Best Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

Best High-End Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

I mentioned many times on the blog that I skip on hair conditioner and use hair masks instead. But for some strange reason, I never published a post on the best hair masks for damaged hair like mine that I discovered over the years of testing.

What Are the Best Masks for Damaged Hair?

Over the years of coloring my hair, then wearing highlights, and finally growing up my natural color, I tested quite a few hair masks.

In this roundup, I provide the list of my all-time favorite hair treatments that I can’t recommend enough.

the one by fekkai - tje ultimate one repair mask
best for damaged hair

Fekkai Ultimate One Repair Mask

$33 on Amazon

It’s hard to restore dry and damaged hair, but it’s possible with the help of a good mask. When I went blonde a few years back, it took me years to get my hair back to normal.

This luxurious mask was one of the hero products that helped me out on my journey. From all the products on this list, it features one of the best textures and scents.

igk offline 3-minute hair mask
best quick-fix

IGK Offline 3-Minute Mask

$38 at Sephora

If you are looking for a quick fix solution — a mask that takes the same time to apply as a hair conditioner — this 3-minute option by IGK is a perfect solution.

The mask features thinner than other products on the list consistency, which makes it easier to apply, remove, and use regularly. It restores damaged hair of all types and smells delicious!

christophe robin regenerating hair mask
best for nourishment

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask

$71 at Sephora

If nourishment and color protection are the things you are looking for in a mask, definitely pay attention to this haircare gem.

I would also recommend this mask for people with thicker hair as this creamy mask makes your hair softer and more manageable. And as one of the steps in your scalp facial routine!

phyto phytojoba hydrating brilliance hair mask
best for fine hair

Phyto PhytoJoba Intense Mask

$26 at Dermstore

Comparing to the rest of the products on this list, this mask for dry hair is the most affordable. It smells a bit herbal, but not too strongly.

The texture of the mask is not as thick as other nourishing masks on this list, which makes it a preferred option for people with fine, volume-less hair.

kerastase hair mask - reflection masque chromatique
best for colored hair

Kerastase Reflection Mask

$56 at Sephora

If you are looking specifically for a product designed for hair-treated hair, this Kerastase mask is your best option.

It’s creamy, hair vibrance-enhancing, and nourishing — all the things color-treated hair needs.

Best Hair Mask Application Tips

Before we wrap up, a few hair mask application tips to consider:

  • Don’t brush your hair before washing it. Instead, do it after you applied a hair mask or a conditioner. Yes, when your hair is still wet. That way, you will avoid hair damage.
  • Use a regular shampoo or, even better, a scalp scrub to exfoliate the skin before applying a mask. Skip on a conditioner on the days you are using a mask. By the way, I’ve been skipping on a conditioner for years, only using a hair mask once a week, and my hair is perfectly fine.
  • Distribute a mask on your palms for a more even application. Move from roots to ends, skipping about two inches from the scalp to avoid clogging pores and weighing down your hair.
  • Always wait for a period indicated on the mask’s packaging. I know people who will leave their mask on for two hours when the package says 10 minutes. Application rules ensure the best results – so don’t overdo it!
  • Gently towel-dry your hair and immediately blow-dry it. The longer your scalp is wet, the more chance you’ll develop a dry, itchy scalp feeling.
  • After removing a mask, make sure to wash your face and body. That way, you will eliminate product residue that might clog your pores and cause things like acne and bacne.

What’s your current favorite hair treatment? Please share your recommendations in the comments!

top 5 hair masks for damaged hair

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