Winter Beauty Problems and How to Fix Them

Winter Beauty Problems and How to Fix Them

We’ve all been there. The moment the thermometer goes below 30, all the beauty problems seem to re-immerse all at one. Static hair, chapped lips, dry hands… When winter comes to New York, I’m experiencing it all! Based on your feedback, I’m not the only one whose beauty routine seems to fall apart when the temperature goes low. In today’s post, I’m sharing some of my beauty tips and tricks that make it easier to survive the cold season.

Problem 1: Static Hair

That’s my number one problem, regardless of how short or long my hair is. The moment I put on my winter coat, my hair starts to look like a blooming dandelion. I use a few techniques that help me to tame the winter hair.

First, I switch from using a hair conditioner to using hair masks instead of a conditioner. That way, your hair is more hydrated and nourished and then less prone to acting weird.

Then, I use anti-static hair products that help me to deal with the static electricity in my hair. Please keep in mind that you need regular anti-frizz products just don’t do it. You need anti-static products created to be used in wintertime.

Anti static hair products to try

Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

These are new on the market, but I already love them. The individual packaging is convenient to have them in your purse at all times.

Living Proof Shield Spray

This cult-favorite anti-frizz spray is great for any season, even though the packaging specifies only humid climate conditions.

Garnier Sleek Shine Hair Spray

Since you are already finishing your hairstyle with a hairspray, why not use one that also offers anti-frizz properties?

Hair masks to try

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask

The mask I’ve been using for the longest time ever. It literally transforms my hair!

Pureology Super Food Treatment

It’s vegan and smells heavenly! My new favorite!

SheaMoisture SheaButter Mask

I have so many luxury masks, but I keep coming back to this one when my hair is really struggling.

Problem 2: Chapped Lips

Regardless of how many lip balms I have in each of my jackets, when winter comes you need to introduce some heavy-duty lip products in your routine. I’m talking about lip masks, lip scrubs, and overnight treatments that will ensure that your lipstick goes on smoothly.

And if you trust my opinion, please (PLEASE!) don’t exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush. From all the times I tried this DIY hack, my lips ended up in the worth condition than I started with.

So, my advice would be to avoid this technique at all and instead invest in a gentle lip scrub.

Lip scrubs and treatments to consider

Tarte Lip Prep Scrub

It’s so gentle and so yummy — like a real dessert!

Dermalogica Lip Treatment

This product works better than even petrolatum!

Patchology Lip Gels

The only lip mask that actually works!

Problem 3: Dry Hands

As a general rule, when winter comes I’m trying to remember to use a hand lotion every time I wash my hands. Similar to having a lip balm in every jacket, I have a miniature hand lotion in every bag so I have no excuses to forget about hydrating my hands.

I also love a good hand mask that I wear for half an hour while watching TV – if you chose this route, make sure to stay consistent and treat your hands to a mask at least once a week.

Hand lotions to admire

Karuna Hydrating Hand Mask

One of the most nourishing hand masks out there!

L’Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream

It’s one of the most reach and fabulous smelling hand lotions I ever tried.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Lotion

This is the only product that could save severely dry hands.

Problem 4: Dry Skin

As I mentioned multiple times on my blog, I do not enjoy applying body lotions as much as I love other skincare rituals, but in the wintertime, there is no way around it. I’m trying to trick myself into moisturizing my picking the best smelling body lotions, but simply hydrating is not enough.

Similar to my skincare approach, I make sure to exfoliate my skin regularly, which means a mandatory Sunday exfoliation with a tentative Wednesday scrub.

Body lotions that smell heavenly

Josie Maran Whipped Butter

Not cheap, but so worth it! It smells like heaven!

Body Shop Mango Butter

If you love fruity products, this one is a must-tru.

Oribe Body Crème

This thick cream features the most luxurious texture.

Problem 5: Runny Mascara

As a contact lens wearer, I can’t survive the winter if I’m not wearing sunglasses while outdoors. But oftentimes physical protection from the wind is not enough. You need to make sure that you are wearing the right makeup that will not run even if your eyes got irritated. For me, it means switching to the waterproof version of my favorite mascaras and using an eyeshadow primer to ensure that my eye makeup stays put.

Look no more, if you need a great waterproof mascara

Dior Diorshow Mascara

Oldie but goodie: my favorite waterproof mascara.

YSL Waterproof Mascara

This fragranced mascara is so luxurious and chic.

Too Faced Waterproof

Same best-selling formula, but in a waterproof version.

There you have it: my favorite winter skin solutions that I personally use right now. I wonder if you learned something new from the post? If so, please feel free to discuss it in the comments area below.

Winter Beauty Problems and How to Fix Them


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  1. Jessica wrote:

    Thanks for these suggestions dear. I’d definitely try Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment.

    Jessica |

    Posted 1.26.18 Reply
  2. Charlotte wrote:

    I get such dry hands in the winter, it’s horrible because my cuticles crack around my nails – I 100% need to give some of these hand creams a go. The L’Occitaine sounds lovely, especially because I love the brand so much. Thank you for sharing these tips, honestly really helpful <3

    Charlotte |

    Posted 1.25.18 Reply
  3. OMG, I could really use that lip oil, my lips keep cracking like crazy ;(. Wishing you a nice day! xx


    Posted 1.23.18 Reply
  4. ViolaRoth wrote:

    Great tips! <3 very inspiring!
    Please check out my blog too. That are absolutely stunning photos!

    Posted 1.23.18 Reply
  5. Thank you for sharing these tips! Really helpful. I would love to try Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield Spray. Looks good.


    Posted 1.23.18 Reply
  6. The body shop products are a definite go to for me.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    Posted 1.23.18 Reply
  7. ANGELEBABY wrote:

    Need to try those Ouai products, anything they do is gold tbh

    Posted 1.22.18 Reply
  8. Denise wrote:

    Loved the post, it helps so much! For me, from all the problems I have chapped lips. And well, also in the summer. True, you are right, I tried the toothbrush method and it was worse :) I would like to try this Patchology Lip gels, that you said really works! I never heard of that brand, eager to try it now! Hope you have a sweet week!

    Posted 1.22.18 Reply
  9. Nice selection, these products look amazing!!
    Have a wonderful week :-)
    Olivia Poncelet <3

    Posted 1.22.18 Reply
  10. Jessica wrote:

    I’m currently experiencing my first Canadian winter and I’m definitely feeling a lot of these issues! Although where I’m from (Australia) I would still get dry hands and chapped lips, I’ve never needed a parka so the static-y hair thing is so bizarre to me! And my body has been dry in places it has never been dry before so I’ve had to be really diligent with my body moisturising, when before I’ve been super lazy and just gotten away with it, haha.

    Posted 1.22.18 Reply
  11. Great product recommendations!! I used to have the hand cream from L’Occitane and I loved it!! :)

    Have a great week!


    Seize your Style

    Posted 1.22.18 Reply