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halloween nail art ideas

Choosing Halloween costume is a big deal, but finding proper nail art for your All Hallow’s Eve attire is even more challenging process. To make your life easier, I’ve prepared the most detailed Halloween nail art guide that you can find online.

This list contains popular Halloween costumes that you could possibly imagine as well as matching nail art ideas. Most of the nail designs presented in this guide are DIY-friendly.

You have at least a couple of weeks ahead to practice these spooky Halloween nails or even turn October into Halloween nail art month!

For your convenience, I’ve arranged my list in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see all 50 Halloween costumes and 50 matching nail art ideas.

#1: Angel

Angel of Darkness Costume // Embellished Tips Tutorial

When it comes to the angel costume, you can go either for a simple white polish or go with the embellished trend. Our idea is to go with the darker shade of a polish and decorate it with lighter crystals.

#2: Army

Pin Up Army Girl Costume // Camouflage Nail Art Tutorial

Camouflage nails take time to paint, but the effort is so worth it! Follow the easy steps in the tutorial above to achieve an effortless camo nails look that will perfectly match your army girl Halloween costume.

#3: Batgirl

DC Comics Batgirl Costume // Batgirl Nail Stripes

Black and yellow are the main colors to use for your Batgirl nail art design. If you have these shades in your collection, you can attempt recreating this Batgirl nail art tutorial or just go with ready-to-use nail stripes (linked above).

#4: Bee

Sweet As Honey Costume // Bee Nail Art Tutorial

I have a special place in my heart of the Honey Bee costumer as it’s the one we wore with my sweet Yorkie Lilu. Check out our photo in this post about Halloween makeup.

#5: Betty Boop

Betty Boop Costume // Betty Boop Nail Art Tutorial

This pin-up nail art is so adorable I would wear it even without such an occasion as Halloween. What’s even more exciting is that it combines two of my favorite polish colors – white and red.

#6: Black Swan

Black Swan Costume // Black Swan Nail Art Tutorial

There’s no better match for the Black Swan costume than feathery nail art. While feather nails look complicated, this design is actually not that difficult to repeat.

#7: Bunny

Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume 2014Playboy Bunny Nail Art Tutorial
Playboy Bunny Costume ($80.42) // Bunny Nail Art Tutorial by Pshiiit

#8: Captain America

Captain America Women Halloween CostumeCaptain America Halloween Nail Art Tutorial
Captain America Sassy Costume ($82.07) // Captain America Nail Art Tutorial by Nailside

#9: Cat

Black Cat Babe Halloween CostumeBlack Cat Halloween Nail Art
Black Cat Babe Costume ($46.77) // Cat Eyes Nail Art Tutorial by Kayla Shevonne

#10: Catwoman

 Batman Classic 1966 Series Catwoman CostumeCatwoman Halloween Nail Art
Batman Classic 1966 Series Catwoman ($89.97) // Catwoman Nail Art Tutotial by Liquid Jelly

#11: Cavewoman

 Cave Woman Halloween Costume 2014Cave Woman Leopard Nail Art Tutorial
Goin’ Clubbin Cave Woman ($25.89) // Leopard Nail Art Tutorial by Lulus

#12: Cheerleader

Cheerleader USA Halloween CostumeCheerleader Halloween Nail Art Tutorial
Cheerleader USA ($43.56) // Cheerleader Nail Art Tutorial by Wacki Laki

#13: Circus

Mardi Gras Maven Halloween CostumeWhite Glitter Nail Polish Halloween
Mardi Gras Maven ($40.98) // White Glitter Nail Polish ($8.75)

#14: Cleopatra

Cleopatra Halloween CostumeCleopatra Nail Art Stickers Halloween
Cleopatra Costume ($21.24) // Eye of Horus Decals ($4.99)

#15: Clown

Harlequin Halloween CostumeHarlequin Nail Art Halloween
Harlequin Clown ($59.99) // Plaid Nail Art Tutorial by Radi D.

