Tom Ford Spring 2022 Eye Quads Review

Tom Ford Spring 2022 Eye Quad Review

Spring 2022 makeup collection by Tom Ford has sprung at Nordstrom, and I couldn’t resist all the neutral hues. All three Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Creme Eyeshadow Palettes called my name. And knowing my obsession with neutrals, I gave in to every palette launched: Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz, and Rose Topaz.

Tom Ford Spring 2022 Eye Quads

If you speak to makeup artists, Tom Ford’s eyeshadows, in all likelihood, will enter the conversation. The creamy finish – applicable to all satin, shimmer, and matte variations – is what makes Tom Ford eyeshadows unique. Typically, Tom Ford eyeshadows ($89) provide pigmented color feedback in just one swipe and blend effortlessly.

The new spring 2022 Tom Ford eyeshadow collection consists of three new eye quad offerings: Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz, and Rose Topaz. I’ve been playing with them for a while, and these have been a hit or miss for me.

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Tiger Eye - Review and Swatches

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a warm, mixed finish palette that explores the connection between copper, coral, and sienna – united by a neutral mocha.

From all the palettes in the spring ’22 collection, this quad is the least versatile. If used on its own, you can only create a copper or coral look. But you can certainly expand the repertoire if you combine this quad with a more neutral matte palette.

Shop: $89 at Nordstrom and Sephora.

Tom Ford Smoky Quartz Ete Color Quad Review

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is all about creamy and richly pigmented matte nudes and browns.

This is the most neutral and more nighttime-appropriate palette from the collection. Matte cream colors beautifully blend and provide long-lasting coverage. But the color palette is way too dark for my pale complexion to wear during the day.

Shop: $89 at Nordstrom and Sephora.

Tom Ford Rose Topaz Eye Color Quad Eye Shadow Spring 2022

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Rose Topaz

Rose Topaz is a warm meets cool undertones palette with a festive sparkle.

If you never tried Tom Ford eye shadows before, this quad is the way to go. It offers an introduction to all textures you’ll meet in Tom Ford collections: matte, satin, and glitter. When it comes to application options, this palette gives you more options than other eye quads from the spring 2022 collection.

Shop: $89 at Nordstrom and Sephora.

Tom Ford Spring 2022 Eye Shadow Collection

Pros: Tom Ford Eye Quads for Spring ’22

As expected (and advertised), the quality of Tom Ford eyeshadows is superb. It’s hard to find an eyeshadow as creamy and pigmented as Tom Ford’s eye quads, especially when it comes to matte options.

Every shade from the Smoky Quartz palettes applies like butter and blends like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. You can use your eyeshadow brush, an applicator it comes with, or just your fingertips. The results won’t disappoint.

I was very impressed with how delicate the pigment is and how effortlessly it blends into the skin when it comes to glitters. My personal preference is to apply glitters with fingertips, and Tom Ford eyeshadows look fabulous when used that way.

There are no complaints about the satins either. These shades blend beautifully into a “melted metal” kind of coverage that provides a smooth, very pigmented coverage that truly lasts.

From an everyday wear standpoint, Tom Ford Eye Quads for spring 2022 are long-lasting and stay on all day. A glitter hue from the Rose Topaz is the only exception; it does crease in a matter of hours. I’d recommend applying it with an eyeshadow brush that you spritz with a setting spray before using.

Finally, a few words on using Tom Ford eyeshadows for smokey eye looks. Honestly, you can’t beat the darker hues of these shadows to create perfectly blended looks! For this reason alone, it’s a good idea to invest in Tom Ford eye quad palettes.

Tom Ford Spring 2022 Eye Quads

Cons: Tom Ford Eye Quads for Spring ’22

Knowing all that, I had very hopes for these mini-palettes, especially considering that the color palettes were so “me.” What happened throughout the testing process could be best described as “the struggle is real.”

Tom Ford’s eyeshadows do have a fallout, especially the darker shades. All the darker shades in new palettes – the shades you use to create the smoky eye effect – leave dark aftermath upon application. It didn’t bother me much, as I started applying my face makeup after my eye makeup to avoid this issue.

Tom Ford eye quads lack a neutral base shade. Both Smokey Quartz and Rose Topaz lack a good base nude shade: the lightest shade in the palette was too dark for me, so I had to use it as a crease color. By applying your favorite all-over-the-lid hue or a setting powder, you can avoid this situation. But for me, every palette I own must offer that neutral base as it makes an eye palette travel-friendly.

Some shades in new palettes are too similar. For instance, the sienna and copper in the Tiger Eye look the same on the lid (and different when swatched). Same for carnelian and burgundy hues in the Smokey Quartz palettes: they blend to one shade upon application. Finally, two greys in the Rose Topaz palettes look very similar. One is sparkly, one is shimmer, but the undertone is identical.

Not all palettes worked with my complexion. Specifically, the Tiger Eye palette ended up being too coppery for me. I have green eyes, and typically warm hues emphasize my eye color. In the case with the Tiger Eye, though, I felt that the shades were too much on an orange side which made me look a lot more tired than I usually am.

Finally, you have to baby Tom Ford Eye Quad eyeshadow pans as these are getting destroyed in no time. As a beauty editor, I understand that’s the price you have to pay for rich, creamy eyeshadows that melt like butter on your skin (from a formulation standpoint). But as a consumer, I can’t handle this responsibility. Honestly, how do people travel with Tom Ford eyeshadow palettes? I used mine at home, and they already fell off all over my new white carpet!

Are Tom Ford Eye Quads Worth It?

Are Tom Ford Eye Quads Worth It?

Overall, my opinion on the new Tom Ford Eye Quads for spring 2022 varied from “I can’t handle it” (when it comes to the fallout) to “I can’t live without it” (creamy matte shadows are so good). In other words, there are pros and cons to Tom Ford’s eyeshadows.

You can certainly make it work as the quality of the product itself is superb and truly luxurious. But to make the best out of these palettes, you’ll need to get your toolbox ready:

  • Use your favorite neutral eyeshadow hue as a base for each Tom Ford palette.
  • Be ready for fallout and apply your eye makeup before your foundation.
  • Don’t disregard the eye primer, especially when it comes to glitter hues.
  • Stay away from traveling with your Eye Quads to avoid the damage.

Other than that, Tom Ford Eye Quad palettes for spring 2022 are a lovely collection. It’s more of a unique find rather than an all-in-one kind of palette. It’s certainly worth the investment when it comes to creating smokey eye looks.

Tom Ford Eyeshadow in Tiger Eye Review

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