LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette: Review, Swatches, Tutorial, and Giveaway

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Review Swatches Tutorial

Usually, I’m not that into sentimental palettes, but LORAC Beauty and the Beast PRO Eyeshadow Palette is an exception. Ever since I’ve heard about the launch, I simply couldn’t resist picking it up. While I’m always skeptical about limited edition eyeshadow palettes, it was one of those situations when I decided to go all the way in simply because I grew up watching Beauty and the Beast, and I was excited to see how this new LORAC makeup collection turns out.

By the time I made up my mind to purchase some items from the Beauty and the Beast Collection, half of the sets were sold out, so I only managed to pick an eyeshadow palette. Knowing that you, my dear readers, would love to check out the palette too, I picked one extra one for a giveaway. Click this link to access the link where LORAC BEAUTY AND THE BEAST EYESHADOW PALETTE GIVEAWAY is hosted. Good luck everyone who’d like to join!

Package: Without a doubt, this palette presents some of the most stunning packaging ideas out there. The palette looks like a beautifully designed book that features silver and gold shades with red accents. It has a magnetic closure that helps to protect the eyeshadows. The left side of the palette is dedicated to the antique-style mirror that quotes Shakespeare’s “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” On the right, there is another quote (“True beauty is found within”). All sixteen eyeshadows presented in the collection are located on the right side of the palette, together with a two-sided golden eyeshadow brush. Overall, I’m delighted with the packaging of the palette. In fact, I believe LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette is one of the most beautifully designed palettes I’ve ever purchased.

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Review Swatches TutorialLORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Review Swatches Tutorial LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Brush Review

Value: There are 16 shades in this limited edition eyeshadow palette, 0.31 oz./11.2 g total. The palette retails for $48 which means that you pay $3 per each eyeshadow. Compared to other palettes by the brand (LORAC Pro Palette 3 featuring 16 eyeshadows that go for $44 and LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean featuring 18 eyeshadows that go for $52), the palette is on a pricey side. The price point of the palette is the same if compared to my all times favorite ABH Modern Renaissance Palette that features 14 eyeshadows for $42, i.e. $3 per eyeshadow.

Formula: Since it’s my first eyeshadow palette by the brand, it’s hard for me to tell how LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette compares to the rest of the palettes from the brand. I would compare the formula of these shadows to IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette or the ones from Tarte Tarteist Palette as the majority of these shadows are matte and buildable.

Shades: LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette features 16 eyeshadows: 9 shimmer and 7 matte shades.

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Swatches

1st Row: Dream It // Time Keeper // Our Guest // Impress
2nd Row: Beast Mode // Enchanting // Swept Up // Look Beyond

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Swatches

3rd Row: My Castle // Chip In // Romance // Spell Breaker
4th Row: Inner Beauty // Tea Time // Tick Tock // Real You

Pigmentation: The majority of eyeshadows in the palette are nicely pigmented and offer muted but even coverage. With the exception of Enchanting (pigmentation is just not there for that one), I would say that the majority of shadows will be most suitable for those who prefer less extravagant eyeshadow looks.

Blendability: For the most of the part, the shadows are easy to blend. Neutrals and rose shades melt into the skin very smoothly and effortlessly. Dark shimmers require a bit more advanced blending skills and might look patchy, especially if you are not using an eyeshadow primer.

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Brush ReviewLORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Worth It

Fallout: I was impressed with the warm shade Romance as I expected lots of fallout from this burgundy shade, but it stayed on my brush and lids as opposed to ruining the under eye area makeup. Generally speaking, neutrals and rose shades from the palette either don’t leave at all or feature just a minimal amount of fallout. Same goes for the beige toned shimmers. Dark colored shimmers act like any other typical eyeshadow: there is a noticeable amount of fallout, so I recommend applying these before your foundation.

Color Range: I’ve heard a lot of reviews where people are saying that these shades were put together “without any thought to it” and I have to disagree with this position. I feel that the creators of the palette faced a real dilemma on how to incorporate the original color theme of the cartoon/movie into a palette that will be suitable for everyday wear and I believe that the creators did a great job with picking such colors. In a way, each of the rows of the palette presents a ready-to-use look, and you can play with mixing and matching shadows from different rows. Also, while reading such negative reviews on this palette, keep in mind that LORAC as a brand is known for its neutral shade palettes like PRO and UNZIPPED palettes so I would not expect any super bright colors anyways as it’s not what the brand stands for. Maybe it’s just my perspective, but I believe that the goal with this palette was to give a new twist to an everyday neutral palette and the brand did it beautifully.

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Review Swatches Tutorial

Application: While the packaging of the palette states that you could apply these shadows both dry and with the help of MAC Prep + Prime, I found that not all of these shadows are easy to work with if used wet. Namely, Time Keeper, Beast Mode, and Swept UP are three shades that I recommend applying dry.

Brush: As I mentioned before, the palette comes with a two-sided brush which I really enjoyed using. While the short side was a bit too small for applying eyeshadow into the crease, it was ideal for packing the color on the outer corners. I also had a great use of the blending brush. It was denser that I usually prefer, but it was not bad at all.

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Review Swatches Tutorial

Where to Buy: The palette just launched on Ulta so I would recommend to hurry up purchasing it if you plan on doing so. It’s a limited edition palette so I would not wait for it to sell out. As of the moment of writing this post most of the items from the LORAC Beauty and the Beast Collection are sold out on the brand’s website so I would assume that it might go out of stock at Ulta too.

The Verdict: If you are a makeup collector, this palette is an absolute must to have in your collection. Not because the shades are super unique, but because of the packaging and the concept. Personally, I would keep this beautifully designed palette in the prime spot of my beauty room.

1st Row: Dream It // Time Keeper // Our Guest // Impress

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Swatches

2nd Row: Beast Mode // Enchanting // Swept Up // Look Beyond

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Swatches

3rd Row: My Castle // Chip In // Romance // Spell Breaker

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Swatches

4th Row: Inner Beauty // Tea Time // Tick Tock // Real You

LORAC Beauty and the Beast Palette - Swatches

LORAC beauty and the beast collection giveaway


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