Mermaid Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Mermaid Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Have you seen Instagram videos where makeup artists use fishnets to create mermaid makeup looks? This technique is much easier to recreate than it looks like and I explain it in details in this post!

This Halloween makeup guide also provides two completely different Mermaid makeup ideas and step-by-step directions on how to recreate them. The best part is that you don’t need extra supplies to create these looks. Just your regular makeup collection and a few crystals or glitter to finish the look.

Glam Mermaid Halloween Look

All you need to create this easy Halloween Mermaid costume is a pair of fishnet stockings, a few crystals from a crafts store and your regular makeup goodies. I know, this Halloween makeup looks complicated, but it actually not difficult to repeat at all! You can use it in different colors too. Think deep blue, green, or purple. The best part, you can still do your signature makeup look — but with a little Mermaid twist.

What You’ll Need

fishnet stockings

face paint (or very pigmented eyeshadow)

adhesive crystals

How to Recreate the Look

1. Start with your regular foundation and concealer. Set with a translucent setting powder.

2. Skip on blush and contour. Instead, cut out the top and bottom part of your fishnet stockings and put it onto your face.

Use a pigmented eyeshadow or spray face paint to contour your face. I recommend using bigger fishnets so you have bigger spaces in between that you can fill in with crystals. Let the paint absorb into your skin and then gently remove the stockings. Below is an example of how to put on your Halloween makeup using a fishnet.

3. Pick the shade of the eyeshadow look that will match your Mermaid scales look. Go with an eyeliner for the bottom lashes and big, voluminous false lashes.

3. For brows, go with a matching shade lip liner as opposed to a brow pencil. After you created the shape with a lip liner, fill in your brows with the same eyeshadow shade — but use it as a brow powder.

4. For your lips, use a liquid lipstick so it lasts all night long during your Halloween adventures. I recommend trying Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks as it’s one of my favorite long-lasting and super pigmented formulas.

5. Use self-adhesive rhinestones to fill in the areas between the Mermaid scales. Next, I also applied a crystal onto the inner corners of my eyes so they blink in photos. Also, I added one more crystal onto my cupid’s bow so my Mermaid Halloween makeup looks a bit edgier.

Finally, finish your Halloween makeup with a setting spray to make your look last longer. Two of my favorites are Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and Dermablend Set + Refresh Long-Lasting Setting Spray.

Mermaid Tail Halloween Makeup

Mermaid Tail Halloween Makeup

If dealing with fishnets and crystals sounds too complicated, try this easy Mermaid Tail look. Similar to the previous look, all you need is your regular makeup and some chunky glitter. In fact, you can easily turn your everyday makeup look into a Halloween one — there is no need at all to start this look from scratch.

What You’ll Need

colorful eyeliner

chunky glitter

glitter glue

How to Recreate This Look

1. Apply your foundation, concealer, powder, and contour makeup as usual. You may want to skip on blush to bring more attention to your eye makeup.

2. Using a turquoise eyeliner, outline the top and bottom lids and make these lines meet on the bottom. Extend the lines to create the mermaid tail shape and fill in space with the liner. Below, is another idea on which shape of the tail to choose.

3. Use a flat synthetic brush to apply glitter primer all over the mermaid tail. Then, grab a wet cotton swab to pick up glitter pieces and apply them to the created shape.

4. Apply a pigmented liquid lipstick of your choice and let it dry. Then, use either a glitter glue or clear lip gloss to create a base for glitter. Using a wet cotton swab or finger, apply glitter all over your lips. Clean up the edges if glitter went outside of the lip line.

5. Set up your makeup using a heavy-duty makeup setting spray. Another idea (that I do not recommend often, but it’s fine for Halloween) is to spray your face with an aerosol hairspray to set the glitter in for longer.

* * * * *

I hope these easy to repeat and budget-friendly Halloween makeup tutorials gave you a few ideas on how to apply your Mermaid Halloween makeup. Please let me know in the comments area if you have any questions about this look. Or if you want me to create and explain the techniques on any other Halloween looks. Also, I can’t wait to hear which Halloween costume you’ll be rocking this year!

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