Table Setting Idea: Pink Peony Dessert Table Decor

Table Setting Idea - Pink Peony Dessert Table Decor

Pink peony season is around the corner, which means it’s time for the updated dessert table decor post. You know how much I love spring decor projects and today’s post is very special for me. Basically, I found a new table setting idea that looks casual but very glam at the same time. Get your flowers ready and let’s get started!

Villeroy & Boch pink dinnerware

How to Set a Table: Pick a Color Theme First

This whole spring table decor started because my favorite dinnerware brand, Villeroy & Boch, offered me to test out pieces from their It’s My Match Collection. Considering what a gorgeous hue these beautiful plates have, there is no surprise why it was such a perfect match to my taste.

Inspired by the latest fashion trends, I wanted to mix the millennial pink dinnerware with a hint of sage green. As you know, sage is the hottest color trend these days. Adding it not only to your wardrobe but also table decor seems like a very stylish and chic thing to do.

Villeroy Boch Tablescape

As it turned out, Villeroy has a gorgeous selection of mineral green dinnerware from the same collection. So now I just needed to add an accent color to my spring decor project.

A hint of glamorous gold seemed like a fantastic idea. I love the combination of pink and gold in fashion. Adding this color combo to a table decor was a no-brainer.

I’ve been eyeing the MetroChic Collection for so long and I knew that it would be a perfect match for my glam spring table. And it was! Such a lovely flatware design that would be a staple for many other table settings I might have in the works.

Villeroy Boch - Spring Tablescape Ideas

So here’s the color scheme I decided on: light pink with muted green accents and gold as a choice of metal. To be honest, I never tried that combo before so I created a mood board above to help me to organize my design ideas better.

floral cheese board idea

Pink Peony Table Setting: Pick the Accessories

Loving the color pink and peonies in particular, over the past few weeks I’ve been hunting on all the cutest pink table decor accessories. I had the vision that I want napkin rings in the shape of a peony flower. If such a thing did not exist, I was willing to DIY those myself out of faux flowers.

Luckily, I found the perfect peony napkin rings on Amazon! There is no pink peony option available, but this light purple version is very charming too. In fact, I believe this hue is a better match to the fringe napkins that I ordered at Bloomingdale’s.

peony napkin ring

Talking about napkins, I ordered two different shades of them: ivory and light pink. I wanted to have ivory napkins for pink plates and pink napkins for green plates for added contrast. The color combo worked out perfectly, and the peony napkin rings united that eclectic color combination.

If you are curious about these peony coasters, I found them at TJ Maxx. While there are no identical coasters I can link up here, there are plenty of cute options you can find on Amazon, Etsy, and Zazzle.

Villeroy Boch It's My Match Set - Green and Pink

Finally, spring decor is not complete without flowers. I tried my best to find pink peonies for this table decor project, but unfortunately, they are not in bloom until mid-May. But these ranunculi come very close, don’t you think so?

Villeroy Boch Table Decorjpg

Casual but Glam Table Setting Idea: Where to Put Flatware

Perhaps, what makes this spring table decor stand out the most is a unique placement of flatware. I’ve never seen that done before, but I decided to place the knife and fork inside of the napkin ring.

Considering that the peony napkin rings I picked are oversized, such a set-up worked out perfectly. It also gave the entire table that formal dinner table vibe as each plate set became a statement on its own.

What emphasized the gorgeous gold flatware, even more, are the simple gold changing plates. I can’t even remember where I got them but these are plastic and you can find similar options at Crate & Barrel.

Villeroy Boch Boston Collection - Ice Cream Bowls

Dessert Table: How to Decorate Your Food

Except for the floral cheese board (find the step-by-step instructions on my Instagram), I pretty much just selected desserts that match my color scheme and called it a day.

For the cake, I grabbed the white one with pink decor and just put some pink, green, and white meringue on top. I also mixed green and pink macarons and pretzels. Both are easy to find at any supermarket.

diy meringue cake

When it comes to the ice cream bowls, I just put a few scoops of ice cream in each of the cute Villeroy & Boch dessert bowls/champagne coupes from the Boston Collection – and decorated with fruits and sweets on top.

I really love these particular bowls because they are super versatile. You can serve a dessert in them or create a cute champagne-based cocktail. The shape and size are just so perfect for any occasion!

diy floral cheese board

Easy Food Decor Ideas to Repeat

If you are planning other foods to serve, consider the following decoration ideas:

  • The trick that everyone seems to be obsessed with on my Instagram is using cotton candy as a base for a cheese plate or a dessert plate. It’s such an easy and affordable idea, but it makes your table look so much more springy!
  • Use edible flowers to make your salads look even more springy and special.
  • Plan on cooking colorful foods. For example, if you are planning a pasta night, pick colored options and decorate with various veggies.
  • When it comes to cheeses, add real flowers to the plate. For instance, I placed one of the ranunculi in the middle of a brie cheese just for the looks. When we started eating it, I moved it to the side of the plate.
  • Some foods are already looking very springy. Like this floral goat cheese that I found. It was delicious but honestly, I could have achieved the same effect by decorating a regular goat cheese with edible flowers.

Looking at these photos now, I think that my little spring table decor project looks super girly and fun. Since we all spend so much time at home these days, I feel that this simple project is a perfect way to elevate your dining experience and just lift your mood. Sweets, flowers, pink dinnerware, and a good company of the closest people – isn’t what life is all about?

Disclosure: Select products are kindly gifted by Villeroy & Boch.


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