How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine

How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine

I know, it sounds strange to hear the words “simple” and “skincare” in one sentence from a girl who tested 365 masks last year but… hear me out.

As you might remember, I moved to the “village” (aka East Hampton) for summer, far away from all the events and craziness of the big city and it certainly had a toll on my skincare routine. From being in a situation where I wore makeup (oftentimes, excessive makeup so it lasts all day long) to barely wearing any makeup for 4 months in a row was quite a challenge that taught me important things about my skincare habits.

I hope these tidbits of skincare knowledge will help you to make some conclusions (and perhaps learn a thing or two) about your skincare routine too. Let’s get started.

My Simplified Skincare “Diet”

First and foremost, what helped me to keep my skincare routine simple is that I moved far away from all the skincare packages that brands were sending my way. I’m not gonna lie saying that I didn’t miss those, but for the purposes of resetting my skincare palette that was exactly what I was looking for.

After an initial freak out that I don’t have enough skincare goodies to play with, I started switching back and forth in between my already favorite products that figure out this simple and effective daily routine.

How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine - AM

AM Routine

Cleanser – Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser

My skin gets quite oily overnight and this gentle, pore purifying cleanser is going such a nice job cleaning all that gunk out. Simple, non-irritating, 100% vegetarian – what else to expect from an ideal morning cleanser?

Eye Cream – None!

What a twist, right? For some reason, this summer I enjoyed switching to eye masks (like my favorite MDNA The Eye Mask) in the mornings as opposed to using an eye cream. That way, your under-eye area looks refreshed and even if you want to put makeup on, it’s not too oily like after eye cream. And on the days when I felt like needing extra hydration, I’d use the same eye cream I mention in the PM Routine.

Serum – Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum

Can we talk about this major skincare comeback? I went to one of the local events this summer where Dermalogica was presenting their best-selling serum and I fell back in love with it. Generally speaking, my skin looooveeesss Vitamin C, and this particular formula is one of my most favorite. The serum is very lightweight and gentle. And it’s one of those products where you do notice the difference after a few weeks of using it.

Moisturizer – La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair UV

Honestly, I’ve been raving about this Holy Grail skincare product for so many years that it no longer requires an introduction. Ladies and gentlemen meet a perfect 2-in-1 moisturizer and SPF for acne-prone skin!

How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine - PM

PM Routine

Cleanser – Neutrogena Hydrating Cleansing Gel + Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pore Cleansing Gel

Even though I barely wore any makeup, I still followed a double-cleansing routine. First, remove traces of makeup and dirt with a gentle and hydrating drugstore cleanser. Yes, you heard me right: even though I have access to many high-end cleansers, I still love a good drugstore one. This particular launch by Neutrogena has been my current favorite. I use it not only to wash my face but also as a hydrating shaving cream for my legs.

After a first-round of cleansing, I finished up with exfoliating cleanser by Dr. Dennis Gross. It contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids that keep bacteria away while removing impurities and dead skin cells. I would say, an ideal cleanser to have in your collection if you are (like me) struggling with acne.

By the way, don’t be confused with the fact that I’m using two products that both contain acids in one routine. The first one is all about Hyaluronic Acid – while it does sound like a product that would exfoliate the skin, it’s actually skin nourishing and softening ingredient. So there’s no reason to be afraid that you would over-exfoliate your skin when using two of these products together.

Toner – Fresh Beauty Rose Toner

I went through so many bottles of this delightfully smelling toner that I can’t imagine my evening skincare routine without it. The toner not only makes your skin more acceptable of all the skincare goodness that’s about to happen, but it also speaks to your senses and constitute an enjoyable evening ritual you’d not want to miss.

Eye Cream – Borghese Fluido Protettivo Advanced Eye Lift

For the nighttime, I love rich eye cream textures and this delightful eye product delivers just that. Remember me raving about using an eye serum and topping it with an eye cream? With this deeply hydrating eye cream, there is no need for this dual-step routine. Just one pump of this cream (enough for both eyes) and you are all set.

Serum – Instytutum Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum

Guys, I went through the bottle of this serum so quickly – I just couldn’t get enough of it! It’s so gentle and hydrating, refreshing and soothing at the same time – repurchasing it as we speak!

Night Cream – La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Night Moisturizer

You already know about my obsession with a super affordable and super effective skincare line, and this new launch is not an exception. Specifically made for sensitive skin, this allergen-free night time hydrator is ideal for soothing your skin overnight and making it look less irritated in the A.M. Oh, and did I mention that this cream is non-comedogenic aka suitable for acne-prone skin? I’m obsessed!

How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine

How Simplifying My Skincare Routine Helped My Skin

Truth to be told, after a few months of cleaner skincare routine I felt super liberated. Not only it took so much quicker to get ready every moment, I feel that my skin, in general, became cleaner. As I previously mentioned, my skin is acne-prone and sensitive so all these new products I constantly introduced it in the past did not help the situation. So if you are struggling with the same skincare issues, less is more might be a solution for you too!

Another important conclusion I’ve made is that wearing less foundation brings back that glow to your skin. While it certainly looks glam to have perfectly matte and flawless skin that you might achieve with the help of a full-coverage foundation (try Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation so you know what I mean), in the summertime and during the day especially, it’s not mandatory to always have everything covered.

This summer, I embraced dewy skin – and loved it even more than I could have imagined. People started telling me I look relaxed and younger, and in my book, that’s the best compliment a girl could get.

Finally, I realized that your skincare routine doesn’t have to overwhelm you. I remember how back in a day, I’d have decision fatigue looking at my skincare cabinet and trying to decide what exactly my skin wants at any particular day. 

These days, I go deeper into exploring benefits of skincare products that are currently in my routine and – if needed – adjusting as I go. I guess lots of girls have been doing that all the time but again – for a beauty blogger sticking to your guns is quite a revelation.