Origins Launches a Lipstick Line

new origins lipstick collection

We all know Origins for their skincare products and face masks, but as of this week, the brand also offers makeup products. You can pick two Origins lipstick formulas – Blooming Bold Lip Balm or Blooming Sheer Lip Balm. Both all-natural lipstick formulas are inspired by blossoms and contain 12 flower-infused ingredients that help to condition lips.

Following Origins’s sustainable and responsible approach toward cosmetics production, the new lipstick line incorporates re-purposed ingredients. The brand uses naturally derived flower waxes that are byproducts of perfume manufacturing. Usually, after perfumeries extracted scented oils from the flowers, they no longer need flower waxes. But these ingredients are great humectants that allow for a smooth, comfortable lipstick application.

Another unique feature about new lipsticks by Origins is that they contain a selection of crushed flowers in each lipstick tube. Rose, lavender, jasmine, and hibiscus flower segments are blended into each lipstick. Geranium and rose flower oils that are also infused into Origins Blooming Bold Lip Balms provide an elegant and non-overwhelming floral scent.

New lipsticks by Origins are priced at $20 each and are available at the brand’s website and selected stores.

Origins Blooming Bold Lip Balm 

Origins Blooming Bold Lip Balm line contains 24 creamy, pigmented shades that glide on effortlessly and provide long-lasting coverage. As per the brand’s description, satin finish Blooming Bold Lips Balms provide up to 6 hours of lasting hydration.


Each Origins Blooming Bold Lip Balm comes in a heavy-duty metallic tube. The cap decor features different shades of floral print, each color-coordinated with the shade of the lipstick.

The shade name is provided on the bottom of the tube, but the color sticker there doesn’t provide the swatch shade. Usually, that creates a problem for storing lipsticks, but since the packaging is so adorable, the possibility that you end up displaying it upside down is quite low.

origins makeup


The formula of Origins lipstick is indeed very pigmented. I loved the vibrancy of reds, purples, and burgundies – these were creamy and soft to touch. On the lips, the formula feels very comfortable and tastes yummy. It reminds me of the formula of Jane Iredale’s latest lipstick launch – with a similar shade range and creaminess.

Based on the arm swatches, the formula is indeed very durable as it took a few makeup removing wipes to take off the swatches. So, my prediction would be that the formula might stain your lips upon removal. But I’ll publish an update later on when I had a chance to wear it on my lips.

Origins Blooming Bold Lip Balm

Shade Range

According to Origins, the 24 shades of Blooming Bold Lip Balms were inspired by flowers. As a result, here we have a lot of bright hues, from coral and violet all the way to neutral shades of peony pink and petal blush.

Shades: Wild Flower, Bold Bouquet, Champagne Orchid, Coral Blossoms, Crimson Calla Lilly, Dahlia Diva, Dusky Rose, English Rose, Hibiscus Haze, Lush Lotus, Merlot Moonflower, Nectar-Licious, Nude Blossom, Peach Petal, Peony Perfect, Petal Blush, Pink Carnation, Poppy Pout, Pretty Petunia, Sweeter Than Honey, Tiger Lily, Va Va Violet, Velvet Line, and Black Tulip.

Shades swatched: Lily Tiger, Va Va Violet, and Black Tulip.

Origins Blooming Sheer Lip Balm

What distinguishes Origins Blooming Sheer Lip Balm from the Blooming Bold formula is the pigmentation level. These Origins lipsticks feature a more lightweight formula and sheer, shiny coverage.

The packaging is a bit different too (the tubes of Sheer Lip are narrower and longer), but the formula is the same. Sustainably derived flower waxes, aromatic flower oils, whole-crushed flowers – this formula also feels very smooth on the lips and would work better for people who are more into lighter lipstick formulas.

Shade Range: Coral Daisy, Fuchsia Fields, Honey Blush, Night Bloom, Nude Nectar, Pink Blossom, Sweet Iris, and Totally Tulip.

Show Now: $20 at and selected stores.

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What are your thoughts on new Origins lipsticks? Are you excited to test them out?


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