Valentines Day Gifts: 4 Unique Ideas

Valentines Day Gifts - Unique Ideas

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s so tempting to pick an easy route and stick to trivial flowers and chocolate. Don’t take me wrong, there is nothing wrong with flowers and chocolate. But sometimes if you want to get creative and pick unique personalized gifts for your beloved ones. To make your life easier, I rounded up my top four suggestions for perfect Valentines Day gifts. Send this post to your significant other as a hint of what you want (wink-wink).

Timeless Charm Jewelry

Timeless Charm Jewelry

The major bummer about flowers and chocolates is when they are gone you don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift to remember. It’s different with timeless gifts such as watches and jewelry.

If you are looking for cute and unique Valentine’s Day jewelry suggestions, definitely check out Helen Ficalora’s charms.

unique gift ideas Personalized Fragrance

Custom Fragrance

Did you know that you can order a fragrance will a custom photo or message on it? The company that offers this unique perfume customization service is called Pinrose.

Prior to ordering one of the personalized perfumes or candles, try thinking about a person you are picking a fragrance for.

As per my quiz results, I picked Pinrose Secret Genius fragrance that comes in a beautiful white, beige, and silver package and incorporates some of my most favorite notes: vanilla, cedarwood, and white chocolate.

unique gift ideas love loafers

Let The Shoes Speak

Okay, when I opened a box with these shoes, my heart literally stopped! Aren’t those loafers amazing? I don’t have many flats in my collection and those rare ones that are making the cut are very special for me.

This pair of embroidered “Love” loafers are by Aerosoles which make them not only adorable but also super comfortable!

The Mirror Talk

This last gift doesn’t cost any money at all as you can use items that you already have in your collection. Basically, all you have to do is to sneak into your beloved one bathroom and write your love message… on the bathroom mirror.

You can use either red lipstick or adhesive stickers. Be creative and don’t be afraid to cover the entire mirror surface with your message! Of course, this cute gift idea will only work if the person you are writing to is living alone. So you know for sure that only that person will read the message.

There you have it: a few unique Valentines Day gift ideas for you to experiment with. Please let me know in the comments which of these ideas you enjoyed the most.

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  1. Anju wrote:

    Those are some awesome ideas. Next time, I am totally ordering the personalized fragrance. Didnt know about it before

    Posted 2.24.17
  2. Kayla wrote:

    These are some awesome gift ideas! My favorite is Pinrose. That’s so cool that you can create a custom scent! Definitely have to give it a try. :)

    Posted 2.14.17
  3. I am loving these Valentine’s Day ideas…
    Jewelry is always one of my favorites as it’s timeless
    Happy V-Day!!!

    Posted 2.8.17
  4. Tandya wrote:

    Such cute gift ideas! I’d love to receive a signature perfume! I always love a box of chocolates too! :)

    Posted 2.8.17
  5. thenewgirl wrote:

    You have such great ideas and I’m loving them all but my favorite is that perfume its soo cute and personal!


    Posted 2.8.17
  6. Josiane wrote:

    I’m loving these V-Day ideas! I’m not a chocolate lover but do love flowers. However, you are so right, they never last and it’s always better to give something the significant other can keep with him / her. I think the last suggestion is the most adorable thing ever and I’m thinking I should actually do that on a regular basis hehe

    Bisous, Josie

    Posted 2.8.17
  7. Tania wrote:

    Whoa these are actually some really unique ideas! Love the personalized fragrance especially. Smell is the most direct pathway to memory so scents are so important! I would love to have a truly unique signature for people to remember me by. Definitely going to check out this company!

    xx freshfizzle

    Posted 2.8.17
  8. Vanessa Troset wrote:

    OMG all this Ideas are so amazing love! I specially adore the personalized fragrance is so original idea! I wish a very very nice valentines day! Kisses

    Posted 2.8.17
  9. Andreea Birsan wrote:

    That charm makes such a great token of affection and love. And not to mention the cute embroidered loafers! Great gifting ideas babe! Thanks for inspiring us. x


    Posted 2.8.17
  10. jacqueline wrote:

    Loving all these gift idea! I had no idea you could do personalized perfumes! Perfect for a BFF or mom!

