5 Hair Hacks To Try At The Gym

5 Hair Hacks To Try At The Gym

My hair is growing long (and it’s wonderful!), but I started experiencing problems with keeping my hairstyle in place while working out. Things seem to be a bit less complicated when I am doing cardio, but I really need a heavy-duty solution while taking my boxing or spinning classes. Recently I’ve been experimenting with my workout hairstyle, and there are five hair hacks that really work for me.

1: Rubber Hair Bands

The first hack is all about picking the right type of hair ties.

I figured that the best types of ties you can use to tie your hair for the gym are rubber ones. My hair is straight and regular ties slick down in a matter of minutes.

I use rubber elastics that come in a package of 500 and simply throw out my hairband once used (it accumulates hair around it that is too difficult to clean). It is a super cheap hack (for about $2 you get a year and a half supply), but it really works.

2: Braid for Natural

On days when I am drying my hair naturally or blow it dry straight, I am keeping my hair in a braid while hitting the gym. In that way, my hair remains straight, maybe with a little extra wave.

Since I am not putting my hair up, it is easier to brush my hair and bring it back to a straight style after my workout. One of my favorite workout hacks is to use a bit of hair serum to add shine to my after-workout hair.

3: Bun for Curls

When my hair is curly, I am saving those curls by putting them in a bun and fixing them with at least four pins. The trick here is to try following the natural curve of your hair while securing your hair in a bun.

Also, I am trying to put pins one on top of another so I have double protection while rocking that cardio class.

4: Oil for Greasy

If I am planning to wash my hair right after the workout, I use that time to treat my hair with hair serums, oils, or other restorative hair treatments. I apply hair oil right before the workout and style my hair as usual.

5: The Dry Shampoo Hair Hack

Some people prefer using dry shampoo after the workout when they are fixing their hairstyle after the gym. I figured that it actually makes more sense to apply dry shampoo before the class.

In that way, my hair observes a bigger amount of the product during the workout. Also, pre-workout dry shampoo adds volume to my hair. All I have to do after the workout is over is to blow dry my hair a bit and I am ready to go.

* * * * *

How do you style your hair when you are heading to the gym? Please share your tips and tricks in the comments area below!

5 hair hacks to try at the gym


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  1. Sed Bona wrote:

    Great post — I needed some ideas for how to wear my long hair during sweaty workouts this summer!

    Sed Bona

    Posted 6.24.15 Reply
  2. Dana J wrote:

    I needed this, I’m always struggling at the gym, hopefully not any more. loving the tips!
    Thanks for sharing
    Have an awesome day
    Dana | http://booquepress.com

    Posted 4.28.15 Reply
  3. Living on Cloud Nine wrote:

    Just followed your awesome blog. Such great tips from such a gorgeous girl. Will look forward to your posts. :-) xo


    Posted 4.22.15 Reply
  4. Amanda Amaya wrote:

    I love the picture of you! So adorable and gorgeous at the same time!! Also this it a wonderful post. The longer and thinker my hair gets the more ideas for styling I need!


    Posted 4.22.15 Reply
  5. I really miss rubber hair bands. But I can’t find anything here. Mb I will try to take a look at pro stores’ lists…. Thanks ♥

    Posted 4.22.15 Reply
  6. vivian wrote:

    Yaay I found your blog! ;) Love your tips! My hair is getting longer and I can’t wait to braid my hair too! :) Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day! xo Vivian

    Posted 4.22.15 Reply
  7. Great suggestion Katya, I really have to try the braid idea, what a nice thought to get that wavy texture while working out! Thanks for this dear! :) xo~ Lena


    Posted 4.21.15 Reply
  8. disqus_JOBnPoSRtA wrote:

    Girl! I feel ya! My hair is so long and does not want to cooperate during workouts! Thanks for the ideas! P.s You remind me of a certain actress or model but I cant put my finger on exactly who! It will come to me!

    Posted 4.21.15 Reply
  9. Awesome post! My hair is almost down to my waist and my hair falls out of its elastic during my workouts waaaaay too often! I find braids the easiest because they don’t create any kinks and they tend to stay in place better than ponytails :)


    Posted 4.21.15 Reply
  10. I’m constantly battling my hair at the gym because it’s so long and heavy. Thanks for the tips on certain styles for certain hairdos!

    Luci’s Morsels | fashion. food. frivolity.

    Posted 4.21.15 Reply
  11. Lovely post, some amazing tips for the gym, although I can’t say I go to the gym that often. Maybe this needs to be changed to get my summer body!


    Posted 4.21.15 Reply