#16: Cowgirl

Cowgirl Halloween Costume 2014
Rhinestone Cowgirl ($30.77) // Cowgirl Nail Art Tutorial by The Nailasaurus

#17: Day of the Dead

Day of the Death Halloween Costume 2014Day of the Dead Nail Art Tutorial
Sexy Day of the Dead ($56.79) // Day of the Dead Nail Art Tutorial by Hannah Rox Nails

#18: Devil

Red Devil Halloween Costume 2014Christian Louboutin-Inspired Halloween Nails
Deluxe Glam Sequin Devil ($28.50) // Louboutin-Inspired Nails Tutorial by Beautylish

#19: Disco Diva

Disco Diva Halloween Costume 2014Disco Nails Art Halloween Tutorial
Go Go Halloween Dress ($20.86) // Disco Nails by Polish All The Nails

#20: Dog

Pink Poodle Halloween CostumeDoggie Nail Art Halloween
Pink Poodle Skirt ($16.29) // Doggie Nail Art by It’s All About The Polish

#21: Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter Halloween Women CostumeFire Nail Art Halloween Tutorial
Where’s The Fire Costume ($54.99) // Fire Nail Art Tutorial by Beauty Ill

#22: Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Halloween CostumePaper Planes Nail Art Tutorial
Friendly Flight Attendant Dress ($26.47) // Paper Planes Video Tutorial by Secret Nail

#23: Frankenstein’s Bride

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween CostumeFrankenstein Patchwork Halloween Nail Art
Bride of Frankenstein ($148.00) // Patchwork Nail Art Tutorial by The Nailasaurus

#24: Geisha

Geisha Halloween CostumeSakura Halloween Nail Art
Geisha with Dragon Tattoo ($29.09) // Cherry Blossoms Nail Art Tutorial by Marias Nail Art

#25: Ghost

Ghost Halloween Costume 2014Ghost Nail Art Tutorial
Ghost Town Black Widow ($53.98) // Baby Ghosts Nail Art by Lace and Lacquers

#26: Maid

French Maid Halloween CostumeFrench Maid Nails Art Tutorial
Keep It Clean Sexy Maid ($44.95) // B&W Negative Space Nail Art Tutorial by Sonailicious

#27: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe CostumeMarilyn Monroe Nail Art Stickers
Marilyn Monroe Costume ($18.01) // Marilyn Monroe So Beautiful Nail Art Wraps ($2.99)

#28: Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Halloween CostumeMinnie Mouse Nail Art
Minnie Mouse Costume ($26.44) // Minnie Mouse Nail Art Tutorial by Polishpedia

#29: Morticia Adams

The Addams Family Morticia Adult CostumeAdams Family Nail Art Tutorial
Morticia Adams ($30.77) // Triple Studded B & W Nail Art Tutorial by Pack-a-Punch Polish

#30: Mummy

Mystical Mummy Halloween Costume Mummy Nail Art Halloween
Mystical Mummy ($32.59) // Mummy Nail Art Tutorial by Kayla Shevonne

#31: Nurse

Nurse Halloween Costume 2014Heart Beat Nail Polish Tutorial
Nurse Knockout ($48.99) // Heartbeat Nail Art Tutorial by The Nailasaurus

#32: Pirate

Pirate Woman Halloween Costume 2014Treasure Map Nail Art Tutorial
Vixen Pirate Wench ($26.56) // Treasure Map Nail Art Tutorial by Chrissy AI

#33: Police

Lady Cop Halloween CostumePolice Nail Art Tutorial Halloween
Lady Cop ($34.73) // Police Nail Art by Varnished Valkyrie

#34: Princess Cinderella

Cinderella Halloween Costume 2014Cinderella Nail Art Tutorial Halloween
Princess Cinderella ($53.39) // Cinderella Nail Art Tutorial by Polish Art Addict

#35: Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine Halloween CostumePrincess Jasmine Nail Art Tutorial
Disney Princess Jasmine ($19.85) // Princess Jasmine Nail Art Tutorial by Polish Art Addict

