Where to Stay During London Fashion Week

Where to Stay During London Fashion Week

Last fashion week season was truly unique and inspiring for me as I attended not only my regular New York Fashion Week shows, but also a few one in London and Paris. Since it was my first time at the European fashion shows, it took me lots of time to research all the logistics. Specifically, where to stay in London during London Fashion Week. In case you are planning on visiting this European Capital too, I put together a roundup of some of the hotels to stay at during LFW. Since the fashion week season is less than a month away, I highly recommend starting to plan your stay ahead of time—to make sure that you scored the best travel deals.

Most of the London Fashion Week shows are happening at the BFC Show Space or nearby. It’s one of the business parts of the city with lots of hotels located nearby. My only concern was that there are not that many places to eat there. With exception of a bunch of grab-and-go places, the choices are limited. So, if you are a brunch everyday kind of girl, it does make sense to pick a hotel offering good breakfast options.

Apex Temple Hotel

Last season, we stayed in two different hotels. We picked the first one, Apex Temple Hotel, for the first few days of London Fashion Week as it was the closest hotel to the shows. The design, gym, breakfast options, and service level were great and I highly recommend that hotel if you are planning to go to LWF. Please keep in mind though that it’s not the biggest hotel out there, but a boutique onewhich offers you a more personalized travel experience.

The Rubens at the Palace

I really wanted to stay in one of the traditional London-style hotels for the rest of the trip, so we moved to another part of the city to stay at The Rubens at the Palace Hotel. It was the exactly what I was looking for—a hotel located just across from the Buckingham palace with doormen wearing the black and gold uniform and floral wallpapers on the walls. The location and the vibe of the hotel was just perfect—if you are looking for a traditional British experience, consider staying there!

The Waldorf Hilton

During London Fashion Week, I also had a chance to visit a few nearby hotels so I could provide you with additional options. One of them is The Waldorf Hilton Hotel. Located in the heart of the LFW action, it’s one of those unique hotels that combine both traditional designs and modern standards of service. The interior and exterior of the hotel are classic but not boring at all. From what I’ve seen in pictures, the rooms are truly luxurious too. I’m not sure yet if we are heading to LFW next season, but if we do, we’ll stay at that hotel!

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While there are so many great hotels in London to stay at during London Fashion Week, there are three that I recommend because I had a chance to visit or stay at myself. I wonder if you have any hotel recommendations? Please share them in the comments area below!

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Where to Stay During London Fashion Week