How to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows – As Per Celebrity Brow Expert

Perfect Eyebrows

Notes on how to achieve perfect eyebrows from a conversation with Danielle Kimiko Vincent, the creator of Kimiko Beauty and celebrity brow expert.

Every gal has her own brows horror story. You overplucked, burned, overwaxed, accidentally shaved your brows – you name it. I’m not the exception! But, lucky for us, some experts focus on the most natural way of mastering your own brows.

Today, I’m sharing my notes from a conversation with Danielle Kimiko Vincent, the creator of Kimiko Beauty. Dani gave my over-plucked brows a makeover – and now I’m on the mission of bringing the good brow vibes to all of you.

Measuring Your Brows is Outdated

You probably heard about the trick for measuring your brows with the help of a pencil. It’s when you are holding that pencil perpendicular to each side of your nose and decide on how far from one another your brows should be. Then, you bring the pencil to the side of your nose so it “touches” the outer eye corner and decide how long the brow should be.

Well, this technology is… a bit outdated. According to Danielle, while this technique is “just okay” for deciding on where the “tail” of your brow should end. It’s no longer relevant though when it comes to the distance in between your eyebrows.

“That technique doesn’t take into consideration the natural asymmetry of our faces,” says Kimiko Beauty founder.

Instead, Dani recommends looking at yourself in a regular (not close-up!) mirror and decide on the most natural and flattering distance between your brows. That way, you will achieve not necessarily “scientifically perfect” but the most natural and effortless looking perfect eyebrows.

Peptides Are the New ‘It’ in Brow Care

One piece of advice I will definitely follow from the masterclass is that you have to treat your brow care products… like skincare. Meaning: if you have sensitive skin like mine, avoid all the irritants you usually won’t put on your face.

For example, a few of my friends use hair products for their brows. One friend would apply hairspray on a straight toothbrush and style her brows like that. Another friend swears by gooey hair gel that helps to fake the “lamination” brow look. And the third friend uses… one of those gray hair touch-up pens.

Needless to say, at a certain moment, they all experienced irritation around their brows area – and asked me how to deal with it. “Use only dedicated brow products,” was my response.

What I enjoyed learning about Kimiko Beauty is that their brow products feature an impressive ingredients list. For instance, the latest launch, The Brow Sensei, incorporates a multi-peptide complex and an amino acid bundle. With well-known brow improving ingredients like castor oil and vitamin E, this brow styling product works double-duty as a growth enhancer and straightener.

It’s All About Highs and Lows

This tip might blow your mind, but your brows must incorporate darker and lighter hues similar to your hair color. Think about your brows as of your highlights. A mix of highs and lows always looks more refreshing, effortless, and natural than just one single shade.

To achieve that multi-dimensional effect, Dani recommends using two shades for creating your perfect brow look. Darker shade for the areas where you need some volume in the middle of the brow, and lighter shades closer to the edges and (slightly) throughout the length of your brow.

For my brow makeover, Dani used two shades of her famous Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil. Black Tea as the darker shade (“low-lights”) and Coffee as a lighter hue (“highlights”).

Regrowth is Possible… But Slow

After having the loveliest conversation with Dani, I decided to go on a mission of re-growing one of my brows that happened to be overplucked and never looked even. One of my brows is naturally less dense, making it look even smaller than the other one.

Dani recommended using a brow-growing serum daily (I’ll be using this one) for a couple of months. “Regrowing your brows is possible, but it takes time, and you need to do it row by row,” says Danielle Vincent.

She recommends applying the eyebrow growing serum a tiny bit below your natural brow line so all the new hairs can keep up and join your new brow shape. Then, once you regrow that row, you can start applying your brow serum a tiny bit below that new brow line.

To say that I’m excited and ready to be more dedicated when regrowing my brows is to say nothing. I’m planning on follow the brow expert advice so eventually I’d be able to skip my daily brow makeup!


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