Volume-Boosting Tricks and Products for Fine Hair

At this point, you already know that I will use any and every tool in the book to add more volume to my straight fine hair. I have a shorter haircut that makes my hair appear more voluminous, I use my “secret sauce” shampoo – you name it. But I never really gave you the whole break down on how to style fine hair to achieve voluminous hair look.

Today, I’m collaborating with Voloom to review their latest Very Airy hair styling line for fine hair and share the volume-boosting tactics and products I use to add volume to my straight, fine hair. The brand also released a new super cute mini version of their best-selling hair volumizing tool Voloom Petite that quickly became my favorite texturizing tool for fine hair. Read on as I explain later in this post how exactly to use this Millennial pink hair styling tool.


Trick #1: Overnight Your Hair

If you are struggling with adding volume to your hair, dry shampoo is your best friend. Not only for revamping your second-day hair, but also on wash days. If you are dealing with straight and silky (but volume-lacking hair), the idea is to create the grip so your hair styling tools work more effectively.

And if you already had a blow-out the day before, the best way to use dry shampoo is actually at night. I know, it might sound counterintuitive to spritz your new “do” before going to bed… But that’s actually the best way not only to preserve your new hairstyle but also to add volume to your fine hair.

Keep in mind though that not every dry shampoo is created equal. Look for the volumizing dry shampoos that are labeled as low residue products. That way, you will not only wake up with voluminous hair but also will not have a not appealing white cast all over your new “do.”

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: One of the volumizing dry shampoos that I recently tried and loved is Voloom Very Airy Low Residue Dry Shampoo. It provides a refreshing cooling finish on your scalp and doesn’t stain my dark brown hair. It also doesn’t have that heavy scents that I don’t like about many drugstore dry shampoos – so it’s light pleasant aroma doesn’t bother you while sleeping.

Voloom Very Airy Review

Trick #2: Prep the Right Way

I know a few girls with similar hair problems who are not using hair conditioner and heat protectant as they believe these flatten their hair. I have to agree on the hair conditioner part here. If you use a wrong hair conditioner it can actually make your hair appear and feel heavier – hence the de-volumizing effect these girls are referring to.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to avoid hair conditioner at all! Just pick the right one for your hair type, make sure your hair washing products don’t contain sulfates, and don’t overdo on the amount of the product you are using.

Referring to another hair styling category – heat protectants – definitely never skipping on this one! Think about it that way: your hair is already thin and perhaps damage, so why are you trying to ruin it even more? My rule of thumb is to spray a thermal protection mist the moment I dry off my hair with a towel. That way, I don’t forget to put it on regardless whether I’m blow-drying my hair or let it air dry and then curl with a flat iron.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: I enjoyed using Voloom Very Airy Thermal Protection Mist as it smells like a candy and adds soft volume to my hair, all while protecting from the negative impacts of the heat.

Voloom Very Airy Review

Trick #3: Consider a Styling Mousse

Another thing you want to keep in mind for styling fine hair is to use a styling mousse. Such products have a lighter consistency than a majority of styling creams and pomades – which is a big plus for styling straight fine hair. Hairstyling mousse helps to add additional hold to your hair which ensures that your curls will appear more voluminous and last longer.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: I tested Voloom Very Airy Soft Styling Mousse for the video below and I was impressed with the quality of these products. 

 Voloom Petite Review

Trick #4: Use a Hair Volumizing Iron

I wrote a dedicated post on Voloom’s best-selling volumizing hair styling tool so there is no need to repeat it here. Just read this blog post or watch this Instagram tutorial to see yourself. Basically, it’s a unique styling wand that adds as dramatic volume to your hair as you wish and is super easy to use.

What I’d like to mention today is their miniature version of the Voloom wand. It comes with a set of hair clips, a hairbrush, and a case which makes it ideal for traveling. I also love the idea that it’s pink (come on, I’m addicted to all things pink!) and more compact so I can use take it with me anywhere in the world.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Ladies, it’s a must! Voloom Petite is your perfect solution for making fine hair look more voluminous and stunning! I highly recommend checking out their Volumizing Set where you receive a mini Voloom wand, a heat protectant, and dry shampoo – as a 20% off discount. This deal is too good to miss – so definitely check it out on this page.

Voloom Very Airy Review

Trick #5: Finish with a Texturizing Powder

I started experimenting with this product category a while back and I was immediately hooked. There is something magical about lightweight texturizing powders as they add a surprising amount of volume and always look so natural on your hair. Spritz a bit on the palm of your hand or directly onto the roots and distribute with fingertips. You’ll be amazed what a difference such hair styling product makes to your fine hair!

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Voloom Very Airy Fairy Dust was by far one of my favorite texturizing powders I ever tried. I addition to all the benefits described above, it also dries out as clear so you can use it even on dark hair like mine.

* * * * *

There you have it: my favorite tricks on how to add volume to fine hair. I hope you found some new ideas on how to revise your hair styling routine to achieve a more voluminous hair look. Please let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions. I’d love to share any additional tips and tricks that I might have.