    Posted 2.8.17
  11. LAKO EVA wrote:

    Sending love from Italy

    Posted 2.8.17
  12. Maryam wrote:

    These are fantastic ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    xo, Maryam

    Posted 2.7.17
  13. Amanda Smith wrote:

    Oh my goodness! What amazing Vday gift ideas! I absolutely love the personalized fragrance! I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’m ALWAYS down for shoes! Loved this gift guide!

    Manda |

    Posted 2.7.17
  14. Hey Beautiful:)
    How are you?
    Lovely Valentines Day Gift Ideas, Loved the Necklace soo much:) Very Unique:) Will check the Website now:) hihi:)
    Kiss Open Kloset By Karina
    Have a Beautiful Day

    Posted 2.7.17
  15. SHERRY KEEF wrote:

    Thank you for the chace to win.

    Posted 2.7.17
  16. Lily Rose wrote:

    Such amazing ideas for gift this Valentine’s Day! I love that the perfume can be customizable to be your own. And I love the idea of the cute little charm too. Nothing beats a jewelry gift, no matter what occasion!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    Posted 2.6.17
  17. Rachel wrote:

    These are all such fantastic gift ideas hun :) I love the idea of the personalised perfume and how cute that you can put a photo on the bottle

    Rachel xx

    Posted 2.6.17
  18. Rachel Grover wrote:

    very pretty <3

    Posted 2.6.17
  19. Gina Diaz wrote:

    All this gift ideas are so beautiful for Valentine’s gifts! Thanks for sharing, sweetie!!

    Xx, Gina

    Posted 2.6.17
  20. Vukosavljevic Ana wrote:

    I loved every single suggestion! I will share this post to my boyfriend so he can read it ?

    Posted 2.6.17
  21. Shalini Acharya wrote:

    That charm is so cute. I like spending my money on personalized gifts as well because it has much meaning behind it. Such great and unique gits ideas. xx shalini

    Posted 2.6.17

    What fabulous gift ideas very unique and stylish! I think personalised gifts are a great thing a friend recently gave me two new luggage tags with my initials which I just love! I think in this post i love the Necklace by Helen Ficarola it’s a cool design.

    Posted 2.6.17
  23. christine wrote:

    These are such excellent Valentine’s Day gift ideas! I love the beautiful necklace and all of the pieces from Helen Ficalora. The customized scent is also a unique and personal gift idea. I’ve also done a message on the mirror and my hubbie loved it and it’s free! Thanks for sharing these fantastic ideas and the great giveaway! xoxo, Christine

    Posted 2.5.17
  24. You have the best giveaways! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those love flats and how cute is that perfume! Love this roundup!

    Posted 2.5.17
  25. Helen Chik wrote:

    How cute are those little shoes! I love the idea of personalised gifts and totally agree with giving flowers – they die way too quickly! Though they have started making those roses that last for a year!

    Such great unique gift ideas honey!

    Helen xx

    Posted 2.4.17
  26. Lisa Mao wrote:

    omg these are all so unique! I’d personally love to get one of those cute charms. I’ve been so into charm bracelet ever since I was a kid and I never really got over it! Also omg personalized perfume? that sounds awesome!


    Posted 2.4.17
  27. Those flats look so comfy! And yup, I got bored with flowers and chocolate ~ I’m hoping for something different *hehe

    Posted 2.4.17
  28. Jennifer Quattrucci wrote:

    I have always been obsessed with charm jewelry and I am truly loving these ideas !! I really hope I win the necklace and I have to find these Aerosoles !

    Posted 2.4.17
  29. maggie wrote:

    omg what pretty photos you’ve taken! I love the idea of writing something on the mirror. I might do that on Valentine’s Day to the hubby.

    Maggie S.

    Posted 2.3.17
  30. Kelly wrote:

    What a pretty necklace!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    Posted 2.1.17
  31. onyiakpanisi wrote:

    Those shoes will definitely make one’s heart skip. So lovely.

    Posted 1.28.17
  32. Rachel C wrote:

    I love those slippers and the uniquely shaped necklace box! So cute how it opens from the center!

    Posted 1.27.17
  33. That XOX necklace is totally adorable! Love those Love slippers too.

    Posted 1.27.17
  34. Shevy Bee wrote:

    Great gift ? ideas. The personalized fragrance is very thoughtful.

    Posted 1.27.17