Velour Lashes The Effortless Collection Review

While false lashes are so highly publicized in media, in reality not many girls I personally know are actually wearing falsies on a daily basis. The reasons are seemed to be the same: false lash application requires skills and practice that not many non-makeup artists have. But what if I tell you that with the latest Velour Lashes launch every day false lashes have never been easier to use.

I attended the launch of The Effortless Collection by Velour back in March where brand’s founder Mabel Lee talked about how as an everyday false lash wearer she wanted to create a line that will help girls to get over the misconception that false lashes are only for makeup pros.

With that thought in mind, she launched The Effortless Collection that offers five false lash styles that are designed to be comfortable and natural-looking enough to wear every day. At the event, I received a full set of lashes that I’ve been testing ever since.

Here come my two cents on the collection.

Velour Lashes The Effortless Collection Review

The Collection

Velour Lashes The Effortless Collection contains five lash styles exclusively available at Sephora and the brand’s website. The product range goes from whispies to flared styles that are shorter in length than many other lashes I’ve tried.

The idea here is that this Velour lash collection does not require any measuring and cutting. You simply apply glue, stick your lashes on—and you are ready to go.

The official description of each lash style is as follows:

  • Barely There – flared and whispie
  • For Real Though? – natural volume with added flare and curl
  • Just A Hint – extra lift with a natural flare
  • Short & Sweet – shorter than the rest with a subtle flare and curl
  • Would I Lie? – crisscrossed and flared for an ultra-natural finish

Each lash set is reusable. The creators claim that you can wear each $26 set up to 20 times, but since I’ve been playing with these lashes for just a few weeks, I only wore one set of lashes four times (in case you wonder, it was the style “Just a Hint”). I had no problem whatsoever cleaning the lashes from the leftovers of glue and makeup and reusing them again.

Reusing my lashes was more convenient than with some of the drugstore false lash brands as each set from the Velour The Effortless Collection comes in a cute clear box you can use to store your falsies in-between wears.

In addition to the 5 individual lash styles, the brand also introduced The Effortless Kit ($29) that included a set of Would I Lie? false lash styles with a mini lash applicator and lash adhesive. This mini set is the only one I didn’t have fully tested as I already opened the package with Would I Lie? style and used a full-size lash applicator (just a note, it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried!).

My Experience

Being not a novice to the world of false lashes, I see how The Effortless Collection could be handy for someone who is just starting with false lashes. I love the idea of having a shorter band. It basically means that you don’t need to make any additional effort to make your lashes fit.

I also appreciated the natural curl that each lash style already has so if you want you don’t even need to band the lash before applying it.

From all the styles in the collection, I wore the most styles Just A Hint and Would I Lie? The Short & Sweet style caught my attention too because it features the most natural, everyday appropriate look. But honestly, I didn’t give it a lot of wear because usually when I want to go natural I just skip eye makeup at all—false lashes included.

The style For Real Though is a more dramatic lash that I personally preferred wearing with an evening smokey eye look. While I understand that for some people it would be just a regular everyday lash style.

Finally, I wore Barely There style on a few occasions when I did an eyeliner look as it has thicker than the rest of the collection band.

* * * * *

Overall, I really enjoyed wearing falsies from the Velour Lashes The Effortless Collection. These are not the cheapest lashes on the market, but the quality is actually there. Also, I can’t stop thinking that if each of the five false lashes styles could be worn 20 times. Then I have at least a few months of falsies everyday kind of experience!

Have you ever tried Velour lashes? Do you think these lashes are worth the investment? Also, what do you think about the brand’s new false lash collection? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

Velour Lashes The Effortless Collection ReviewVelour Lashes The Effortless Collection ReviewVelour Lashes The Effortless Collection ReviewVelour Lashes The Effortless Collection ReviewVelour Lashes The Effortless Collection ReviewVelour Lashes The Effortless Collection ReviewVelour Lashes The Effortless Collection Review

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