5 Hairstyle Hacks For The Gym

5 Hairstyle Hacks For The Gym

My hair is growing long (and it’s wonderful!), but I started experiencing problems with keeping my hairstyle in place while working out. Things seem to be a bit less complicated when I am doing cardio, but I really need a heavy-duty solution while taking my boxing or spinning classes. Recently I’ve been experimenting with my work out hairstyle, and there are five hacks that seem to work for my hair.

#1: Rubber Hair Bands

I figured that the best types of ties you can use to tie your hair for the gym are rubber ones. My hair is straight and regular ties slick down in a matter of minutes. I use rubber elastics that come in a package of 500 and simply throw out my hair band once used (it accumulates hair around it that is too difficult to clean). It is a super cheap hack (for about $2 you get a year and a half supply), but it really works.

#2: Braid for Natural

On days when I am drying my hair naturally or blow it dry straight, I am keeping my hair in a braid while hitting the gym. In that way, my hair remains straight, maybe with a little extra wave. Since I am not putting my hair up, it is easier to brush my hair and bring it back to a straight style after my workout. Sometimes I use a bit of hair serum to add shine to my after-workout hair.

#3: Bun for Curls

When my hair is curly, I am saving those curls by putting them in a bun and fixing them with at least four pins. The trick here is to try following the natural curve of your hair while securing your hair in a bun. Also, I am trying to put pins one on top of another so I have a double protection while rocking that cardio class.

#4: Oil for Greasy

If I am planning to wash my hair right after the workout, I use that time to treat my hair with hair serums, oils, or other restorative hair treatments. I apply hair oil right before the workout and style my hair as usual (see 1-3).

#5: Dry Shampoo

Some people prefer using dry shampoo after the workout when they are fixing their hairstyle after the gym. I figured that it actually makes more sense to apply dry shampoo before the class. In that way, my hair observes a bigger amount of the product during the workout. Also, pre-workout dry shampoo adds volume to my hair. All I have to do after the workout is over is to blow dry my hair a bit and I am ready to go.

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How do you style your hair when you are heading to the gym? Please share your tips and tricks in the comments area below!

5 Hairstyle Hacks For The Gym