How to Spring-Clean Your Skincare Routine

How to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

You guys seem to love last week’s post on spring cleaning out your makeup routine and making it feel more exciting. Now it’s time to move from your makeup vanity to a bathroom as we are about to clean your skincare stash!

Skincare products are a bit more difficult to spring clean than makeup. First of all, it takes time for a beauty product to work. Generally speaking, you need a full 28 days period to actually notice any results when changing your skincare routine. Second of all, there are many more things to keep in mind while revising your skincare collection – from ingredients list and how your skin reacts to a product to the price point and how each item in your skincare routine works together. But we are here to help each other, right? So, roll your sleeves and let’s spring-clean that skincare shelfie of yours!

Deep-Clean Your Shelfie

Let’s be real, ladies. How often do you actually take out all of your skincare products from a medicine cabinet and actually give it a good anti-bacterial wipe? I’m saying it not to shame you but because it’s about time to clean the shelves where you keep skincare products at least once a season.

My skincare vanity has movable mirrored shelves, so I actually take every shelf out and deep-clean it with soap followed by a glass cleaner. I also make sure to wipe the mirror properly and give a wipe to the lights in my bathroom – that also helps to save on electricity in the long run.

Depending on what type of shelving you have for your skincare, consider taking every single product out and wiping out an entire shelf. Hey, you don’t do it that often and it’s about the time to start!

Read the Labels

When it comes to makeup, the expiration date is not as crucial for certain types of products as it is for skincare. Yes, you will be fine using an eyeshadow palette that hit its 6 months expiration policy, but when it comes to things like Vitamin C serums and moisturizers – not so much.

Personally, I love keeping a Sharpie on my skincare shelf so every time I’m opening a new product I can write down the month and year I started using it. As you might already know, by law each skincare product is supposed to be labeled with a number of months it should be used within after opening. The problem with that labeling though is that you need to know exactly when you started using the product in order to know from which point to start the counting. So, keeping the date of the product was opened is super handy when you are doing a spring-clean of your skincare routine.

If you didn’t start implementing this strategy yet, go through each of your skincare products one by one and try separating those that might be expired. Yes, even if we are talking about expensive skincare you didn’t have a chance to use it. You would not put spoiled food in your mouth so why are you trying to put it on your skin?

How to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

Talk to a Skincare Pro

Honestly, none of the online advice is as efficient as a consultation with a dermatologist. When you have someone taking a look at your skin it’s a completely different experience than self-diagnosing yourself. And while there are a lot of examples of people who saved their skin by conducting their own research, in most of the cases talking to a skincare professional is the first thing you should think of if something doesn’t go well with your skin.

Try exploring the website called where people share reviews on doctors and procedures that they are offering and perhaps start with conservative methods and go from there. Personally, I would start with a good derm-grade facial and Botox injections and really weight out all the pros and cons of treatments like peels and laser. Not that anything is wrong with those, but you need to know how sensitive your skin is first before going with resurfacing treatments.

Switch Your SPF

Usually, I go for a lower sunscreen factor during the cold season and pick a good old SPF 50 for spring and summer. I also feel that my skin can take a bit more mattifying sunscreen option as with warm temperature my oily T-zone looks too shiny.

Obviously, everyone’s skin is different, and you absolutely don’t need to stick to my SPF routine, but it’s a good habit to update your sunscreen game every season. So, go over all of your sunscreen tubes and perhaps pick a few new sunscreen formulas to play with. Also, don’t forget about getting a new sunscreen for your body, lips, and hands – these are the areas that are often left neglected and we don’t want it to have sunspots there, right?

Update Your Skincare Tools

If you use a face cleansing device like Clarisonic, your spring cleaning spree is a good reminder to change heads on your cleansing device. If you use any tools like a konjac sponge, it’s probably a good time for them to go too.

Finally, if you didn’t have a chance to invest in a set of good face towels, it’s a great idea to do it now. As you might already know, I’m the biggest believer that using one fresh face towel a day is the best way to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, especially if you are struggling with acne. Also, it just feels so good to use a fresh new towel – your makeup removing routine becomes even more luxurious.

* * * * *

There is no better time to start your skincare spring cleaning routine than now. Trust me, it just feels overwhelming to go through all these steps and spend the time on tidying up your skincare stash. But once you’ve done it, it’s SO worth it. Not only your bathroom shelfie will look cute, but your skin will benefit from getting your routine on point. How often do you re-organize your skincare collection?

How to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

Photos by Jessia Hester