My 3-Day Summer Hair Strategy

Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter - Beauty Blogger NYC

About a year ago I cut my hair short as I was tired to wash and detangle my long curls. I was thinking that such move will make it easier for me to wash my hair more often and spend 10 minutes at most on styling. As it turned out, cutting my hair was just the first step towards becoming super lazy about my hair. These days I can go as long as three (and even four!) days without washing which actually saves me a lot of time. I was thinking that you might benefit from learning about my current hair strategy too so here comes my step by step guide on how to make your blowout last.

Day 1: Clean and Curl

My hair is naturally straight and it takes extra effort to make it hold the curl. What I figured works great is washing my hair twice. First with a clarifying shampoo (don’t overdo it though as it might cause dandruff) and then with volumizing paste. After two washes I apply a hair mask or just a conditioner and blow dry my hair.

For a hair dryer, I’m currently using Conair 3QMS Blow Dryer as it’s the quickest hair dryer I’ve ever tried. I rarely use heat protectant which is the worst advice you could receive from a beauty blogger, but that’s the reality. When my hair is completely dry, I spray it with a texturizing spray. I know that it sounds excessive, but if your hair is thin and too silky that’s what you have to do in order for curls to hold.

On the first day of washing, I try creating curls as tight as these could possibly go. I know that for us, straight hair girls, this effect will last for a few hours at most, but it’s totally fine. Loose curls are so much better than no curls, right? Also, I don’t go boujie on my hairspray as I use affordable hairspray from a local pharmacy.

At night, I use a spiral hair tie to hold my hair on the crown. I keep the hair tie loose in order to avoid ruining my curls while sleeping. The best part about spiral ties is that these stay put throughout the night so you don’t have to worry that they will slide away.

Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter - Beauty Blogger NYC

Day 2: Conceal and Protect

I used to be the biggest dry shampoo proponent until I figured that it might cause dandruff. These days I’m very careful about putting hair styling products directly onto my scalp. I also avoid brushing my hair the day after a blow dry. I know it sounds weird, but that’s what really works for me. Usually, I put my hair in a lined shower cap while taking a shower (it’s important that the cup is plastic on the outside and fabric on the inside as it protects your hair from humidity).

After a shower, I use a small comb to brush my hair only close to the roots. I use fingertips to direct my curls in a way they should face. Finally, I pick a few inches of hair around my face, twist them around, and clip on the sides of my face. I figured that hair around my face is getting oily quicker than the rest of the head so by clipping it away I preserve my hairstyle.

At night I follow the exact same technique with securing my hair up with a spiral hair tie.

Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter - Beauty Blogger NYC

Day 3: Fake the Freshness

Day three is about the time when I can’t go it without a dry shampoo so I use it sparingly. I use the same shower cup technique as I described in the day 2 directions, with the only difference that I brush my hair through and apply dry shampoo all over my hair before putting the cup on. That way, I allow the product to “marinade” while taking a shower.

After a shower, I separate the middle section of my hair and spray it with texturizing spray. I style my hair in a typical “man bun” style and apply a texturizing spray to the rest of the hair to add volume.

Since at this point my hair is somewhat oily I make sure to have on me a small dry shampoo — just in case I’m too overwhelmed with how my hair feels throughout the day.

I go to bed with putting my hair up so it doesn’t tangle.

(Optional) Day 4: Treat and Hide

Don’t be scared, I don’t go out in public with the fourth-day dirty hair. But to be honest, oftentimes I go to the gym with a hairstyle like that. I put my hair in a high pony and apply argan oil so my hair is getting added nourishment while I do my cardio. After a workout, I’ll use the exact washing technique and repeat the styling cycle. Sometimes I’ll style my hair straight so I can avoid using heating devices.

* * * * *

The strategy I described in this post is the best case scenario. While I do aim to follow it every single time, sometimes life is getting on the way. I forget my umbrella when it’s raining, sweat through my workout or overuse texturizing products so my hair feels crunchy and I just can’t make it work. On such occasions, I usually stick to a straight hairstyle. It takes just a few minutes to quickly dry my hair and then direct it inwards with a curling wand. But generally speaking, I’m trying to wash my hair less often. It’s eco-friendly, it’s better for the health of my hair, and it gives me a style diversity.

I wonder what is your go-to hairstyle routine? How often do you wash your hair and how do you style it?