My Thoughts on Laser Hair Removal

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Let me start with a bit of TMI. When I was 12 and finally got permission from my parents to shave legs (yes, if you are a Russian kid you actually have to ask for a permission to do things like that) it was the happiest day of my life. By that time I was in full puberty and the dark crown of hair on my head caused an expected dark hair all over my body. I can’t really explain why my parents were so against hair removal or why I didn’t shave secretly (well, I know why — I was a nerd who listened to everything my parents said), but at some point I got tired of wearing jeans to hide my body hair and I needed to confront my parents to give me the permission.

Ever since it’s happened, I would spend extra long hours in the bathroom, shaving from head to toe with my dad’s razor (no worries, I had my own razor blades hidden in the bathroom it’s just his razor was sharper). Such obsession with having smooth legs caused a family anecdote, where every time my parents were mad at me, they would say, “All you care in life is reading your stupid magazines and shaving your legs!” Well, as we see now, there were not the worst hobbies in the world as I ended up having a career by creating my own online magazine and sharing my beauty secrets, right?

Long story short, I was always a fanatic of smooth skin, but I was also a sissy to going through a laser hair removal. I mean, who didn’t hear horror stories of girls who damaged their skin with such treatments or ladies who claimed that the pain from lasers is so intolerable that they would rather give a child birth again than go through another route of a Brazilian bikini laser treatment.

It was only this summer when I finally learned that all of my girlfriends actually tried laser treatments and totally loved them. I thought, how come I, a beauty blogger, never did a proper research and try the lasers myself. At the end of the day, if it’s too painful I could always stop the treatment, say “Thank you, but no — thank you” and go home. At it often happens to me, the moment I started researching laser treatment options, a few laser removal centers reached out to me offering a complimentary service. I decided to stick with the Spark Laser Center as they are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and have tons of positive reviews.

To say that I was nervous before the first treatment is to say nothing. I doubled or even tripled on coffee as I was getting ready for my first session of the Brazilian bikini laser. As it turned out, it was not the best route at all as they actually recommend a glass of wine so you feel relaxed for the procedure — but you know me, a girl can’t do it without a cup of a soy latte.

Prior to the treatment, I had a super informational conversation with one of the Spark Laser Center employees who shared her story of how laser hair removal changed her life. She is planning on sharing an entire thing in the upcoming book, so I’ll not gonna spoiler alert what she has to say, but I was truly inspired to change my life for better with the laser too. Talking with that girl made me think of how much time (and money!) I spend on shaving: I always have two-three showers a day so I can shave in the morning, clean my body after a workout, and take a relaxing shower at night. If everything goes well with a laser, I was thinking, I could preserve water (plus save marine creatures) and eliminate the need for over-drying my skin.

Surprisingly, the treatment DID NOT HURT AT ALL! It was actually so funny, the laser technician gave me a stress ball as I looked pretty nervous about the entire thing, but after a few “shots” of a laser I left it behind and was saying, “That’s all? Where’s the pain? If it doesn’t hurt, does it mean that it doesn’t work?” The whole procedure lasted 15 minutes at most, part of them me getting undressed and then putting my clothes back on.

I was amazed that laser hair removal was such less of a deal than I expected. From what my girlfriends said (who did their treatments not at Spark Laser Center, but at some other salons), the procedure was not generally painful, but at certain areas of their bodies, it really hurt. Please excuse me being a TMI kind of girl, but one of my friends ended up having a regular bikini instead of a Brazilian one as the pain was so intolerable. While I didn’t feel any difference at all in terms of where the laser treatment was taking place. Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact that I have super dark hair and super pale skin, while my friend has darker skin tone and lighter hair? I don’t really know for sure, but I’ve seen multiple articles online saying that it might be an issue.

A few words about the post-treatment care. That was the only somewhat inconvenient part of the entire procedure. Let me put it that way: you can’t shave at all for about two weeks after the treatment. For some people, it might not be an issue at all, but I was “smart” enough to plan my laser treatment in summer, where I’m spending most of the time in the Hamptons in a bikini. Well, it actually turned out to be okay as I had to wear shorts anyway to prevent sun exposure to the areas of the treatment.

But the weirdest part about it all is that after a few days after my laser treatment appointment your hair starts falling out in patches. When it first happened, I completely forgot that I actually went through a treatment. I sort of freaked out about what was happening with my health, but it turned out to be a good thing in respect to how my hair reacted to the procedure. Honestly, after that first fall out incident I expected all of the hair to do the same — but nope, I looked like a partly hairy, partly bold leopard until my touch-up appointment.

As I learned along the way, Spark Laser Center is one of the rare centers that offers complimentary touch-ups. What it means is that you could come two weeks after the treatment so the technician sees how your hair reacts to the laser and she also treats the hairy parts of the “leopard” for free.

A few words about the results. Even though I went through just one treatment, my skin looks hairless and smooth like a baby butt after the treatment. If you are a dark haired girl, you know that you could still see your hair underneath your skin even when you are shaving (aka black dots). When you do a laser treatment though, it’s not happening at all! Imagine a perfect, poreless, super smooth skin that you’ve always dreamed off — that’s exactly how it looks after the laser treatment.

As I write this post, I’m going through my calendar as I’m planning a full body laser scheduled for fall, a time when I don’t need to worry about protecting my laser treated skin from the sun. Honestly, I can’t believe that I never pulled the plug and tried the laser before. Seeing what a difference laser hair removal does to my skin and how much time and effort my non-shaving routine saves me, I kind of start understanding my parents better. Maybe they were saying that I’m into magazines and shaving simply because they wanted to emphasize that there are better things in life than spending so much time on shaving?

* * * * *

If you also consider trying a laser hair removal treatment and you live in New York, I highly recommend to check out Spark Laser Center. That’s the spot where I got my treatments from and I encourage you to visit the studio too. To make this deal even sweeter, I’m thrilled to offer you a 20% discount on a first treatment and a complimentary consultation. Claim the offer by filling in this form and visiting the center located at 119 W 57th St Suite 511, New York, NY 10019. Call today to get any of your laser hair removal hair questions answered: (212) 245-0940.

My Thoughts on Laser Hair Removal