Hot or Not: Click n Curl Hair Styling System

Review: Clip n Curl Hair Styling System

I recently learned about a new blowout hair tool, Click n Curl. It’s a blowout brush set promising voluminous blowout in the comfort of your home. Let’s see the system works and whether it’s worth the investment!

The Promise

“The Click n Curl is a detachable round brush styling tool that makes it easier than ever to give yourself a blowout at home instead of a salon, saving yourself both time and money. Unlike other styling tools, Click n Curl allows you to dry and style your hair all in one step, minimizing the amount of heat applied to hair when styling. It’s easy to use, saves you both time and money, and makes a great gift for the holidays.”

How It Works

You blow-dry your hair, as usual, using Click n Curl hair brushes. When each section of the hair is dry, you wrap your hair around the barrel and fix the brush with a unique clip that comes in a package. Then, you detach a handle from the brush and leave it as is while blow-drying the rest of the hair.

Review: Clip n Curl Hair Styling System

My Experience

I decided to test the Click n Curl system before a family event when I had a limited time to get ready. After spraying my hair with a heat protectant, I figured I’d test the system in combination with this new cute hairdryer by amika as you are probably tired seeing my beloved 1907 Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer in every single tutorial. This apricot-colored hair dryer comes in a perfectly sized bag that makes it perfect for traveling.

I started from the front sections of my hair and moved backward. The barrels were lightweight and easy to use, and I truly enjoyed how easily and smoothly the handle attaches and removes from the brush. After finishing with each barrel, I secured them with perfectly sized clips.

When I was working with the fifth barrel, I figured there were not enough clips in the set for each barrel. I googled what to do and followed the advice for leaving the barrel in my hair without the clip. Surprisingly, the barrel stayed in my hair without moving!

Review: Clip n Curl Hair Styling System

The five barrels that came in the kit did not cover all of my hair. So I walked around for a while to make sure that my hair is completely dry and “settled” before removing the barrels.

The results were impressive. I felt that my hairstyle is much more voluminous than usual. I loved the big bouncy wave that the tool created at the end of my hair. And a smooth finish that you’d typically have from a blow-dry.

Review: Clip n Curl Hair Styling System

In other words, the final product looked like I used a hair straightener and then a curling iron for the ends. Considering how much time such double-styling takes and how much more heat the hair receives, Click n Curl was the apparent winner.

However, I had a few concerns about the system.

Review: Clip n Curl Hair Styling System

First of all, I forgot to part my hair that was a big mistake as I have an asymmetric haircut. Some sections of my hair were facing the wrong direction, so I had to part my hair and redo the same thing again. I tried using thermal water to make my hair wet again, but it didn’t help, so I used Cuvée Styling Balm for help to tame my one part facing the wrong direction.

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Second of all, I didn’t have enough barrels to cover the entire head, so it took a bit extra time to style my hair in two steps. Saying so, definitely consider an extension set as it will save you time.

Overall, I had a positive experience with Click n Curl that translated into a good hair day. While I would not use this tool daily (I try to avoid using heat in my hair as much as I can), it would be a great system to use for special occasions.

Tips and Tricks

Separate a middle section of hair first and blow-dry your hair away from the face. Secure a barrel with a clip as usual and continue styling the rest of the hair. That trick allows adding extra volume to your roots, so your entire hairstyle looks more voluminous.

If you are planning on picking apart, do it before you start blow-drying hair. That way, each side of your hair faces the right direction.


The set only costs $39.99, which makes it an excellent investment. You are getting five brushes for the price of one. Plus, hair clips that you can use for all sorts of hairstyling. In my opinion, the monetary value of the set is outstanding. Think about this way: even if you decide not to use the system, you can always use just brushes!

As promised, the Click n Curl system saves time and adds volume to your hair—at least for my short hair. It took me about 10 minutes to finish with the first five barrels. And a bit less with the next three. So I would say you can have a blow-dry in under 20 minutes.

It might sound weird, but the system allows you to “marinate” your curls before the important event, so they last longer. Since you are having your hair in barrels, you allow your curls to cool down. That tactic extends the longevity of your hairstyle.


There were not enough barrels and clips in my kit to cover all hair. So if you are planning on purchasing this kit, I highly recommend an extended version.

Some other bloggers who reviewed this kit complained that those brushes stuck in their hair. I understand where they are coming from. When I had long hair, it was almost impossible to brush them through. I didn’t have such a problem, as my hair is short and naturally smooth. However, I decided to list this concern about the product anyways in case you have issues with tangling.

The Verdict

It’s hot! Great value and great results!


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  1. Maria Jose Abad wrote:

    Your hair and you are just beautiful. I hope fall is going well for you lady. I’ve been drowning at work but would love to meet up very soon and catch up.
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

    Posted 10.16.16
  2. Hey Shireen, yes it’s an interesting and unique styling tool to play with. I love that it adds tons of volume to my straight hair!

    Posted 10.16.16
  3. Thank you, Amanda! Yep, it’s a great tool to experiment with!

    Posted 10.16.16
  4. Thank you! Yep, perhaps it’s not the best tool for curly hair…

    Posted 10.16.16
  5. your hail looks amazing! It would probably get stuck in my crazy curly hair. haha.

    Posted 10.14.16
  6. Your hair looks so sleek! I have so much hair that I wonder if this would work for me or not. It sounds great, though!

    Posted 10.14.16
  7. Shireen wrote:

    That is such an interesting concept, Katya! I’ll need to research about it more but it does seems like a nifty little tool.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    Posted 10.14.16