maintenance

To maintain my look in reservations, I love wearing eyebrow makeup anyways to make my eyes standout even more. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with and loving products from the Strut 365™- Strut Boldly™ collection. It’s a line of products from EWC to make girls even more confident about their brows on a day-to-day basis.

Below, I describe my everyday brow routine that helps me achieve #browfection every single day.

Strut 365 Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush Review

Step 1: Brush It

Before applying makeup, I like brushing my brows so I know exactly where the coloring pigment should be applied. I take a few moments to comb my brows with Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush, which is a super handy 2-in-1 product: a comb to brush your brows and a brush to apply brow powder.

Browfection Brow Powder Duo in Sepia review

Step 2: Fill In

Ever since I changed my hair color to medium brown, I’ve been looking for a new brow powder, as the shade of a product I previously used was too dark for me. Well, it’s no longer a problem since I discovered the Browfection™ Brow Powder Duo in Sepia, a set that perfectly matches the shade of my brows. I apply the darkest shade of this duo with another side of Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush starting from the bottom side of the brow followed by the top.

Then, I fill in the rest of the shape with the strikes moving from the nose towards ears. I love the fact that this brow brush is a bit thicker than my usual angled brush, which allows me to create a more natural effect and fill in my brows quicker.

Ready. Set. Brow Perfect Brow Groomer review

Step 3: Fix It

Sometimes when I’m wearing no makeup at all I do not fill in my brows with a powder. The step that I never skip though is fixing my brows with Ready. Set. Brow™ Perfect Brow Groomer. It’s a clear gel that allows aligning each hair on your brows in one direction to create a natural, but refined look. The best part is that this product doesn’t make your brows sticky so you don’t need to worry if you are planning on applying setting powder after your brow makeup.

The Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter review

Step 4: Add Some Light

The Oh My Brow!™ Brow Highlighter is my absolute favorite product from the Strut Boldly™ collection as it provides super pigmented but subtle coverage. I simply adore the shade of this highlighter: it features a gold undertone, which to me, is suitable for pale skin tones. I also love the shape of its applicator as it allows applying this cream highlighter without using any brushes. All you have to do is to draw a line underneath your brow and blend it a bit with your fingertips.

How to Achieve #browfection with European Wax Center

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That’s it for today. Please share in the comments area below how you take care of your brows and which makeup products you like to use the most.

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