Frudia Vitamin Month: The Green Grape Line

You know what’s the most upsetting in terms of skincare? When your skin is finally no longer breaking out like crazy, but you still can’t get rid of enlarged pores. It feels like all the work you have done was for nothing. Whether you are getting regular facials or use deep cleansing masks on a regular basis, if your pores are huge, you still can’t show up in public without a full face of makeup on. That was me just a few weeks ago before I started using products from Frudia Green Grape Line.

“My nose looks like a strawberry with all the pores on it and excessive shininess,” I used to complain while in NYC. Then, I went on vacation to Turkey and Russia equipped with my new skincare goodies by Frudia and guess what—I spent two weeks of wearing zero makeup (well, except my favorite lip balm and mascara as I always pretend that my lashes are naturally long and dark). I can’t even start explaining how liberating it is—to feel confident enough in your skin that you can just wake up and go on your day without spending hours on camouflaging skin imperfections. Don’t take me wrong—I still love and constantly obsess about makeup goodies, but it’s great to have an option to go bare faced if you want to.

When it comes to using grapes in food, I’m not the biggest fan as in accordance with my culinary preferences the only fruits worth attention are bananas and mangoes. If I ever happen to consume grapes, it’s only in its liquid form—white or red wine. Lately, I’ve been researching some of all natural skincare tricks and learned that grapes are actually real superfruits when it comes to providing skincare benefits. Especially, when it comes to controlling the appearance of oily skin with enlarged pores.

As I mentioned in my previous skincare reviews, my biggest skincare problem is that I have acne-prone skin that also tends to be dehydrated and with visibly enlarged pores. As it turned out, all I really needed to improve this situation was Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Serum. It’s a lightweight (smoothie-like!) product that doesn’t leave the oily feeling on my skin while properly hydrating it. What’s most important is that it also works as a pore-shrinking primer—so your skin looks visibly smoother and pore-less even when you are not wearing makeup. I tried experimenting and wearing this serum with a makeup primer and the effect was even more impressive—with such combo I could completely ditch my foundation!

But it’s not all only about the visual effect of using products from Frudia Green Grape Line. Here we are talking about long-term benefits such as balancing the combination skin type, tightening pores, and ensuring that your skin receives all the hydration it needs. Sounds like a perfect match for us, girls with enlarged pores skin, right?

Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Toner ($14.49 at and // It’s one of the best toners for combination skin that I tried this year. The product visibly mattifies the skin and makes it incredibly smooth and soft. This pore controlling product contains 89% green grape extract which means that you are not only removing the dead skin cells and mattifying your skin but also providing your skin with the antioxidant shot.

Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Serum ($21.99 at and // If you are only willing to try just one product from this line, try this pore controlling serum. It’s easy to introduce in your skincare regiment—apply it after cleansing and toning your skin, right before your regular moisturizer. This product contains 81% green grape extract that will not only mattify your pores but also make your skin look brighter.

Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Cream ($19.99 at and // If you don’t like heavy moisturizers and have a combination skin type, this cream is for you. The product contains 81% green grape extract that is designed to target the appearance of pores on a deep level. But it’s not only about the pores: with this lightweight cream, you will notice the difference to how much more moisturized and bright your skin looks.

Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Sheet Mask ($1.99 at and // When you have a special event to attend but afraid that your combo skin will shine through all the powders and foundations, consider prepping your skin with this pore shrinking face mask. Not only it mattifies your skin, but also makes it so smooth and photo-ready!

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That was it for today! I hope you enjoy this post about Frudia’s green grape line and the benefits of this fruit for your skin. If so, please let me know in the comments which product from the Frudia line you are most excited to try!

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