Top 10 Highlighters for Pale Skin

Top 10 Highlighters for Pale Skin

I don’t know about you, but for a pale skin tone girls like me, it’s super challenging to find the right highlighter shade. You have to be aware of gold undertones that might look patchy and be aware of too pigmented formulas as these are hard to make look natural. In today’s post, I rounded up some of my most favorite highlighters that work for fair skin girls.

Clare Blanc Luminizing Mineral Powder 

Not many people know about this indie brand, but I totally adore this highlighter! It provides the most luminous and gorgeous glow

Wet N Wild Illuminating MegaGlo Palette 

This highlighter palette is super affordable and you receive lots of product for the buck. The product provides a beautiful gold-undertone finish that looks not too pigmented on the pale skin girls like me.

Milani Spotlight Face & Eye Strobe Palette 

If you are into silver undertone highlighters, you’ll love the shade of this highly pigmented and super affordable product.

Flower Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette 

On the days when I’m taking photos or want my highlighter to blind people, I apply one of the pigmented and so shimmery shades from this highlighter palette by Flower Beauty. It’s been my first product from the Drew Barrymore’s makeup line and this impressive palette definitely force me to want more items from the line.

e.l.f. Illuminating Palette 

I’m always surprised by the quality of e.l.f. products, but this one was even more than I could expect. I was truly impressed with the elegant finish of the highlighters that come in the set and had a good use of each shade—both for photographs and everyday wear. Without going deep into reviewing each shade, I have to say that this affordable product is a bomb! Definitely, check it out!

Pixi Aspyn Ovard Glow-Y Powder 

I received this highlighted in the PR mail a long time ago, but never had a chance to check it out. What a mistake it was! The product provides such gorgeous glow that will blow your mind!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette 

This rosy cheek and eye palette feature some of the finest blended highlighter shades that look super natural due to the unique package design. The product is shaped in a way that the brush picks up a few shades at one time to ensure flawless, multi-dimensional application.

e.l.f. Baked Highlighter 

This highlighter is the most subtle from the list which makes it a perfect product for all sorts of daytime occasions.

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Blinded by the Light

This blinding highlighter shade looks gorgeous on photos, but I would not recommend applying it onto the Cupid’s Bow as it’s quite bright. I do love how it looks in the corners of the eye though; it also works quite nicely as an eyeshadow.

Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter 

This unicorn highlighter provides a #GlowToTheSkies kind of coverage that looks amazing in photos and indeed transforms you into an ethereal creature. The highlighter provides a buildable coverage and looks even more pigmented if packed with the help of a setting spray and dense brush.

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That was it with my roundup of the best highlighters for fair skin. I wonder if you found in this list any products that you already tested and loved? If so, please mention the name of the product in the comments area below. Also, feel free to share with the Style Sprinter community any additional highlighter recommendations that are suitable for pale skin.

Top 10 Best Highlighters for Pale Skin

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  1. Thank you for reading!

    Posted 10.17.17
  2. Pixi highlighters are so great! I also love blush toppers by the brand — the quality and the price are unbeatable!

    Posted 10.17.17
  3. Awww thank you so much! I’m so glad it was helpful!

    Posted 10.17.17
  4. So glad you enjoyed it!

    Posted 10.17.17
  5. Please do! A good highlighter will look so great on your skin!

    Posted 10.17.17
  6. Yay!

    Posted 10.17.17
  7. I’ll try! :)

    Posted 10.17.17
  8. It’s such a good one! I just hit the pan on it – that’s how much I loved it!

    Posted 10.17.17
  9. Can’t imagine my life without a highlighter too!

    Posted 10.17.17
  10. Yes! It’s such amazing product for such affordable price!

    Posted 10.17.17
  11. Thank you for your kind words! I love so many products by Pixi too!

    Posted 10.17.17
  12. So glad you enjoyed it, Liza!

    Posted 10.17.17
  13. I love that you added both high end and affordable products. I love the pixi by beauty and the megaglo too!
    The Color Palette

    Posted 9.28.17
  14. The elf highlighter looks dreamy, so shiny and dreamy!!

    Posted 9.27.17
  15. I love the highlighter!

    Posted 9.27.17
  16. These all look great! I’m tempted to try the Tarte rainbow one!

    Posted 9.26.17
  17. AngeliePangilinan wrote:

    Can you recommend highlighters for tanned skin on your next post? :)

    Angelie // Chopstop – SM Bacoor

    Posted 9.26.17
  18. Marisa Cavaleiro wrote:

    I need that in my life…

    Posted 9.26.17
  19. Alya Mooro wrote:

    Loving this highlighter trend! Really need to figure out how to do it, haha!

    Alya / moorizzla xx

    Posted 9.26.17
  20. I Love it! very cool post babe thanks

    xx LL

    Posted 9.26.17
  21. I’m definitely going to bookmark this one as I always struggle with highlighters for my pale complexion. Love the look of the Too Faced one particularly!

    The Makeup Directory

    Posted 9.26.17
  22. Katie wrote:

    I really want to try the Pixi highlighters, I’ve heard great things about them! Elf products are always so good for the price :)

    Posted 9.26.17
  23. These are great rec’s- it can be tough to find a highlighter light enough when that summer tan fades!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    Posted 9.26.17
  24. Thanks for sharing this review, dear. Love it
    Liza Corner | Instagram | Facebook

    Posted 9.26.17
  25. Vivian Tse wrote:

    Wow such a great review! As I have a medium skin tone, I would suggest a highlighter from Bobbi Brown! It’s so good! Vivian x

    Posted 9.26.17
  26. You have some great highlighters that I love on this list and a few I haven’t tried yet. Great post!

    Posted 9.26.17
  27. Marisa wrote:

    Thanks for sharing these products
    I would love to have the Pixi highlighter :) xx
    Coco and Jeans by Marisa x My Instagram x My Bloglovin

    Posted 9.26.17
  28. Zorica wrote:
    Posted 9.26.17
  29. Vicky T. wrote:

    Definitely have to check these out. Thanks for sharing!


    Posted 9.26.17
  30. Sam wrote:

    I’ve tried the elf baked highlighter but it did not go well on me. It was super dry, and I got no pigment out of it. It could have been the shade I got though, I recall someone telling me another one of the colors was way better.

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    Posted 9.25.17
  31. Shireen wrote:

    e.l.f Illuminating palette is good for us medium skin tone lovelies too! I have it and freaking love it!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

    Posted 9.25.17
  32. Dominique wrote:

    This post is perfect for me as I’m very pale! Will definitely be checking some of these highlighters out xx

    Posted 9.25.17
  33. Loved all these shades… will suit every skin type.

    Posted 9.25.17
  34. Allie wrote:

    I am right there with ya on the e.l.f products! I’m always weary to try thinking that they surely can’t be that great with such a low price point but I’ve actually found SO many awesome products that I sometimes prefer over more expensive products! I’ve never tried the highlighter but I need to find it and try it out!

    xo, Allie

    Posted 9.25.17
  35. Didier Young wrote:

    Oh thank you for sharing! Gotta love a good highlighter for sure!


    Posted 9.25.17
  36. I need to pick some of these up! The Too Faced one looks especially pretty!

    xo, Elisabeth

    Posted 9.25.17
  37. I don’t have very pale skin but all of these highlighters look beautiful and like they would be suitable for all skin tones x

    Posted 9.25.17
  38. These are all so pretty! Have a lovely day! Gemma x

    Posted 9.25.17
  39. I have pretty pale skin so this was such a helpful post – thanks for sharing!

    Heather xx

    Posted 9.25.17