#36: Princess Pocahontas

Disney Princesses Pocahontas Halloween CostumeAztec Nail Art Tutorial Halloween
Disney Princesses Pocahontas ($45.00) // Aztec Nail Art Tutorial by Kimtopia

#37: Pumpkin

pumpkin-princess-costumepumpkin nail art tutorial
Pumpkin Princess ($34.99) // Pumpkin Nail Art Tutorial by One Nail to Rule Them All

#38: Queen

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen CostumeAlice In Wonderland Nail Art Tutorial
Red Queen ($33.30) // Alice In Wonderland Nail Art Tutorial by Small Good Things

#39: Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Halloween CostumeRed Riding Hood Nail Art Tutorial
Little Red Riding Hood ($47.95) // Ruby Slipper Nail Art Tutorial by Wacky Laki

#40: Sailor

Sailor Pin-Up Halloween CostumeSailor Nail Art Tutorial Halloween
Sailor Pin-Up ($30.38) // Nautical/Beach Nail Art Tutorial by Wondrously Polished

#41: School Girl

Prep School Girl Halloween CostumePlaid School Girl Halloween Nail Art Tutorial
Prep School Girl ($43.01) // Plaid Nail Art Tutorial by Beauty Ill

#42: Skeleton

Skeleton Halloween DressSkeleton Nail Art Tutorial Halloween
Glow In The Dark ($51.95) // Halloween Skulls Nail Art Tutorial by Nails In Nippon

#43: Snow White

Snow White Halloween CostumeSnow White Nail Art Tutorial
Snow White ($49.99) // Snow White Nail Art Tutorial by Glamorable

#44: Spider Girl

Spidergirl Halloween Costume 2014Spiderweb Halloween Nail Art Tutorial
Spider Girl ($26.99) // Spiderweb Nail Art Tutorial by Cosmopolitan

#45: Supergirl

Super Woman Halloween Costume 2014OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Supergirl Corset ($16.99) // Superman Nail Art Tutorial by The Nailasaurus

#46: Vampire

Vampire Halloween CostumeVampire Nails Halloween
Just One Bite ($79.99) // Red Gothic Baroque Artificial Nails ($9.90)

#47: Wilma Flinstone

Flintstones Wilma Halloween CostumeFlintstones Nail Art Tutorial
The Flintstones Wilma ($22.14) // Flinstones Nail Art Tutorial by Xovain

#48: Witch

Witch Halloween CostumeHalloween Witch Nail Decals
Vintage Witch ($39.95) // Halloween Witch Decals ($3.28)

#49: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Halloween CostumeWonder Woman Nail Art Tutorial
Wonder Woman ($35.16) // Wonder Woman Nail Art Tutorial by The Crafty Ninja

#50: Zombie

Zombie Waitress Halloween CostumeHalloween Nails Bloody Fingerprint
Zombie Waitress ($20.30) // Bloody Fingerprint Nail Art Tutorial by Limited Addition Nails

I hope you enjoyed my selection of Halloween nail art designs. Please keep me posted if you use any of the nail ideas from this post this Halloween!


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  1. Great pairings, Katya!!! :D The Skeleton/skull and Red Queen/hearts combos are my favorites.



    Posted 10.23.15 Reply
  2. Radi D. wrote:

    Great! :)

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  3. Shireen wrote:

    I love them all! I’m celebrating my first Halloween this year so thank you, this definitely a great inspiration to me!

    Reflection of Sanity

    Posted 10.13.14 Reply
  4. Ellen Smith wrote:

    Clearly loads of effort was put into this and the nail art is amazing, so creative. I’m digging them all. Even for non-halloween days.


    Posted 10.12.14 Reply
    • Thank you, Ellen! I really appreciate your support! <3

      Posted 10.12.14 Reply
  5. Wow I love this post, there’s so much inspiration! I LOVE the Jasmine inspired nails :)


    Posted 10.10.14 Reply
    • Thanks, Jessica! So much inspiration and so much work to find all these tutorials ;) Xoxo

      Posted 10.10.14 Reply