My Eyebrow Routine

StyleSprinter - My Eyebrow Routine

A lot of you guys asked me about my eyebrow routine. I did share one of my brow filling tips a while ago, but it’s just one of the tricks I’m using. Saying so, I decided that it’s time to share with you my complete eyebrow routine—from plucking my brows to makeup tricks that I use to make my brows look more groomed and full.

To start with, I’d like to say that naturally my brows are relatively full and dark. Even though I had a few accidents when I overplucked my brows and even burned one of them (don’t ask, it was one of those embarrassing experiences I never talk about). I also have a history of dyeing my brows black for many years that didn’t help improving the condition of my eyebrows.

I also have to mention that I’ve been consistent with using castor oil on my brows, which is Russia’s number one trick for growing eyebrows and lashes. Back in a day I used to purchase a tiny bottle of this not so pleasantly smelling oil and apply it on my brows overnight. Those days, every time I visit my family and friends in Russia I pick up a bottle of castor oil treatment that comes with a mascara applicator. Sometimes, I also apply a tiny amount of argan oil on my brows—not only it smells great, I feel that it helps with nourishing my brows too.

Eyebrow Maintenance

If you remember my last year’s rant about eyebrow waxing and how it caused major breakouts on my face, I stopped trusting any other techniques except plucking my brows with tweezers. Even though the effect from that procedure doesn’t last long and requires almost daily maintenance, I feel that it’s one of the most reliable, hygienic, and affordable methods of keeping your eyebrows in good shape.

StyleSprinter - Brows 101 Tutorial - Brush and Pluck

Step 1: Brush. I always start with brushing my eyebrows with an eyebrow brush. I’m wearing brow makeup every day so for me it’s important to brush my brows in exact way I’m styling them with makeup products before I start plucking them.

Step 2: Pluck. Usually, I’m using a lighted magnifying mirror to pluck my brows. That way, I see every single hair that might not get noticed if I was threading or waxing my brows. It took me a few months to get my brows in a desired shape after I stopped waxing them, but now I’m completely satisfied with the result—whether I’m wearing makeup or going bare faced. I have an entire collection of tweezers that I use according to that day’s mood.

StyleSprinter - Brows 101 - Shave and Trim

Step 3: Shave. I guess I’m completely OCD about my brows, but after tweezing I always follow up with an eyebrow shaver. I purchase those affordable shavers at a nearby pharmacy, but you can also order them online. What this tool does is eliminating any tiny, almost invisible hair that I am not able to catch with tweezers. It’s also perfect for making the upper line of eyebrows more even. Don’t overdo it with a shaver though—I had a few accidents when I went way too far with shaping my brows and it took forever to grow my brows back.

Step 4: Trim. I also make sure to always trim my brows, especially near the inner corner of the eye. In that area, my brows are getting particularly wild! I use scissors and the same eyebrow brush I mentioned in step one. First, I brush all hair up and then gently trim the ends. Then, I brush my hair away from the nose and trim a bit the bottom line of the brow.

Eyebrow Makeup

Recently, I changed my eyebrow makeup strategy and started using brown shades instead of black ones. I also introduced two new products into my routine, soft wax and setting powder. Those additions work perfectly in the summer when my regular brow pencils and gels melt from humidity. In this tutorial I use Seventeen Brow’s That Brow Kit (℅) that features two of my new favorite brow products, together with a highlighter that I usually apply into my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye.

StyleSprinter - Brows 101 - Wax and Pencil

Step 1: Wax. I started using this product just recently, but it completely changed my eyebrow game. I used to begin my routine with a brow pencil and finished with an eyebrow gel. However, I noticed that the pigment stays in my brows longer if I define them with soft wax first. If I’m at home, I usually pick my favorite angled brush to apply the product with long, smooth strokes. When I’m on the go, I use a mini brush that comes with the brow kit.

Step 2: Pencil. As I mentioned before, the era of black brows is over for me. Those days, I’m all about brown eyebrow pencils as those help to create a more natural look. Using the same angled brush, I pick a tiny amount of color from the pencil and paint my eyebrow line, starting from the bottom and then painting the top line. I use very soft strokes in between eyes area (as I will apply a powder on that area later on), and stronger strokes on the arch of my brow.

How To Shape Eyebrows

PRO TIP: While painting your brows, keep in mind the following pro hacks:

  • The start of your brow should be aligned with the top point of your nostril.
  • The highest point of your arch should be aligned on a diagonal with your pupil and the nostril.
  • The end of your brow should end on a diagonal from the nostril.

StyleSprinter - Brows 101 - Powder and Gel

Step 3: Powder. In my experience, filling in the brow with pencil in the start of the brow never looks natural. Instead, I prefer using the setting powder in that area. I apply a tiny amount of powder on the inner corner of the brow and distribute product’s leftovers towards the end of the brow.

Step 4: Gel. Even though I already applied the soft wax, it’s important to finish the look with a brow gel that keeps every single hair in place. While my absolute favorite brow gel is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, this time I used an affordable  alternative by e.l.f. that also works very well for me.

StyleSprinter - Brows 101 - Concealer

Step 5: Concealer. The trick to creating a perfectly sharp brow line is to apply two different shades of concealer below and above the brow. Apply a shade that is lighter than your foundation on the bottom line of the brow and a color that matches your foundation shade on top of the brow.

Bottom: Usually, I apply the product directly from the tube and use a flat concealer brush to evenly distribute the product. My favorite under brow concealer at the moment is NYX HD Photo Concealer Wand in Porcelain.

Top: On that area, I prefer using a ProPencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills in #Base 1. Usually, I paint a line just a millimeter above the top line of the brow and dab it with my fingertips until the product absorbs into my skin.

StyleSprinter - Brows 101 - Highlighter

Step 6: Highlighter. A little shimmer underneath the brow opens up eyes and makes the face look more “awake.” Saying so, I love applying a tiny amount of a highlighter from my Seventeen Brows That! palette into my brow bone and add just a tiny amount of the same product onto the inner corner of my eye to make my look more unified.

Style Sprinter - My Eyebrow Routine

I hope you guys enjoyed my eyebrow tips and tricks. Please let me know if you are using any of those.
Also, don’t forget to share your brow hacks with the Style Sprinter community!