7 Makeup Tricks from Nam Vo, the Queen of Dewy Skin

Laura Mercier Light Catcher Powder

To celebrate the launch of Laura Mercier’s first glow-creating setting powder, the brand invited the dewy skin goddess Nam Vo to share her glow-up tips and tricks. I was lucky enough to attend the virtual masterclass with this famous makeup artist. Below are the glowy skin notes that I took during the masterclass.

Prep Your Skin for the Glow

For Nam Vo, oil-based primer is the essence of a fabulous, glowing from within look. To create a perfectly dewy canvas, she warms up a couple of drops of Laura Mercier Nourishing Rose Oil and gently presses it into the skin.

Then, she uses a clean makeup puff to push the oil into the skin and remove the residue. She recommends being the most thorough around the nose area. “Kill the shine, not the glow,” – explains the makeup artist.

Leave the Cheeks Shiny

When applying your tinted moisturizer, start from the center of the cheek and move outwards. Nam Vo recommends using Laura Mercier Blush Brush for applying foundation as it’s a perfect tool for buffing away the base products on the face.

As for the concealer, the makeup queen recommends extending your typical application area to the inner corners of your nose. That way, explains the glow expert, you’d be able to camouflage the blood vessels in the area where those are visible for most people.

The Secret to All Camouflages

At the masterclass, I learned that Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer was the first product the brand launched back in the day. It’s a duo of cream concealers of different shades that allows creating customized hues to camouflage any skin imperfection out there.

Contrary to what this product was designed for, Nam uses this Secret Camouflage to contour the cheeks AND create eye makeup. For the tutorial shared at the masterclass, the makeup artist switched between shades #3 and #4 to contour the model’s forehead, cheeks, and chin.

She first went with a thin layer of a lighter shade of a concealer used as a bronzer. Then, she went with a thinner brush and darker shade to emphasize the “hollow” parts of the cheek (aka contouring).

How to Catch That Light

As you might have heard, Nam Vo is famous for her “Dewy Dumpling” technique for creating radiant and glowing skin. The makeup artist mentioned Laura Mercier’s latest launch – Translucent Loose Setting Powder Light Catcher – as her go-to product for creating a “glowing from within” look.

At the masterclass, she applied the shade Celestial Light right above the contour area to set the creamy product with a powder and add dimension to the look. To do so, she used Laura Mercier’s Cheek Brush and put the product to the skin, lightly touching it.

Nam mentioned that if you want to use Laura Mercier’s new light-catching powder as a highlighter, you should use a more dense brush to press the product into the skin for a more intense glow.

The Cardio Blending Technique

When talking about blending all the layers of cheek makeup, Nam Vo recommended using a powder brush – that should be moved very fast on the face.

“It’s like a cardio, but for blending,” – joked the makeup artist. Everyone attending loved the term so much, and I thought that blending was the only form of cardio I’ve been doing myself for many weeks.

How to Contour That Nose

Another fun way for using Laura Mercier’s new product is nose contouring. Nam recommended using the same Secret Camouflage concealer she opted in for the cheeks but applying it with a small contour brush.

She mentioned that not everyone needs to contour their nose, but everyone might enjoy doing it as this makeup technique helps to “lift” the nose in photos and adds additional dimensions to the face.

While the technique of highlighting the middle part of the nose while contouring has been around for a while, the new Light Catcher powder by Laura Mercier gets a more natural twist to this well-known technique.

She also recommended using the new product to highlight the inner corners of the eye. That way, you can achieve a more everyday look while still emphasizing and brightening up your eyes.

The Mind-Blowing Blush Trick

While there were dozens of unique tips shared in the masterclass, the trick that impressed me the most had to do with using a blush.

At the presentation, Nam Vo applied a few drops of Laura Mercier Nourishing Rose Oil straight into the jar with Laura Mercier Cream Cheek Color Blush in Rosebud.

Then she blended it in with the blush brush right there, in the blush jar. Finally, she removed the excess of the product and applied it to the cheek. To say that it was the most natural blush application I’ve seen is to say nothing. Needless to say, I’ve been dying to try this makeup trick myself.

There you go: 7 makeup techniques shaded by the dewy skin and makeup guru Nam Vo at the Laura Mercier. Which one from the list you’ve never heard of before or look forward to recreating?


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