My 8-Steps Nighttime Skincare Routine

My 8-Steps Nighttime Skincare Routine

Having an acne-prone skin, an excessive 8-steps nighttime skincare routine really pays off. I can’t even imagine how it would look like without all of the love that I invest in my skincare routine. Understanding that many of you might be interested in learning about the exact products that I’m currently using and loving, I decided to share with you my current step-by-step nighttime skincare routine.

Step 1: Eye Makeup Remover

I always start my night time routine by removing eye makeup with Bioderma Micellar Water. I’m wearing contacts and have sensitive eyes and it’s the only product that never failed me. If you never used a micellar water before, its consistency reminds a toner, but it serves a completely different purpose. Basically, it gently melts makeup and refreshes the skin at the same time. I apply the product with a cotton round (separate one for each eye). I also use a separate round on my lips, especially if I’m wearing a liquid or waterproof lipstick—there is no better way to remove heavy-duty makeup than with micellar water!

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Step 2: Makeup Remover

While you can use micellar water to remove makeup from the entire face, lately I’ve been into cleansing balm for removing facial makeup. I recently mentioned Eve Lom Cleanser in the Bloomingdale’s Unboxing post and that’s one of the cleansing balms I’ve been using at the time. Another great option is Nourishing Cleansing Balm by Pixi by Petra, which is more affordable and more natural product. I apply a thick layer of the product all over my face and massage it for a few moments before jumping in a shower. The product literally melts any, even the heaviest, makeup and leaves my skin soft and smooth when I remove the balm with sponges or muslin cloth damped in warm water.

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Step 3: Cleanser

Since I’m wearing makeup every single day, I believe that it’s important to incorporate a two-step cleansing technique. Such an approach allows removing all of the dirt from my skin so it’s ready for all of the nourishing products that I’ll be using afterward. I mentioned my favorite cleanser, Bioxidea Cosmetics Covering Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel, in my August favorites post and I didn’t find the product that overpowered this product ever since. It’s a super gentle all-natural cleanser that not only properly cleans my skin, but also nourishes it.

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Step 4: Clarisonic

I prefer applying my cleanser with the help of my Clarisonic Mia 2. I mentioned this fantastic device on my blog multiple times and I believe it’s one of the tools that really contributed to making my skin smoother and less patchy on the dry areas. I’ve been using this device for many years now (technically, it’s my second Clarisonic as my previous one got lost with one of the bags we forgot in Spain) and I swear by it. In my opinion, daily deep cleansing is essential for keeping skin healthy. It helps to remove your makeup on a completely different level, prevents pores from clogging, and promotes the delivery of nourishing ingredients in your cleanser into skin.

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Step 5: Toner

I recently started using a new toner by True Botanicals, and I’m already in love with it. The product is called Nutrient Toner and it is a life saver for people who are struggling with acne-prone skin like mine. The formula of this toner incorporates natural oils and ingredients that disinfect skin, shrinks pores, and helps to eliminate blemishes. I started using this product just a few weeks ago and I already see the improvements in my skin and now I’m planning on updating my entire beauty routine with the products from this organic skincare line. By the way, I use the same toner after a workout to prevent a bacteria buildup that may occur if I use the workout gear and then accidentally touch my face.

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Step 6: Eye Cream

I already mentioned the eye cream by Retrouve a few months ago and I’m still using and loving it. The cream is full of all-natural ingredients that nourish my skin and prevents wrinkles. To be honest, I’m a bit due on my Botox appointment, but my around eye area really looks moist and fine lines free and I have all the reasons to believe that I have to thank Retrouve Revitalizing Eye Concentrate for it. By the way, if you are thinking on checking out the rest of the products by the brand, jump on their holiday offer—it’s a great opportunity to try the entire line of products at the same time.

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Step 7: Serum

My current favorite serum is also my True Botanicals. I started testing it together with a toner and… I kind of got addicted to it. The product features a very lightweight formula that is nourishing enough that you can use it without any follow-up moisturizer, but since it’s a cold season I still prefer an extra layer of moisturizing at night. True Botanicals Cellular Repair Serum is one of those unique products that help to eliminate blemishes but doesn’t make your skin dry. I truly enjoy how lightweight and easily absorbing the product is and it’s definitely a key product in my everyday skincare routine.

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Step 8: Moisturizer

I prefer having a bit more layers of moisturizing at night, especially during the cold seasons, so I apply Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream by Fresh. If you remember my post about the benefits of using lotus extract in skincare, you’ll understand why I’m so addicted to this rich, nourishing cream. It smells delicious and really makes the difference on how hydrated my skin is. Ever since I started using this fantastic daily moisturizer, I can’t even recall the last time my skin felt overly dry or patchy. This luxurious beauty product is a perfect way to finish my night time routine!

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What are some of the products you prefer using at night? Please share your suggestions in the comments area below!

My 8-Steps Nighttime Skincare Routine